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  1. I was. There was a picture that the AP took of my gf and I from the game. I went to the game the next day as well and about lost it when that game went into extras. That was a tad too much baseball in a 3 day span... haha Went to the game last night! Staying home tonight, but taking the day off and I'll be somewhere behind the plate tomorrow for the game.
  2. Hey isn't this the shades/tie guy that's always by the dugout?
  3. About to head down to the park. Sitting in section 139, row 5. Should the the isle seat right by the corner of the O's dugout. Let's go O's! Time for some dingers!
  4. I just got 4 tickets for tomorrow night and already have tickets for Friday night. While I'm trying to go with friends, I haven't confirmed anything with anyone, so probable that I will have some free tickets for some games during the M's series. Let me know if you're interested and your flexibility, since it might be a last minute thing. If I have tickets, they should be pretty good. As in... 1st or 2nd row by first base or right on the corner of the visiting dugout. e: If I have any, it will be free to any O's fan.
  5. It's obvious he's been fighting an injury all year up until recently. Who's to say he's even healthy now? This thread needs more: [video=youtube;6Mr7mQuGmp0]
  6. I'm sorry, but that is the most boring O's hat I've seen recently.
  7. I'm no DBA, but I do delve into custom report writing to create reports for data in our accounting system (sql based) using crystal reports, SSRS and a few other tools. There's a program at the university of Washington with regards to business intelligence and data visualization that interests me.
  8. That was a really weird and interesting inning of defense. ALSO STEVE PEARCE DINGER.
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