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  1. Always on your toes! That's why you're the TB12 of OH.
  2. More importantly, how does one pronounce "Jahmai?" (My guess - like JAH Rule and MAI-tai) For that matter, how about Kjerstad? Yusniel?
  3. Hardly seems like a joke. Maybe not perfectly "fair" but a reasonable starting offer. The players didn't take anywhere close to the haircut the owners took in 2020 (and possibly '21 as well). Times are tough and both ownership and the MLBPA should share the weight. If there wasn't a century of bad blood and bad faith between the parties, there might be an easier solution though.
  4. Also 0-11 at OPCY in 18 starts. Brutal.
  5. It's a new fuel pump, not a quadrophonic Blaupunkt. It's not supposed to be exciting, just necessary.
  6. I remember when we cornered the market for Arubans. Those were good times.
  7. I'm guessing there's a few million Knicks fans who may quibble.
  8. That's pretty shocking. Must be a relic from a time when doctors and patients smoked together during an office visit.
  9. Hypothetically, what happens to a player's health insurance if they're cut (DFA/nontendered/etc.)? EDIT sorry for the triple play post. Didn't look like submission went through any of the three times I clicked.
  10. "Six to ten" could easily sound like "sixteen."
  11. Might the PTBNL be one of the Miami covid-pos players (perhaps a comparable reliever, which would allow the Marlins to field a team)? Is it prohibited to trade 'injured' players in MLB? Do I have it confused with another sport?
  12. After a game, he joined our vendors' whiffleball game in the Memorial Stadium parking lot. I recall him striking out, he later insisted it was a groundout. History will never know the truth.
  13. Played in little league and in high school. Unlike some of you incomplete players who were all-hit or all-glove, I was remarkably consistent in all aspects of my game. That is to say, I was awful. Like historically awful. Hidden in RF and the first pitch of the game becomes a routine popup that bounces off the heel of my glove ? Check. Take strike three looking with a full count, bases loaded, final inning after rallying from five runs down only to lose by one? Check. Chase countless balls to the fence because I can't ever correctly decide to stretch from 1B or come off the bag? Check. Yup, Co
  14. Not sure if Brady Anderson meets the criteria, but his peak year was craaaaazy.
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