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  1. If you meet the Buddha on the road.
  2. To me, his health was what I was after. I'll watch him again next year.
  3. Like the Mountcastle. He is a superstar.
  4. What is the average ROI on a billion and a half dollar investment, annualized. Equity notwithstanding.
  5. I think he could be healthy and shutdown.
  6. One who was getting a 75 percent of amount insured premium.
  7. I agree. He looked like a very fortunate man who had completed 6 months of chemo in no way in shape top play professional baseball. It think it is a real tough situation. I just hope he has no reoccurrences as it was stage three with lymph involvement.
  8. Doesn't sound like we are gearing up for the push.
  9. https://www.ozy.com/html/need-to-know/when-appalachia-loses-baseball/381608/
  10. There is no 2020 slot money. It's a January deal now,
  11. Nope. It's last year's pool money slots. And Covid. Things change.
  12. It was a protocol injury. I assume a contact or false positive.
  13. We hardly knew ye. Claimed back by the Pirates.
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