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  1. Exactly what I'm seeing. Love the guys tools, but doesn't appear to be able catch up to major league heat. Unfortunately. reminding me of Sisco
  2. Agree 100% and if they're going to do the interviews, which I guess they are. At least show the game on the full screen, I don't think it's necessary to be able to see the interviewee talking. JMO
  3. I've never understood the infatuation with innings pitched. I think the amount of pitches thrown is what should be monitored, all IP are not created equal
  4. I understand your point, but now do we have quality lefty OPS stats vs journeyman lefty OPS stats? Those pitchers are in AAA because a certain team thinks they have potential. All players OPS stats are for all pitchers they see. Plenty of late rounders to go around
  5. Both HR's yesterday were versus lefties, maybe he's figuring things out a little
  6. Granted, but when did he ever receive consistent playing time, like Stewart. I really like his skillset.
  7. Yes, just walk in and watch.
  8. Saw Pinto in the FCL. That day he was dominant with a fastball topping at 93 and a very sharp breaking ball that the hitters at the level were over matched by. I didn't see much of a 3rd pitch, though. So, not sure what his total repertoire is, but definitely needs to move up to see how is stuff plays at higher levels. Very good control for that level, also
  9. Got to watch the Orioles Orange team in the FCL and the batter I came away most impressed with is Ramirez. To date he really hadn't shown much pop, but I saw a player with easy power to the opposite field and a nice approach compared to the rest of the hitters. He had a monster day yesterday. I see they signed him as a SS, but seriously doubt he'll play there, was playing 3B the day I saw him. He'll be maturing into his 6'2" frame, one worth watching
  10. Agree 100 percent about the command issues. He's nowhere near where the catcher puts the glove on most of his pitches. I'm hoping it's rust and not a injury issue, but I'm starting to get a little concerned
  11. Sisco is this year's version of Chris Davis. Move on from this guy he can't hit a major league fastball.
  12. From what I've seen, Urias will struggle defensively. I think he'll be worst than Alberto on the D side and probably a little better overall on the offensive side, due to the fact he has a little more pop. I think he's just a stop gap until one of the younger players is given a legit chance. One thing I've notice on his defense is he struggles with turning the double play, we'll see
  13. If it wasn't for Sisco's hot start he would be in that group. I fully expect him to teeter on the Mendoza line soon.
  14. I tried to start a thread on a possible injury to a big Oriole prospect, what happened?
  15. Hoping for the best, but today at minor league camp, Diaz was hit on the foot and struggled getting off the field. It would really stink if he ends going on the IL or DL whatever they're calling it these days to start the year. McKenna was also hit on the foot prior to Diaz, a lefty throwing down and in sliders, but he seemed fine. McKenna did homer to the opposite field, that was nice to see.
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