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  1. 3 minutes ago, Philip said:

    No, I think that’s hyperbole. There are a lot of guys in the organization that are just filler, they know it, we know it, and for whatever reason they are willing to hang around for a while. So the answer to your question is, “no I don’t think everybody in the minors should be brought up,” But yaz wasn’t just filler. And when he went to the Giants he did not become a mere stopgap, he became a star that anybody in the National League would like to have. I agree with all the people who say that that indicates that something is wrong with the process. However I’ve made my point multiple times, and it’s all water under the bridge anyway. So it doesn’t matter. Let’s just hope Whatever mistake happened does not reoccur.

    Again, it wasn't a mistake. He learned something that made him better. I don't even think they taught him it. I think he learned it somewhere. The bloodlines were there, never the skills. He's Buster Douglas. Just a fluke and took advantage of the opportunity. 

  2. On 10/23/2020 at 10:20 AM, LookinUp said:

    That's not how a smart, analytic organization thinks. It's reasonable, but lazy. The whole goal is to try to tap potential. They didn't. I'm not killing them for it. I agree that it happens to every org. Still, as my other post said, I'd still want to know what they missed and why they missed it, or at least I'd like them to understand that.

    I mostly agree with your posts. This one I don't. It's not lazy. It's insane what he has done. And really. It's not even that much. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, LookinUp said:

    To be clear, I agree with the above post, but...

    If the O's have scouts/metrics on this guy, and if those scouts/metrics project much better results than Drungo's back of the envelope projections, and if ownership really does support Elias' rebuild plan, then I could see Elias thinking now is a decent time to go after this player. Basically 1 year earlier than ideal, IMO.

    I get the argument that it's early in the rebuild. I'm not sure I agree with anyone who says we shouldn't because have other guys in the system, just because those guys seem pretty far away, which means their risks are still high. 

    So I also don't think it'll happen, but I actually think there is a small chance it does.

    But. Money. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Frobby said:

    Hall was ranked 17 last year, behind several players who are still on the board and didn’t play in Bowie this summer.   Based on Tony’s comment in another thread that he wasn’t going to change the order of the incumbent players from last year who didn’t play at the alternate site, I think that rules out the McKenna-Hall choice.   

    Haskin was picked ahead of Baumler and Mayo, and received a bigger bonus than either of them.   Accordingly, I see no reason either of them would jump Haskin on the list.   

    So, that leaves Vavra-Haskin or Haskin-Vavra.   I’ve seen Vavra ranked as high as 7th in our system (per Fangraphs), so I’ll go Vavra-Haskin.


    Haskin is a sabermetric darling. All the data folks love him. 

  5. 14 hours ago, tarheeloriole said:

    range in the sense of what we would be willing to spend in a hypothetical world where we would be willing to sign a player above league minimum I guess

    Not really I suppose. Maybe 800k to a million. Tops. Like I said Iglesias is the big signing and Trey doesn't get to stay if he wants 4. 

  6. https://www.pitcherlist.com/csw-rate-an-intro-to-an-important-new-metric/


    What I love most about CSW rate isn’t its correlation to K% or SIERA, but that it was born of a community. Daren Willman put the data out, Nick Pollack noticed it and created the metric, I tried my best to flesh it out to see if it was pertinent. Colin Charles helped immensely by being an R wizard and compiling countless rows and columns of data while Travis Petersen provided pivotal advice. Dave Cherman provided super helpful feedback and now guys like Jason Johnson, a guy I know solely from Twitter, are taking the next step. The stat isn’t Pitcher List’s. It’s ours.

    Here is the link for all of the data that I have compiled so far. You can check this spreadsheet every day for CSW leaderboards, a full log of every pitcher’s CSW rate from every performance and more. Enjoy.


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  7. 11 minutes ago, RZNJ said:

    I am probably wrong on my guess but I don't get the argument for Lowther over Akin.  Yes, Lowther has impressive numbers through AA but he has reliever potential the same as Akin.  Akin throws harder and really came on with the changeup this year.   Akin showed potential at the ML level.  Interesting that, statistically,  Akin and Lowther were very similar one year apart at Bowie. I give the edge to Akin based on what he showed this year plus the better velocity.   


  8. 3 hours ago, CarrRun49 said:

    I don't wish to tar him. I support Elias.  Just a simple statement that "I'm waiting for information on Elias to come up", is not saying " I hope Elias is dragged into this". Two very different statements.

    I don't care for either. They are both sensational with little merit. 

  9. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/10/more-on-instructional-league-bullpen-and-a-hall-of-famers-birthday.html


    Games will be played with teams from other camps beginning on Monday. Thus far, the Orioles have been arranging intrasquad matchups, which started this week, similar to the activity this summer at the alternate site in Bowie.

    The Pirates and Rays will provide the opposition as two of the three closest teams to the Ed Smith Stadium complex. The Pirates are based in Bradenton and the Rays in Port Charlotte.

    The Braves moved into their new facility in North Port, a shorter drive than Port Charlotte, but they aren’t on the schedule.

    The Rays are the first opponent on Monday, followed by the Pirates and then the Rays again in alternating fashion.

    “It’s like seven or eight days of games,” said director of player development Matt Blood. “We have a couple split squads in there, so it’s two seven-inning games that are going on at the same time on some of those days. I think ultimately it might come out to nine or 10 total games against other teams.”

    The Ed Smith complex is back in operation after the March 12 shutdown that lasted through the summer. No interruptions in workouts in the instructional league.

    “It’s been going really well,” Blood said. “We’ve got a really nice group of players, the staff’s got great energy, we’ve had a nice schedule lined up. It’s been working pretty well through all the protocols we have now with intake and everything. It’s been really productive so far. I’ve been pleased.

    “We test three times a week and we have a lot of pretty intense safety protocols that we’re following here at the fields, but then also back at the hotel we’re basically in a bubble situation where we just go from field to hotel and back. Nowhere else. And nobody else is in the hotel except us. We have the whole hotel.

    “Keeping your fingers crossed, but also being very proactive and careful about everything. We’re taking it seriously and it’s going pretty well so far.”

    The staff creates six schedules each day for six groups of players, and the workouts aren’t identical to those at the secondary camp site, since the Orioles ended their season on Sept. 27.

    “Development is development, but this camp, we’re not having to worry about covering or servicing the major league roster, so we’re not necessarily preparing for a game the next day that matters,” Blood said. “We’ve got a little more freedom and flexibility to spread the day out, and we’ve got a lot more space, facility-wise, with more fields and a lot more bullpens and cages and all that stuff. We have much longer days, a lot more work on skill acquisition. Just a lot more going on and we’re able to get a little more creative.”

    Short-season Single-A Aberdeen manager Kevin Bradshaw is the camp coordinator and is on the field to handle a heavy coaching workload. Director of pitching Chris Holt also is in Sarasota.

    Others on the staff tasked with offering instruction in hitting, pitching, development and fundamentals include Tim Gibbons, Ryan Fuller, Anthony Villa, Josh Bunselmeyer, Matt Packer, Tim DeJean, Collin Woody, Christian Frias, Kyle Moore, Dave Schmidt, Josh Conway, Andy Sadoski and Robbie Aviles.

    There are five development coaches responsible for video duties, and four strength-and-conditioning coaches. It’s a socially distanced full house.


  10. 3 hours ago, CarrRun49 said:

    Episode 3 was released today.  2018 interview with Beltran and Utley.  


    Is it bad I am waiting for the cringeworthy information that Elias was deeply involved?  I still find it fascinating that someone that close to the GM walked away scot-free

    Yeah. It's bad. He was not involved in the MLB product those years. Look for cheating abroad if you wish to Tar him. 

  11. 2 hours ago, NCRaven said:

    I think any defensive deficiencies in LF or at 1B are grossly overstated by some (or one, Philip 😉).  Especially considering his lack of experience. I think he could grow into either position just fine.  At worst, as Tony said, he won’t hurt us at either and his bat can be a big plus.

    By one

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