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  1. You can only trade folks on the 60. And they are down a bunch of arms.
  2. Na. He just wanted to give me a chance to debate you on the subject.
  3. I'm not certain. I like to watch all new prospects actually play for an Orioles affiliate.
  4. Funny. Who are any of them today? Anyway, I am very sure that we wanted to avoid paying Dylan. SO you win. Even if one of those arms pitches well for the Orioles at any point.
  5. How would you know what was received back? There is no data whatsoever.
  6. You would have no data to base that on other than Bundy's resurgence with a different pitching coach.
  7. Houston is a gargantuan sized market.
  8. It’s never happening. What might happen is that players are free sooner. But this next CBA gonna be might tough.
  9. Did not care for the protocol restrictions?
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