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  1. I think you will be seeing “essential” workers begin to be vaccinated by Feb-March. December and January will be healthcare workers and the elderly but this makes up probably less than 25 percent of the population.
  2. I'm not sure why a spike in infection rates in November would impact Spring Training beginning on time in March. It's way too early to make those kind of proclamations. Theoretically, all of the players could get vaccinated by then. I can see the owners not wanting to start things up until it is safe to have fans in the stands. That is the real potential hurdle.
  3. Bit of a travesty that this game wasn't on TV. ODU isn't exactly UMBC or Marymount. Ayala scored 19 points on 6 of 6 shooting. 3 of 3 from three. Wiggins and Morsell each had 12. Danta Scott came off the bench for 14 on 3 of 5 from behind on the arc. Two transfers Hamilton and Smith started at PF and C and didn't do much, 5 and 6 points each. I expect Scott to move into the starting lineup over Galin Smith who is a senior transfer that played sparingly at Alabama. Can't say a whole lot without watching the game but I think the trio of Ayala, Wiggins, and Morsell should keep us competitive in most games. They are experienced upperclassmen who can play on both ends of the floor and hit open shots. Ayala in particular I think did not play up to his abilities last year, especially shooting the ball. So I would not be surprised if he bounced back and ended up being our best player over Aaron Wiggins who gets most of the hype. Wiggins is a nice player I just don't ever see him being the type to take over games as your number one scoring option.
  4. I see a rotation between SS-3B-2B for all of these prospects. No need to pigeon hole a potential SS into 3B or 2B so early in their development before seeing what they can actually do on the field. Some of these guys will end up being utility players at the ML level where they need to play multiple positions anyway. A+ and A- will likely be very crowded to start the year until things settle and we start seeing some promotions.
  5. I forgot Servideo. I agree, he would likely be ticketed for Delmarva.
  6. Not sure how many fly balls he hit in the minors but if he hit a lot of them and had a good contact rate he could be one of those guys with warning track power that was helped disproportionately by the juiced ball.
  7. If he's going to be a utility player at the major league level we may have to suffer through some below average SS play from him. We certainly did some of that this year with Valaika and Velasquez also had what I would call a below average arm even though his glove work was solid.
  8. This is assuming we have something resembling a normal minor league season. Here are my guesses: Norfolk: Terrin Vavra Bowie: Adam Hall Frederick: Gunnar Henderson, Jordan Westburg - Rotating between SS and 3B Delmarva: Darrel Hernaiz Am I missing anyone? I don’t consider guys like Grenier to still be prospects so did not include him. Vavra could certainly start at Bowie and play more 2B but I’m expecting for some levels to get skipped considering the lost season and need to fit two years worth of draft picks into the system.
  9. I'll add best hit tool: 1. Ryan Mountcastle 2. Anthony Santander 3. Jose Iglesias Best outfield defense: 1. Cedric Mullins 2. Austin Hays 3. Anthony Santander Best infield defense: 1. Jose Iglesias 2. Andrew Velasquez 3. .....................
  10. I think it's more that Tony values potential over proven production if the production comes with a limited upside. Adam Hall is one player that comes to mind. If we are going on strictly production, he would have to be considered for the top 15. One guy I'm surprised we haven't seen as an option on these lists is Darell Hernaiz. From reports, he outperformed Gunnar both offensively and defensively in short season ball last year.
  11. Lowther is my ace in the hole. Solid command. High strikeout rates at every level despite underwhelming fastball. Deceptive delivery from the left side. He sounds like a better version of Akin. Kremer and Lowther at 9 and 10. Tony has expressed that he prefers Kremer to Akin recently so I guess Diaz is going to be outside of the top ten. He must have really not impressed in camp.
  12. Problem with Fontenot was the upside. Small stature and lacking in speed or power. He maxed out his upside as a replacement level 2B and didn't really break the Majors until age 27.
  13. Same for me. Another SS Xavier Edwards went two picks later and is a top 100 prospect in all of baseball now. Pretty sure the O's were the only ones that had Grenier over Edwards on their board. Wade Townsend and Mike Fontenot were pretty aggravating first round selections, but those were years ago.
  14. Sure it’s been said, but this version of Means is a certifiable ace. Not sure I’ve seen so many awkward swings trying to make contact with a straight fastball from an O’s pitcher like this before.
  15. Command wasn’t sharp. Fastball velocity was down. A lot of 90-91 when we’ve been seeing 92-94 from him. Still, without all those errors in the second he had a good chance of going 5 innings with only 2 runs allowed. Not bad for a pitcher who wasn’t bringing his premium stuff. I was amazed how many fastballs at 91 he was blowing by guys.
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