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  1. ChuckS

    9-18 vs Tampa

    How on earth do you score that a triple? He was standing underneath the ball and it went off his glove. E9
  2. ChuckS

    9-18 vs Tampa

    You also got two no-bat guys coming up at 8 and 9 and a strike out pitcher on the mound.
  3. Apparently Bruce used to watch Ben McDonald pitch. It must have been as an infant.
  4. Weather forecast not looking great to get these games in. Maybe they can start Game 1 and get five innings in before the rain starts. Maybe.
  5. He’d be in team record territory if I knew he wasn’t going to be pulled after five, six tops. I wonder what the rookie record is for k’s in a game?
  6. Best strikeout stuff from a LHS we’ve probably seen since Erik Bedard.
  7. His throws from the outfield look sidearm to me. Like an infielder. I feel like he does that inverted elbow thing too which can hurt the arm. I think he’d have more strength and accuracy coming over the top.
  8. Do you really view RF as a problem? Santander has been pretty solid defensively.
  9. I see Mullins as a useful fourth outfielder or possibly in a platoon with Hays if he can’t get it together offensively. Still seems like there is not going to be enough playing time for all of our outfielders. Especially with Diaz in the wings. Could rotate them through DH/1B but we are already at capacity there and could have Mancini back next season. Seems a trade would be in order. I would look at moving Santander or Stewart while their value is high for a young pitcher or infielder.
  10. Zero passed balls for Sisco. Three for Pedro. Sisco has caught 2 of 9 base stealers. Severino 0 for 5. These stats seem negligible. Both are slightly in the plus column for dWAR. Maybe someone else wants to provide the advance stats.
  11. Stewart’s power and ability to draw a lot of walks gives him a high floor IMO. His problem was making contact. He’s seem to have fixed that. At least temporarily. I think he’s fine in the OF and at DH. Not sure he has the build for first base.
  12. ChuckS

    O’s-Mets 9-8

    Hitting an up and inside fastball out to dead center is pretty impressive.
  13. I’d say he has a chance to be a pretty good fifth starter. I’d even go as far as to say say he already is a pretty good 5th starter. Eating innings and keeping the ERA under 5 is about all you can hope to expect from your no. 5.
  14. I didn’t like the trade. Felt like a situation where we were trading away a potentially valuable asset just for the sake of trading him away. If the market isn’t there, hold onto him and see if he can increase his value the following season. With that said, Bundy would likely not be a 1.9 WAR player at this point had he stayed in Baltimore with the smaller parks and heavier hitting lineups. He was always bound to put up better numbers pitching in LAA. On Elias, it’s still too soon to evaluate him as a GM. Hasn’t had enough time but I mostly have liked what I’ve seen so far the Bundy trade withstanding.
  15. 97-98 from Tate. Never seen or heard of him throwing this hard.
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