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  1. What is the average ROI on a billion and a half dollar investment, annualized. Equity notwithstanding.
  2. I think he could be healthy and shutdown.
  3. One who was getting a 75 percent of amount insured premium.
  4. I agree. He looked like a very fortunate man who had completed 6 months of chemo in no way in shape top play professional baseball. It think it is a real tough situation. I just hope he has no reoccurrences as it was stage three with lymph involvement.
  5. Doesn't sound like we are gearing up for the push.
  6. https://www.ozy.com/html/need-to-know/when-appalachia-loses-baseball/381608/
  7. There is no 2020 slot money. It's a January deal now,
  8. Nope. It's last year's pool money slots. And Covid. Things change.
  9. It was a protocol injury. I assume a contact or false positive.
  10. We hardly knew ye. Claimed back by the Pirates.
  11. I felt the pitching had lost some confidence in their defense.
  12. I think DJ's triple scored. I think both Valaka and Hanser made bad throws that allowed runs even it not errors. I specifically remember two plays at the plate that had poor throws. Several Severino passed balls.
  13. The PTBNL were specifical not in other teams pools. I doubt too many here will be excited by the names. The futures are what we are hoping for and filling in a type of talent that the team has missed out on.
  14. This is really true. The pitching we have been facing has been excellent as well. Some poor defense has contributed to what runs we have given up.
  15. weams

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Mountcastle loads them up
  16. weams

    9-19 vs Tampa

    DJ don’t swing at many balls.
  17. weams

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Iglesias works an at bat. 10 pitches limps into second with a stand up double.
  18. weams

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Mullins outclassed by Morton
  19. weams

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Two hits against Lopez but worked quick. Efficient. Stayed ahead. Easy inning.
  20. weams

    9-19 vs Tampa

    I heard Ben saying that Left in Camden Yards is the most difficult. Dunno.
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