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  1. A minimum of 148, but probably a whole lot more.
  2. NM has pitched consistently well since beginning of May including last 8 as starter, with 1 exception on Ju 3 v. Greensboro in SAL. Nice debut in CL.
  3. First CL 9 inning no-hitter in 8 years.
  4. Moreau comes out for the bottom of the ninth.
  5. Intact thru bottom of 8th. Another runner by error. Listening to the Salem feed thru milb audio. Sounds like outfield (Welty,Hudson,Avery) have made some outstanding plays.
  6. Tryouts in Cary,NC would be at the USA Baseball National Training Complex at 200 Brooks Park Lane, Cary NC. Try a google search (USA Baseball Complex) and use the satellite view to see the complex. The field at far upper right is the main field for major events although all fields may be used depending on the amonunt of participants.
  7. If O's win tomorrow they will have #3 pick. If O's lose and Bucs win O's get #2 pick. If both lose tomorrow O's will have #3 pick.
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