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  1. We got my son a Mancini jersey for Christmas, so it would check out that he would be traded prior to Opening Day. I hope he stays with the club. I get the cold-blooded nature of this, always have, but you couldn't ask for a better guy than Mancini to be a face of your franchise. The return would probably need to be more than reasonable for me to want to trade him.
  2. At this point I think you have to look at Stewart as primarily a DH who can play the OF in a pinch. His speed and range are still better than most fans think, just because they see a tubby guy and assume he must be slow, but his simple coordination on fly balls just isn't going to play on a routine basis out there. He seems to really struggle with the glove-side while running, which isn't all that uncommon.
  3. I really don't think service time games should ever be much of a concern for a pitcher. If they're ready, get them up here. Of course, that also assumes that winning games at the MLB level is important you, which is clearly not the case for the 2021 Orioles. As others have mentioned I would think Elias would want Baumann to see time at AAA regardless of service time issues. I think you see him pitch there for about half the season (depending on what happens with the minors) and then brought up in the 2nd half if he's effective.
  4. Orioles off-seasons have been boring for like a decade. There's just not a lot going on. Look out the window and wait for spring.
  5. I think Hall has the higher upside so I take him over Rodriguez. But certainly there's a lot of risk with Hall.
  6. Not nearly as obvious as Rutchsman. There are those who have Hall over Rodriguez.
  7. Ah, ok. That makes more sense. I rescind my offer haha. The way Elias slow plays it I won't be shocked if he starts at high A next year.
  8. If Adley starts 2021 in Aberdeen, I will run naked around Camden Yards. (Assuming he's not rehabbing from an injury or something weird like that.)
  9. Wonder how MacPhail got them to eat the Gibbons contract? I realize that it wasn't nearly as much money, but Gibbons also wasn't nearly as bad a player as Davis has been. Aside from Gibbons, has ownership eaten a significant contract by cutting a player early? I feel like there was 1 or 2 more but I'm drawing a blank.
  10. Agreed. Good to see both Hays and Mullins putting together a solid season at this level. I think Mullins has value as a 4th outfielder who can play all 3 positions and provide speed of the bench. His arm is even worse than advertised though, and it was advertised as serviceable at best.
  11. Andrew, Philip...I mean you could've been Bartholomew or Thaddeus, so count yourself lucky.
  12. You know as unlikely as it sounds (and is), Buffalo has 4 left before our series with them against a hot Yankees team, and we get 3 against the lowly Red Sox. THIS CAN STILL HAPPEN!
  13. I don't think it would be more than serviceable. But just serviceable at all would be a huge improvement over the past few years.
  14. Right. We've discussed before, I think you can a make rational, totally non-emotional argument that non-tendering Mancini is the correct move. I don't think it's an argument I would agree with but I think it can be made. From a human and PR standpoint though it would be an absolute disaster and something that they really shouldn't even consider.
  15. It's 2 years after this one, right? I mean he's just getting worse. I think it probably needs to go down one of the worst contracts in American sports history, no?
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