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  1. Think trying for the World Series the year that Chris Davis cost it was a gamble he had to take.
  2. I've hoped that Akin would fulfill his potential. I've seen him a lot and I think he is real.
  3. Roch says they are keeping him. That the ability to pay less with Covid adventures is just too lucrative.
  4. I don't like this kind of projection. Especially for a year that may be truncated.
  5. Thanks for being the "Iron Man" Great article.
  6. weams

    Tom Eshelman

    He is Goodish for a Tyler Wilson type.
  7. They HBP was certainly not his fault. No one blamed Markakis for CC
  8. The insurance use to only be for contracts of three year length. I am uncertain if it remains.
  9. That is no game. It is a numeric component of a larger predictive statistical metric. Getting on base is cool. Stealing or getting caught doing so is bad, hitting 98 MPH fastballs up is the game.
  10. You should have. Because as a whole, I think he has looked fine. Certainly better than anyone we have had play there in five years. Also, he has played a total of 50 games in the outfield ever.
  11. I think you have to evaluate over a longer period than 20 games.
  12. I'm not convinced that Santander is a much stronger defensive outfielder than Mountcastle.
  13. Not that I've ever observed.
  14. Mountcastle will continue to train and play in left field.
  15. Mountcastle won't be the first baseman.
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