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  1. Chuck is handling things. Very well. Thanks.
  2. It’s not like you’re hard to get along with. We had chatted on here quite a bit and been from the left coast where my wife is from we have a lot of things to discuss I look forward to catching up sometime again and thanks for posting in this thread
  3. I am reading each one of your wonderful comments. Thanks.
  4. Happy Birthday 

    1. Can_of_corn


      Thank you very much.

  5. You all are so wonderful. Thanks.
  6. Wham. Another homa
  7. So what happened that you fixed it?
  8. Good. Keep me posted?
  9. This thread is never something I thought I would read. I’m handling things ok but have some current limitations. I will have immunotherapy as treatment and many of those should go away. Between Chuck Boemmel and myself you should not see any degradation on game recap coverage. Many of you are among my best and oldest friends. If you have my email feel free to use it. Many of you have the one and only phone number as well. Ask for it if you want it. I love you all and let’s enjoy this great Orioles season.
  10. BALTIMORE ORIOLES AT MINNESOTA TWINS GAME TODAY AVAILABLE LIVE ON MLB NETWORK AT 1:00 P.M. ET March 8, 2021 – TheBaltimore Orioles at Minnesota Twins Spring Training game, March 9 will be available on MLB Network in the Baltimore television market live at 1:00 p.m. ET.
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