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  1. Yikes. Just continues to show how short-sighted this organization was at times if true.
  2. I absolutely remember that AB against Matsui in Yankee Stadium. That was quite frankly a terrible call.
  3. Can, I love you brother, but I'd love to know where you keep all those dead horses.
  4. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27709521/maddon-care-cubs-lineup-irks-brewers Basically saying that the Cubs will (and already are) sitting some of their regulars while his team plays the Cardinals, who are currently battling with the Brewers for the NL Central title. I normally wouldn't think much of this, but wasn't Maddon the Rays manager when he so effusively praised Buck Showalter and the Orioles for battling the Red Sox so hard in 2011 and allowing the Rays to catch them for a playoff spot? I guess it all depends which angle you're looking at it from.
  5. Well Bundy was almost entirely due to injury. You can see from his repertoire why he was so well-regarded. Imagine if he still had that FB that sat at 95/96. He'd be a TOR starter.
  6. On a personal note, wasn't able to make it to a game all year. I can truly say the team's record had nothing to do with it, I enjoy a day at the ballpark no matter what, the schedule just got away from us this year. Hate that I missed a year with the little ones who are starting to become not so little. Won't make the same mistake next year.
  7. Largely agree, but we're getting to a point where if he plays at all he's limiting opportunities of others that should be getting them. Assuming Mancini stays he obviously will be starting somewhere every day. Then you have Mountcastle after the first few weeks of the season, Stewart, Hays and Santander, all of whom should be getting regular ABs. I'm pretty bearish on Santander but certainly he's earned a good look next year. If Davis isn't going to play, and I think most agree that we're at a spot where he shouldn't, what's the point of keeping him on the team?
  8. I think I'd go with Means. I realize that the O's record in games that he started isn't all that great, but I think his value goes beyond that. He was at least a guy that you could generally depend on to give you a good start save for a brief mid-season slump, and in a season where we're routinely starting waiver-wire pickups I don't think you can understate that.
  9. I know no one really cares, lost season and all, but that Bundy play really was unacceptable. If he thought it was foul off the start, OK, but once you realize what's going on you gotta show a little more effort than that. That was just a guy saying "eh, screw it." This team has given decent effort all season, but you gotta finish well.
  10. And Brooks. And Wojo. Basically anyone other than Means or Bundy. And Bundy is a 5th starter.
  11. Yeah, I would expect Mountcastle and Lowther as well. They tend to give these awards to guys higher in the system (though obviously there are exceptions) and Lowther has the good baseball card stats, so I'd expect it to be him.
  12. No, I just hadn't seen anything yet that said that he was
  13. Kind of follows the pattern for the season. Not really calling up anyone of interest. I would like to have seen Akin though. He has innings to give and actually may have a future.
  14. Easiest decision ever. Long overdue, but at least they're doing it now.
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