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  1. Baez has the experience. He has the tools, mindset, and the ability. Johnson has shown he is a better than average setup man. The setup man is almost as important as the closer. Who would take Johnson's place? Two loogies? Our problem is Chris Ray needs to be 100%, he's not. No doubt GS is a liability at closer, and the options are intriguing. Looks like we need a rightly specialist who throws strikes.
  2. Well said. I'm a big Reimold fan. I,m not as high on Pie, but let's give him a good look. At least until the all star game.
  3. I'll forgive Angelos for being a an owner who made mistakes. Not sure I'll forgive him for trying to be a quasi FO. He stunk it up.
  4. The "old way" of rushing players certainly hasn't worked. Perhaps DS is a bit too conservative, but it's the results that count. We'll know in a few years.
  5. Any word if Reimold can play 1st, or if there are plans to give time at 1st at Norfolk? Can you imagine Wieters and Reimold back to back in a few years?
  6. If he continues to play like he has this ST both offensively and defensively. And stays injury free!
  7. Makes perfect sense to me. Hope AM is reading this.
  8. I agree it will be a AM call with input from DT. DT needs to be positive about his active roaster. AM can always be the bad guy.
  9. This is good discussion, but meaningless until the end of June. By then we should have a better idea how our prospects are measuring up or down
  10. thomden

    Bedard on DL

    Pretty much as predicted. Does anyone know what is wrong with his hip?
  11. Moore is not getting enough at bats. The logical choice IMHO.
  12. Finally someone who hits the nail on the head. Great post.
  13. He didn't state that Mr. Clueless. Who gives you the right to continually insult posters. I just wish the Mods would treat you like the rest of us. You're just upset because LH has had a good week in contradiction of your many predictions. The team is 6-1, and you want to break up the continuity. Think before you post.
  14. Typical OH response. Not aimed at SG; just an example of the negativity which has been pervasive around these past few months.
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