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  1. On another topic, how many four man rotations are we going to see in a 60 game season? Especially with so many off days.
  2. 10 off days in 60 games is a lot. They could easily play 70 in the same amount of time by cutting the off days in half and playing a few double headers. Or reduce Spring Training by a few days. Players probably don’t consider a 60 game season to be a good faith negotiation. I’d ask for another ten games in exchange for not filing a grievance.
  3. Mountcastle should be able to play left field adequately and is a better runner than Kjerstad. I don’t see a whole lot more defensive value coming from Kjerstad. A 40 runner at age 21 is a plodder. Kjerstad’s value will also be dependent on his bat. I haven’t seen a single scouting report that he provides any kind of defensive value.
  4. Looks like we will get a 48 game season at full prorated unless owners make up every penny of that 20 percent gap. The owners do seem comfortable playing as few games as possible. I for one thinks it’s kind of a big deal for baseball to get started before hockey and the NBA. Be the first one to the start line and some of this nonsense will be forgiven.
  5. I don't think you can grade Kjerstad's current hit tool or power over Mountcastle's. Maybe put a higher future power grade on Kjerstad. Mountcastle just finished a season hitting .312 with 25 home runs in Triple A. Hard to expect Kjerstad to do better than that in two years if he has even made it to Triple A at age 23.
  6. Mountcastle over Kjerstad though it's close. I rather have a power bat that is Major League ready than one who has to make his way through the entire minor league system. Kjerstad's arm might give him a leg on Mountcastle defensively. Both project as power hitting corner outfielders so I don't see Kjerstad having that much more upside. Kjerstad as our no. 5 prospect seems about right for now. I'd put Baumler behind Lowther and probably somewhere in the 10-15 range. A lot of risk with Baumler. Baumler could shoot past Lowther and many others with a dominant beginning to his professional career. Gunnar over Mayo. More tools. More likely to stick in the infield and possibly middle infield. I'd have Mayo probably three to four spots behind Gunnar. With Baumler in the 10-15 range. Westburg should probably be ahead of Hernaiz and Hall due to his draft position, but I like Hernaiz a lot and feel Adam Hall is underrated. Hit tool concerns and ability to stick at short concerns has Westburg in the 15-20 range for me. Haskin and McKenna is a push. I think they are both fourth outfielders. Servideo over Bannon based on his ability to play SS. Bannon will have a tough time sticking in the majors as a utility player limited to 2B and 3B so his bat really needs to play as a regular and I'm not sure it will.
  7. I think they should expand fall and winter leagues. Preferably sending these guys to locations that aren’t impacted as much by COVID or a potential second wave that is supposed to come in the late Fall. You could also theoretically have games out of the minor league complexes. I worry that it won’t be a priority for MLB to figure something out and we won’t see these guys play until 2021. I’d like to see multiple leagues get going though. Maybe one for your top A and A+ talent and another for Double A and Triple A.
  8. It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off.
  9. More excited about this guy than our last few picks. Better sign him! Otherwise, we went under slot at no. 2 overall for nothing.
  10. Obviously I’m going by the prognosticators. I’ll say it again. When you go against the consensus you better get it right. And I don’t like the profile. Corner outfielder with average or below defense better be a special bat at 2.
  11. Didn’t say that. I believe the Orioles targeted Kjersted. And when you differ this far from the consensus you better get it right.
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