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  1. I am very disappointed in Dylan today, that was a sweep in the making. Yet, he is my third starter over the current crop. I am SURE he is not happy either. O's will still prevail...at least make a playoff appearance.
  2. I'd safely say Bobby Cox has this record all wrapped up...for eternity. Bochy better start chirping faster. I also am amazed Billy Martin is not in the top five.
  3. This must not happen...I hope the baseball gods tweeked his hammy.
  4. This might be my XMas card, put some pine trees in there, or some holly.
  5. They've named a selection after the "highly seasoned, cowardly, former Atlanta Brave". Odd.
  6. Gus stole a base in 1958! I love his baseball cards.
  7. "It's like a fine Sauvignon Blanc," Joseph said with a smile. "It gets better with age." Being in the wine biz for 26 years, I think he meant to say Cabernet Sauvignon. Few Sauv Blancs get any better after 2 to 3 years. Come on Caleb.
  8. Ubaldo's 2016 Spring ERA now 81.00. I sure hope we have 6 starters with at least 81 RBIs each 'cause we're gonna' need it.
  9. I really like this guy. He smiles while tracking fly balls. In fact, he just smiles all the time. Plus, he has his own exclusive cheer song. This may start a trend here too. I'll bet Jones could have someone compose a killer walk-up song.
  10. Most of us have tried to forget Rowell....yet Timmy and his uncanny ability to win Cy Youngs and World Series rings has made this rather difficult. Here is something we all forget, which softens the blow a bit....from wiki...you just can't figure out drafting... Lincecum was selected by the Chicago Cubs of the NL in the 48th round (1,408th overall) of the 2003 MLB Draft, but did not sign.[7] He decided to attend college instead, and was selected by the Cleveland Indians in the 42nd round (1,261st overall) upon re-entering the draft in 2005, but rejected an offer including a $700,000 signing bonus.[6] The next year, he was drafted tenth overall by the San Francisco Giants, becoming the first player from the University of Washington to be taken in the first round.[2] He signed for a $2.025 million signing bonus on June 30, which at the time was the most the organization had ever paid to any amateur player.[8][a]
  11. Whaaa?? Can we get the guy we deserved over Billy Rowell?!! I am all in. No idea what that would take. Just a brief and magnificent daydream.
  12. Bowie player suspended 100 games. So, that didn't last long, what a head-mess he must be. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2016/01/orioles-minor-league-pitcher-zack-dodson-suspended.html
  13. Happy B-day Brady! we're the same age! Yikes 50 got here fast. Here is another role Brady has with the organization as reported by Roch today. Make 'em hurl. Mancini and Baysox outfielder Mike Yastrzemski are working out in California with vice president of baseball operations Brady Anderson. They're not on vacation. "He's got six guys living in his house," Showalter said. "Brady's got this big hill behind his house and his goal every year when they first get there is to make them all throw up at the top of the hill. And he sent me a video of Mancini and Yastrzemski throwing up at the top of the hill, so it made my day."
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