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  1. Part of the problem right now, is that we don't really know what holes we are going to have in 2023/2024. The only holes I can say we will most definitely have is SP. The prognosis is good in the OF, C, and 1B. 2B, SS, 3B are where the questions lie. And you don't want to pay big for a SP when the years you are are most likely to get good value on the contract, are going to be losing years anyway. I'm waiting to pay big on an IF. After 2022 we should know what we have in Westburg, Henderson, Norby, maybe even Mayo as they hit the upper levels of the minors.
  2. So you are counting on one big splash offseason?
  3. I don't think they need to all by signed in one offseason. That would be ill-advised. Fill a hole or two in 2022, one in 2023, and so on. As for shortstops, I think we will have a better idea after 2022 if we even need to spend on one.
  4. I look at this as another rebuilding year. I don't see the point of signing any top tier or even any mid tier free agents until we are ready to compete. Would I like to see us spend a little more money than we have been on a few stop gap starters and infielders for 2022? Sure. But we are going to finish last in the AL East either way. The time to get angry will be next offseason, if we are still bargain hunting. Then we'll know for certain whether or not Elias is hamstrung by ownership
  5. I think we sign an IF and two starters to major league deals. Will be tough to stay under 4 mil for that. I think we are in the 5-10 mil range this offseason. All one year contracts though and no deals signed before the end of the year.
  6. I don't understand trading Means unless the timeline to start competing is now 2024/2025. If we plan to be competitive in two years, I'm not sure where the pitching is going to come from. Means seems to me like the type of player we would be trading for with our excess of position prospects and not the type we would be trading away. Don't forgot that prospect for prospect deals do not really happen. The type of arms that will be available to us are going to be the type that start hitting arbitration and get more expensive, like Means.
  7. I'm ready to move Ayala back to the point and Ian Martinez into the starting lineup as the SG. I don't like having such a poor shooter (Russell) as your primary ball handler.
  8. Well after seeing some of these write ups in the OP, this makes me less bullish on the possibility of any of the pitchers we exposed getting drafted (Peralta, Sedlock, Vespi). Seems there are plenty of live arms available, and younger with potentially more upside than our crew.
  9. For me it's Peralta, Sedlock, Neustrom, and Vespi for order of likelihood of being picked with the first two significantly more likely than the last two. Peralta and Sedlock both have the stuff to potentially be dominant multi-inning relievers. I'm not sure about the demand for a platoon outfielder with average at best defense or a middle reliever that can barely crack 90 MPH. What's frustrating for me is that Peralta was never tried in a bullpen role before being exposed. They thought enough of him to keep trying him as a starter but not willing to protect him over some others, it doe
  10. I guess I should rephrase that. I do not expect all of them to be taken. That's not going to happen. I think it's a possibility that any one of them can be taken though and there are others on the 40 I would prefer to drop.
  11. I can see Neustrom, Vespi, Sedlock, and Peralta all possibly taken. If you are going to hold onto Gillaspie due to his “stuff” how do you not protect Peralta?
  12. I’m not positive Neustrom gets picked but protecting Bannon and Nevin over him is inexcusable. Is this the final roster before the Rule V or can changes still be made?
  13. Very aggressive to expect Coby Mayo to crack the majors in 2023. 2024 is a little more realistic. Norby, who he has for 2024 could have a better shot at 2023 if the hit tool is as advanced as it's supposed to be.
  14. For me it seems there is more upside with a guy like Hernaiz who is still only 20. Solid average tools across the board and still time to develop some more game power. Both could start next season in Aberdeen.
  15. Haskin, Hernaiz, Mundy, and Peek in some order is my best guess. Tony is not high on Neustrom or Watson. I can also see a 2021 Draft Pick like Donta Williams sneaking in there. Solid defensive outfielder who put up a very good walk to strikeout ratio in Delmarva.
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