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  1. I have to say that I have an irrational dislike to Eshelman based on the role he's filled here. And I know it's not his fault, he's just taking opportunities as they are given to him, but to me he symbolizes all of the suck of this rebuild/approach. MLB really needs to fix these service time issues so we can at least watch players that have an interesting future in seasons like this.
  2. I mean Zimmermann by far had the best statistical year of the 4. Based on that alone I don't think he should lumped in with Akin/Lowther/Wells. I think with all 3 of the latter trio, we didn't see them at their best this year. Akin was always a back end/swingman type. I think we've seen glimpses of results from him. Lowther just never got on track this year, possibly due to being bounced around so much earlier in the year. Way too many walks. And Wells has not yet shown the command in the majors that he did in the minors. He's walked 13 guys in 31 innings. That's not the Wells that
  3. Frankly I think it would be a bit of an insult at this point if they started him at Delmarva next year.
  4. We already have one actually. https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42425-elementary-my-dear-watson/&tab=comments#comment-2695456
  5. I agree, but no one expected that situation for Manny prior to 2012 either. Of course he was a much higher rated prospect then Gunnar.
  6. glenn__davis


    This thread was about the Pirates. Think you're tilting at windmills here.
  7. Teter's an interesting guy to me. He's supposedly elite defensively. Will be interesting to see how his DII success translates to the pro level.
  8. Haha, I seriously just came to ask who will have the higher OPS by seasons end, Diaz or Ripken?
  9. Lowther has struggled with injury so I think you can just look at it as a lost season for him. Tony brought up a good point about Kremer in another thread, that that great curveball he has hasn't looked as good when using the AAA/MLB ball.
  10. Hyde said 'Mix-and-match bullpen game" today in his post game presser. So we should definitely be the favorites against Ohtani.
  11. I've been pretty bearish on Santander for most of his career, but he's making a believer of me. I truly think he's been banged up most of the year and hopefully he's getting healthy now. Now we just need to get him and Mullins hitting at the same time!
  12. My boys and I went to our 1st game of the year. We had a great time as always, but boy was it depressing at times. Anger is bad, apathy is worse, and there was a lot of apathy last night. You had Orioles fans booing the Orioles for intentionally walking Ohtani. The PA system started the 7 Nation Army chant multiple times and literally no one did it (at least in the bleachers where we were). The system tried several other chants/claps like they always do with zero participation from the stands. Ohtani got by far the biggest ovations from what was mostly an Orioles crowd (t
  13. He will be this year, yes.
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