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  1. Right. We've discussed before, I think you can a make rational, totally non-emotional argument that non-tendering Mancini is the correct move. I don't think it's an argument I would agree with but I think it can be made. From a human and PR standpoint though it would be an absolute disaster and something that they really shouldn't even consider.
  2. It's 2 years after this one, right? I mean he's just getting worse. I think it probably needs to go down one of the worst contracts in American sports history, no?
  3. Do we know the catch probability on that one? It was an incredibly athletic play in the end, would be interested to know how many times that ball would be expected to be caught.
  4. I'm not so certain Hays is better than Mullins. Hays had a great 2017 season. That was 3 years ago at this point. Last year he was pretty average at Norfolk in a very high offensive environment and then had a nice call up here. I understand he's been hurt by injuries and I'm not giving up on him by any stretch, but the fact is it's been 3 years now since he showed sustained success.
  5. His AB against Brach last night was fun (easy to say that when you're up by 9 runs). Swung right through 2 fastballs and then made a motion as if to say "What the heck, how did I miss that?" We saw Brach do that to a lot of guys during his time here.
  6. Mullins has the OPS almost to .800 as well and is playing pretty good defense in CF. Glad to see all of these guys making the most of the opportunities right now. Especially happy for Stewart and Mullins who I've always felt have been discarded a bit too quickly around here at times.
  7. If Dilson Herrera could have just hit a measly sac fly in Game 1 of the DH on Friday the O's would currently hold a playoff spot. Pretty crazy.
  8. By 2024 Kjerstad might be pushing him for playing time.
  9. I don't think that's necessarily the case. Certainly depth helps, I would imagine that most ranking systems are weighted heavily towards your top 10 or so. No disagreement there, I thought Duquette did a very poor job with that "firesale". This is what I do not at all agree with. The farm system was improving and building and much of the improvement has come from guys that were already in the system. I certainly give Elias credit for helping to continue to build and improving on what was there but he didn't inherit a totally barren system. Mountcastle, Rodriguez, DL Hall, Hays, Diaz - these guys are a significant reason for the improved ranking and were already here. You probably are safe to assume that they would've drafted Rutschman as well. I'm just saying sure, give Elias some credit, but he's not single-handedly responsible for this.
  10. They've been awful at developing pitchers. They had a decent run with position players.
  11. I say this without having looked at other teams' systems so maybe I'm totally wrong but... It seems to me like it would be impossible to have a Top 3 system without significant international presence. Which the Orioles are of course just now trying to get into under Elias. So it would take quite a few years for that presence to make an impact and get to those levels.
  12. Severino, Iglesias and Milone have nothing to do with our prospect ranking. I have a few minor beefs with Elias but overall I think he's doing a good job. But no, I do not agree that he gets the lion's share of the credit for our improved system ranking. The only impact players on list that he brought in were from picking #1 and #2. That's not a criticism because I agree that he's only been here 2 years, it's just reality. I guess technically you could give him some credit for Kjerstad since Elias purposely helped in tanking last season. So maybe instead of taking some credit from Elias, I'm making the argument that a little more credit should be given to Gary Rajisch and the previous regime.
  13. I don't, and didn't imply that I did. I just don't think he should be getting sole credit for the ranking as the post I was responding to implied.
  14. The top prospect list is still largely comprised of prospects drafted or otherwise acquired from the previous regime. Save for Rutchsman and Kjerstad, who were the #1 and #2 picks overall.
  15. I love it. If they're going to give it to you, take it.
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