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  1. This is a bad comparison, and Moose hasn't said any of those things. He never said a woman COULDN'T do the job. Just that it was his preference to hear a male doing the job. And that's a perfectly valid preference, but I would imagine that Moose would also agree that women should have a right to pursue those jobs if she's qualified (don't want to put words in your mouth though Moose.) Regarding black QBs/black coaches, that wasn't a matter of preference. There were people who legitimately thought that blacks didn't have the intelligence/fortitude/whatever to handle the position. That was indeed racist and far more nefarious than what Moose is describing. Anyway - in before the luck lol. Good luck to all the "new" faces!
  2. How un-woke of you Moose! For the record I agree with you - it's one of those odd things where I think absolutely, there's no reason a female shouldn't be able to do that job, they can be just as knowledgeable and engaging as men. And yet my personal preference would be for a male to be in the role. Perhaps over time that will change.
  3. The only thing that really interests me is the young pitchers. Would like to here how they're looking, any added (or lost) velo/movement/new pitches/etc. The young pitchers are the most interesting (and important IMO) part of the system right now.
  4. Sure, I agree with all that, but Sisco's never going to be an excellent defensive catcher. His calling card is going to be his hitting. Honestly if I were him that's where I'd put most of my efforts and focus, and it sounds like that's what he's done.
  5. If he can't hit - and so far in the big leagues he can't - then any glove problems don't really matter. I haven't fully given up on him but he has a lot to prove.
  6. Not really a ST question but wasn't sure where else to ask it - is AAA going to use the same ball as MLB again?
  7. But I agree with regards to Harvey. He's stated that that's what he likes better anyway.
  8. Don't bury the lede - Hyde says there's a different feel to Spring Training this year!
  9. It would be funny maybe like the first 1 or 2 times. But it would happen so frequently that it would lose its luster. A baseball playoff series is essentially a coin toss.
  10. Agreed - I'd say the current format is about perfect actually. I love the 1-game wildcard, it was about the only good thing Bud Selig did.
  11. It's too early for these sorts of threads and I don't really have anything noteworthy to add. I just loathe the nickname "GrayRod" and wanted to make sure I didn't have to see it all year like I did for his thread last year. Here's to hoping for a good (and healthy) year in Frederick.
  12. It's an easy no for me. If you had to cheat to win then you didn't really win. Agreed that there are "levels" of cheating and that up to a point its fair game but too tough to draw where that point is.
  13. In fairness I don't think there are many who think Akin is a savior. If he can just be a reliable 4th or 5th starter that would be a vast improvement over some guys we've ran out there the past few years. But that's still up in the air for sure.
  14. 50 seems like an awful lot considering how slow this regime has been to promote guys and start service clocks. If I had to guess based on what we know now, I'd say maybe 15 for Akin, 10 for Kremer, and I don't see 25 in there for the rest of the group. It will be more AAAA guys / waiver wire pickups.
  15. Welcome Eric. Always love to get more info from the low minors. One quick clarification from the OP - Darrell Hernaiz was 17 during most of the 2019 season but turned 18 during the season.
  16. "Just OK is not OK". For this program, at least. We have 9 years of evidence. He's a high floor, low ceiling coach. His teams will never be terrible, but they'll never be good enough to win anything either. If that's acceptable to some as a fan, that's fine. For those who want more, it's Turgatory.
  17. Congrats Luke, that's awesome and well-deserved.
  18. Lol, I feel like that quote must be some sort of parody. "I really like him but didn't give him a big grade." "Fringe-average runner" "Can really throw, his arm is at least average" "Aggressive at the plate but also selective". In line with this scouts insight I'm going to say that Zach Jarrett might make the major leagues, or he might not.
  19. I think if you are looking forward to the Rule 5 draft with "anticipation" you deserve to be a bit disappointed It's a bit nothing show for the most part.
  20. What pitchers is he going to sign? Certainly not any legitimate, actual major league pitchers. Some AAAA guys, minor league free agents I'm sure. Maybe a guy who's been hurt for 3 years but was good in 2015. I have no problem using those types of guys to round out a staff but not to comprise most of it. And yes, I'm glad and looking forward to seeing some of our AAA prospects up here, but so far Elias has been quite conservative in promoting guys, so is he going to pull guys up here if he doesn't think they're ready? Probably not and that's not a bad thing....but someone needs to pitch.
  21. I don't totally agree. I have no problem with terrible. I disagree with Elias that the full scorched-earth approach is the only way to go, but it certainly is A way to go. But there's a line where "terrible" crosses into irresponsible. Again, who's going to pitch games for us? It's not a rhetorical question. Right now it looks like our rotation is Means, Cobb, Asher W. You have to actually field some semblance of a baseball team. If we can't score that's one thing, but we need at least some guys that can get people out.
  22. Meh. His value wasn't high, none of the guys we got back seem that interesting to me but that's about what I'd expect for Bundy right now. Hopefully they can mine some gold. My concern is - I get rebuilding to a point, but you do still need to field a team that can get through a season. Who the heck is going to pitch for us next year? Bundy may not have been very good but he could at least give innings.
  23. Yep - in general I agree with MurphDogg, the enjoyment is the journey, not necessarily the end result. So I'm fine with competitive seasons that don't end in WS wins. But dang it, I want just 1.
  24. But does the ball come out of his hand well?
  25. I think Luke's pretty high on Cumberland. But other than that I generally agree with your take.
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