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  1. Bob Horner was once asked how he felt his college experience prepared him to play in the Bigs. He described the level of competition he experienced at Arizona State as equivalent to the Double-A level.
  2. Sorry guys for not getting back to you, but I didn´t have the time to be on here. As far as my beliefs, outside of me, they shouldn´t be all that important to you guys. Plus certain people want to label me names for my belief, rather then having respect for someone having convictions. However, what is important is what God says in the Bible. I don´t want to fill peoples minds with my beliefs, but I believe each person needs to go to the Bible and discovery for themselves what it says. Ones beliefs should be based on convictions and not what we are told or raised to believe. All that to say, that if you are afraid to read the book of Romans, which explains the answer to this questions then.... (to get to the quote above)I'm not saying that all these people are going to Hell. I´m not their judge (God is) and I can´t see in their hearts and minds. Only God knows the decisions that we/they make. What I am saying is that the Apostle Paul teaches that the things that are made (Creation) reveal to men the eternal power of the true God, so that the rejection of this truth makes a man without excuse before God. One day all men are going to stand before God and have to give an account. On this day, no one will be able to give an excuse for why they have rejected God. Saying all this makes it very important and behooves people to go and tell these aforementioned people (those who aren´t as blessed as we are to be able to pick up a Bible and read it or walk out our doors and go to church to hear the truth) about Gods' message of love and justice. God is not only a God of love, but He is also a God of justice and holiness. His holiness is His central attribute, however people would rather focus on His being loving. People don´t want to talk about His holiness because they realize that this brings responsibility. We can´t put God in a box and separate Him from His attributes. Why else would God command us to go and tell all the nations of His wonderous message of salvation? Let the tar and feathering begin. Have a geat day guys.
  3. If creation doesn´t prove it to you, then nothing will.
  4. Read the book of Romans. It is all laid out there. Creation leaves them without excuse. What about those who have heard and ignore the truth?
  5. Thanks for all the information. As you well pointed out a lot people don´t consider themselves religious , but to have faith. It is also interesting that religion is something made made and faith is something that comes from God. So in reality this idea/seperation is not as odd as people think. Have a Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season.
  6. I can´t answer for Scott, but I can answer for me. The Bible is different for me, because it has changed my life. I´m not the same person that I used to be. I´m forever different. I have hope, a purpose and direction in life. The reader of the Bible needs to understand many things when he approaches the Book. Like to whom the Book was written, why was it writtten, the context, the cultral, and the style of writing ( poetry, parable, etc.) I'm not going to jump into to them now but a class in Hermeneutics would help. Some passages were written to be taken literally and some otheres were not. BRobinsonfan, I have read several of your comments on many different subject areas on this board, and would like to ask you, how has your beliefs changed your life/behavior?
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