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  1. So you are saying you would go along with my Colorado trade only if they throw in 250k of slot money?
  2. That is what the poster I responded to was saying. If a trade could not be consummated after tender, he could be released during the spring as he would not spend the season with the Orioles. I said that move would cost 1.7.
  3. No. You misunderstand. That would be after he got the contract. And was released in spring training. He would be owed 1.7 million.
  4. This thread is for proposals. That make sense.
  5. No. I like this package for him. He's be a monster in Coors too. Could play either first or LF for then and feel like a real power upgrade.
  6. That is 1.7 million you would just be tossing. I'm against that.
  7. I love this. As @justD pointed out to me, this is a role reversal for Hyde and Fredi.
  8. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/quick-hits-streaming-rights-minor-leagues-kbo-changes.html
  9. When I was a wee one, before our move and the 1964 collapse, we watched Johnny Callison and the Phillies.
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