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  1. I think Luke's pretty high on Cumberland. But other than that I generally agree with your take.
  2. Not hard at all. We live in Carroll County and we're usually there by around 6 or so.
  3. I'm generally opposed to these sorts of things but I like this one for now. I've hated these one-batter pitchers since I was a kid. But still, in the interest of speeding up the games, ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO DO IS MAKE GUYS STAY IN THE BOX. I don't understand why this is so hard. Quit re-adjusting your batting gloves and taking a stroll after every pitch. The game would flow so much better.
  4. That's not true at all. There are still a ton of very healthy little leagues around the area with good numbers.
  5. Love it - as far as kids go, it not necessarily about getting there, it's about getting home at a more reasonable hour.
  6. Hall seems to have limited power and limited expected room for power. Hernaiz hit 2 HRs as a SS in the GCL - might not seem like a lot but there aren't a lot of HRs hit there and he was largely playing as a 17 year old. 5 SB with no CS shows some smarts on the basepaths. This is of course extrapolating info from VERY limited data. I think Hall is the safer bet at this point, I just really like the limited data we have from Hernaiz.
  7. There really should be no rebuilding. The roster is not that bad, or at least shouldn't be based on the recruiting classes that Durkin brought in. This is the worst-coached MD team that I've seen in my lifetime.
  8. I had him as #10 on my list. Which I 100% acknowledge is too high given the little info that we have on him. I like the raw tools and whatever little snippets of scouting reports we got. Just a hunch/flier on my part.
  9. You'll never believe how much money THIS major leaguer stole!
  10. 1. Rutschman 2. DL Hall 3. Rodriguez 4. Mountcastle 5. Harvey 6. Hays 7. Diaz 8. Baumann 9. Lowther 10. Hernaiz (probably too high but I'm taking a flier!) 11. Akin 12. Kremer 13. Adam Hall 14. Wells 15. Rom 16. Henderson 17. Stauffer 18. Cumberland 19. McKenna 20. Bannon 21. Stowers 22. Zimmerman 23. Sedlock 24. Welk 25. Joey Ortiz 26. Fenter 27. Watson 28. Hanifee 29. McCoy 30. Tate
  11. Other teams owners have said that teams aren't moving only to then have the team move. I don't think the Orioles are moving, but like CoC it isn't because of anything John Angelos says. And that's not a knock on John Angelos.
  12. Yikes. Just continues to show how short-sighted this organization was at times if true.
  13. I absolutely remember that AB against Matsui in Yankee Stadium. That was quite frankly a terrible call.
  14. Can, I love you brother, but I'd love to know where you keep all those dead horses.
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