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  1. That he has a job is insignificant. And the type of job is insignificant. Brady gets the life cycle award for his article while Anelosians rule the ORioles.
  2. Yankees starting rotation appearing in that series. Shame to do that to the kids in bowie. Severino, Montgomery and Betances et al
  3. No. A few million? Three Four? No one wanted him for net 2 earlier. He is not THAT much better a month later.
  4. weams

    2019 Boston Red Sox

  5. We never hear about the suspensions until the appeal has been heard.
  6. The roids are way past the testing now. Winstrol is the only thing the get caught for and that is for quick bulking. Think East Germany. Otherwise it is all masking stuff now.
  7. Mountcastle might be the better hitter.
  8. Good Developments. Elias manages a draft quite well.
  9. You do realize that I adore Nellie Cruz. I am very sorry he is a steroid user.
  10. Not really. They both were/are in the protocol. Ortiz said he was tested more than anyone ever. Only way to do that is to manage the system.
  11. Cruz never TESTED positive. He was caught in the biogenesis paper trail. Ortiz did, but was exempt from punishment.
  12. Of course he uses. He learned the correct way to dose. I still like him but to suspect he has done any of this clean is not realistic. I have no issue with his defensive metrics either.
  13. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-minors-playoff-pitching-20190907-x7mbaxn3e5gehe6ifaefe6slgq-story.html
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