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  1. As long as the move is approved by the other 29 owners and no lease issues exist.
  2. https://twitter.com/sunjeffbarker/status/1322231846705500161?s=20
  3. I accidentally deleted it by phone and was unable to restore. It was a finger error, not a content one. Though I agree. It need not be discussed further. It is totally discredited.
  4. Again, it wasn't a mistake. He learned something that made him better. I don't even think they taught him it. I think he learned it somewhere. The bloodlines were there, never the skills. He's Buster Douglas. Just a fluke and took advantage of the opportunity.
  5. I mostly agree with your posts. This one I don't. It's not lazy. It's insane what he has done. And really. It's not even that much.
  6. You would be wrong.
  7. Haskin is a sabermetric darling. All the data folks love him.
  8. I wish to clarify. I meant off season acquisitions. I believe to Orioles will retain Iglesias. I have no idea how low of an offer the Union will allow Trey to take. I’m concerned about the Orioles paying him. Davis and Cobb are sunk costs.
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