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  1. I rarely post since I'd have little to add above and beyond all the incredibly knowledgeable posters on this board. With that said, this has been my go to site for O's news since I moved away from Maryland in 2003. I log on daily to get my O's fix, and I appreciate all the well thought, informative posts this site has to offer. Certainly, I would miss OH if it were to fade away into history, but I just wanted to express my gratitude to Tony and all of the contributors here that keep me connected to my hometown team 16 years after I move to Yankee / Red Sox battleground territory. Whichever way you choose to proceed, I am extremely grateful for the many years I've been able to stay connected to my roots here on OH!!
  2. I am really curious as to whether the Orioles ran an operating profit in 2018 after a 47-115 record? If so, maybe that's why the brothers feel no urgency to communicate with their customers (fanbase). I would think that being in the red would light a fire under their a$$, as it would any other business owner, baseball or otherwise.
  3. “Effective Use of a Robust Analytics Department” by Buck Showalter
  4. Dan's comments yesterday were very promising and uncharacteristically revealing. When left to do his job, I think Dan has proven to be a very effective GM / team builder. I just listened to "The Rise and Fall of the 1994 Expos" special on SiriusXM yesterday, and Dan spoke of his 3 year plan to build the Expos into the best team in baseball by 1994. It's a shame that team never got to prove itself in the World Series, because it was a great team. If Dan orchestrated the Machado trade and truly has a multi faceted plan, I hope Lou and John give him the keys to the car and let him drive it to the finish line. That would include deciding on Buck's future, reigning in Brady as a subordinate as opposed to a second or even third faction of leadership within the warehouse (Game of Thrones situation that Tony wrote about is hopefully over). Dan did an overall great job with this team until the whole Toronto thing opened the door for fractured leadership and the corresponding subsequent decline of the team. "Give that Dan a contract" and let him do his thing!
  5. This makes me wonder "what if" the Toronto gig was never a factor, causing Dan to lose clout in the Front Office. It sounds like when left to his own devices, Dan is a great GM. Very curious how the organization would look today with more of the Duquette DNA as opposed to others mentioned.
  6. So, I'm not the only one who was pushed over the edge today. Agree with you 100%.
  7. I would love to see Buck sub Beckham in for Hardy in the 9th in the home finale, and play the clip below on the JumboTron of Hardy's epic slide home during the 2014 ALDS. Ahhhh.... better times!
  8. Finding hidden value and talent in the International Draft - Dan Duquette, forward by Peter Angelos How to mash and outslug your opponents - Manny Machado, Chris Davis, & Mark Trumbo My post-Orioles MLB career - Ubaldo Jimenez
  9. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/12/orioles-made-four-year-offer-to-mark-trumbo.html Well, it looks like either the O's are calling his bluff or genuinely looking at presumably cheaper options.
  10. The score of this game is shaping up to more resemble a Ravens - Chargers game.
  11. I hear Curt Schilling is now on the unemployment line. Maybe he would be an upgrade?
  12. It sounds like Boras might be over playing his hand with Alvarez. As the calendar flips to March, I think a spot on the 25 man roster in any capacity would be doable. Any idea on the Reds' asking price for Bruce? Are they really motivated to sell, or do they expect anything more than a C+ prospect for essentially a salary dump?
  13. And I would imagine that the Orioles are a little more than annoyed with Fowler's handling of the free agency process. I just hope that Bruce isn't their "plan B." Go get Alvarez and let's homer everyone to submission.
  14. I would have to think both sides are feeling some pressure to get this done. First, I would imagine every player still on the board wants to know where they are playing as we are quickly approaching the spring training report dates across the league. At some point, I would think a player would tell his agent to get the best deal done now and turn the page to ST. Secondly, with the White Sox in play for Fowler, I would think the O's would want to push Gallardo over the finish line and then quickly wrap up Fowler. If I'm Fowler and the O's are still dragging their feet, it would seem pretty easy to remain in Chicago (CHC to CWS), and get focused on the season.
  15. If I'm an 87 year old owner who has invested millions in a team over the years, taken ridicule (rightfully so) for sinking the team into a 14 year abyss, you betcha I'm in "win now" mode. I wouldn't be worried whatsoever about a 14th round draft pick that might work out, or more likely given the O's draft history, be an injury bust or AAAA fodder. The man controlling the purse strings values those draft picks (which are already far from sure things) much lower than anyone on this forum, I would imagine.
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