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  1. I don't expect much improvement, but it has to get better. We might as well be optimistic with Davis making $23 M.
  2. Well said, I hope the CHC's decision backfires and it costs the a chance to repeat.
  3. He got junk for JJ. I hope Duquette does better with ZB.
  4. The last two paragraphs are the key to the article. If we have one of the worst organizations, how can DD be trusted to rebuild it? Only PGA knows, but I'll bet he re-ups DD.
  5. How do know that they will not be renewed or don't want to be renewed? Buck should and will be renewed as the Manager or GM, imo. And where does Duquette plan to go? There are only 30 of these jobs. My guess is PGA wants to renew both of them.
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