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  1. I haven't been paying much to the early action, but Turgeon is clearly playing around with rotations and really spreading out the minutes. Ayala hasn't even started the last two games and he might be our best player. I wouldn't read into our performance too much against these mid-major teams. It is hard to get into any kind of flow when the rotations are so in flux. We looked pretty good against Rhode Island, the one decent team we've played so far. Temple next week should be a better test.
  2. Five home runs and nine doubles for Watson in 116 pro at bats isn't too shabby. Stowers had only six home runs in 204 at bats. Both players seem to have contact issues, so I figured Watson's elite speed and CF defensive capabilities might put him ahead of Stowers or at least not far behind given that they were drafted within ten picks of each other.
  3. I think Hall is being underrated here even at 17. Stowers must have some impressive tools because he wasn't very impressive in Aberdeen.
  4. The main thing that would speed the game up would be a pitch clock and batters stepping out at their own risk. No calling time except for after a foul ball off the leg. That could knock 20-30 minutes off a game although I think pitchers would have to get used to working faster starting in the minors. Three batter minimum won’t shave off a bunch of time but it will still improve my personal enjoyment of the game. I don’t know anyone who enjoys constant pitching changes and commercials.
  5. Love this rule change. Been calling for it for years. I'm surprised they just didn't make it two batters though. Minimum of three is quite a leap. Now we just need to find a way to enforce batters to stay in the box and pitchers not to take mid batter strolls around the mound. Traditionalist don't like it but you can't really tell me you enjoy the game more because of the things they are taking away that unnecessarily prolong games.
  6. Tough one. I'm going Wells/Rom although I can see Rom/Stowers as well. Rom's gotta be in there. Hanifee and McKenna have taken too big of a hit.
  7. Promising stuff. Although I can't imagine that throwing the ball every five days rather than every two to three is going to make a big difference with a guy's diet and ability to stay in shape.
  8. For some reason I thought Kremer's curve ball was a hammer. Only a 50! And a 90-92 FB. Very fringy. Thanks for the update!
  9. I've read the scouting report and I also read the piece where it was said that Elias had a conversation with him and he improved his walk rate significantly over the his last 100 or so at bats in Norfolk. I think that has got to stick. I don't think it works at the five percent walk rate but of course there is the potential for him to improve on that which is what we are all hoping. .300 turns to .260 real fast when major league pitchers know you are going to chase.
  10. Can I get some comps? Or is Mountcastle a one of a kind/new breed player that's gonna make it work at a sub 5 percent walk rate?
  11. It's the batting average/OBP separation. Just a handful of hitters at the major league level that make that work. And very few at a bat first position 1B/LF. I think he'll be useful I just have doubts of him ever being an above average major leaguer unless he improves the walk rate a bit.
  12. Kremer and Rom. Kremer won't slip any further and Rom was a favorite when he was drafted and exceeded expectations in Delmarva. Akin and McKenna have slipped. I can see McKenna outside of the top 15.
  13. Or you could have the four A guys in Bowie. Quicker shuttle anyway. I don’t see any value in keeping a prospect at a level he has already mastered. Kremer has already been promoted to Norfolk and I can’t imagine Lowther and Wells not joining him. Baumann is the guy they could hold back due to lack of innings there in 2019 although he’s probably ready for Norfolk too.
  14. Gotta be Kremer I would think. Concerns with decreased velocity in 2019 and lack of a quality third pitch? Henderson or Lowther sneaks in the top eight is my guess. Maybe Rom.
  15. Is the talent gap that significant between low and high A ball? I don’t expect Knight in the top 30 then based on your evaluation. He certainly pitched like a non-prospect when he was at Frederick, so I can’t argue if there were no other factors at play.
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