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  1. Certainly agree with the 2nd point. As for the 1st...we know Lopez isn't good. We don't know that about Lowther yet. I don't see how the 1st statement can be made with any degree of certainty.
  2. Stewart wasn't a reach. Grenier was a reach IMO but that was more so for positional need than trying to save money (which, IMO, is an even worse reason). I think the Hobgood pick is the only one that really applies to this argument. Jordan definitely said that he had Hogbood ranked similar to some others and that we was trying to save money to spend later in the draft (which he did). But ultimately, no, I see very little evidence that this is an organizational strategy by the Orioles. They've picked highly ranked players at the top spots many times before. The Kjerstad pick,
  3. Mullins' primary competition probably is the story of Trey Mancini. You know MLB would love to have the feel good story of Mancini recovering from cancer and then making the AS game (and I don't blame them for that at all, it's a terrific story). But ultimately I think Mullins makes it.
  4. We all figured he'd probably be promoted in a few weeks. That wasn't the point. The point was that he should've been promoted then, or more appropriately started at Aberdeen. You're correct, he needs time to learn and gain experience. He should have been doing that at this level from the start. Now he's just now starting his High-A education. Grand scheme of things, will a few weeks one way or the other affect his development long term? Probably not, but I continue to believe that Elias is delaying promotions to align with some arbitrary and unstated window that he has in his head
  5. Don't agree with this shot. I think he should have either started at Aberdeen or been moved there more quickly.
  6. Yeah...I mean, come on Roch. Sisco becoming "arbitration eligible" as a reason for the DFA is laughable.
  7. My goodness. This team just refuses to allow the fans any remote excitement.
  8. But it's not at all an apples-to-apples. If you're a Ravens fan, you play the Steelers twice. 2 days out of 365. Makes those days seem extra special. I don't want to play the same team 18-19 times in a baseball season. And it truly has nothing to do with the competitive side of things. I just don't want to play the same team that many times. When I was a kid I felt like I knew all of the players around the AL just by following the Orioles. This year we were done with the Athletics before May I believe? That's just dumb. It makes all of the games outside of your division seem
  9. Just got back from a very enjoyable end-of-school-year reward trip with my son. Went to Cleveland to catch the Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon games. This was my 1st foray out of Memorial Stadium/Camden Yards. I know that many of you have gone to games around the country. I'm curious as to how you compare the game day experience. Not necessarily the stadium itself, but how the game is presented within the stadium. Honestly I thought Cleveland does a much better job than we do. Prior to the game, the PA announcer gives a bit of a rundown on how both teams are performing,
  10. I'm at the game with my son for an end of school year trip. What an embarrassment that play was on so many levels.
  11. We know Elias loves underslots? Because he did so on 1 of 2 drafts thus far?
  12. Is it though? Lol. As usual, lots of people making guesses and some getting angry even though no one really seems to have an idea on what the Orioles will do. Wake me up on July 11.
  13. https://www.milb.com/gameday/baysox-vs-rumble-ponies/2021/06/12/642953#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=play-by-play,game=642953 Look under Plays -> All plays.
  14. Well if the batter swung then it's not a called strike. Unless it's just a mistake in the box score.
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