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  1. Build confidence I suppose against the lesser competition
  2. Maybe this has been mentioned previously, but is the lodging issue for Bowie at home or on the road? Both? I would expect they would already be set up with housing for when they are at home.
  3. Big jump for Jahmai Jones as well. Has his defense at 2B improved? Can we expect to see him in Baltimore soon? Doran Turchin back on the radar. .975 OPS in 50 plate appearances in Bowie. I remember the scouting report on him was that he was an athletic outfielder with power but the hit tool was questionable. He struggled in Delmarva as a 21 year old. Has he made adjustments? Still only 23 years old. It seems everyone at Bowie is hitting right now. Norfolk could use the help.
  4. That highlight is ridiculous. He robbed that sprinting at full speed to the wall, no chance to collect himself before making the jump. His arm looked pretty good too getting it back in to the infield. You rarely hit on the mid to late round draft pick senior signs, but he looks like a future big leaguer.
  5. He's been getting a fair number of starts in CF. I'm guessing he's a decent athlete with at least average speed. Not a large fella. 6'0 and under 200 pounds. Looks like we have at least a fourth outfielder on our hands who could possibly see Baltimore next season. Are their any other outfield prospects ahead of him right now for a spot on the major league roster other than maybe Diaz (who can't seem to stay healthy)?
  6. Channeling his inner Chris Davis.
  7. Another thing people forget about is that Schoop was a fairly disciplined hitter though the minors with a pretty good walk rate. He became a hacker pretty much as soon as he came into the big leagues. That is unusual to see. Plate discipline tends to improve with young hitters. Not the opposite. Put me in the camp of thinking he could have spent an extra year or maybe half of one in the minors. He was terrible offensively his first season and I have no doubt he would not have struggled to that extent with a little more seasoning. I also agree with those who have said Hays was rushe
  8. Can't keep H&H in Delmarva much longer.
  9. Another guy ripe for a promotion
  10. He’s had one start. Tough to say he barely cracks 90 when he’s been consistently 90-93 with deception. His fastball is his best pitch. Same with Akin. I think they are both going to be major leaguers for awhile. How productive they can be, is up in the air.
  11. I would probably look at Zac Lowther's minor league numbers and get pretty excited. He's been top ten in our system since we drafted him. How many top ten system guys have we gotten back in any of Elias' trades? They both have good fastballs and average secondaries. Not terrible command but they are nibblers. I've always thought Akin could be a decent 2-3 inning bullpen arm and Lowther a somewhat dependable 4/5 starter. They need to put it together but I don't see either being a lost cause.
  12. It remains to be seen. Lowther and Akin need to improve their command a little bit and they could be valuable either as starters or relievers. Akin more likely a reliever and Lowther more likely a starter. I would bet on at least one of the two providing some good value at some point. Wells has a tougher mountain to climb.
  13. Every organization uses analytics now. Hitting on these trash bin player types has and always will be to a certain extent, luck. I don't dock the FO too much for these failed acquisitions. It's not the way to build a winner.
  14. He's got an OPS under .700 in Double A. Aggressive placement. Probably should have started in A ball. The O's would have him in Delmarva if they had drafted him....no doubt.
  15. I'm not sure what the other solutions could be. Hall needs to stay in Aberdeen. You have four infielders for three spots even assuming you just promote Welk. I supposed they could keep trying Hall in the OF and that might not be a bad idea for Ortiz either to add some versatility.
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