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  1. If the team is sold a new owner may want to pick his own GM and Manager. With all the nickel and dime cost cutting a sale in 2022 would not surprise me.
  2. I'd be surprised if either of the guys we took cracks the rotation, at least to start the season. We could use one as a long reliever. They will likely be in competition with each other in Spring Training and whoever looks better will stick with the team, the other sent back.
  3. Who plays SS in 2021? Seems like Richie Martin by default.
  4. So 100 million people by the end of March. Then you have to consider that it’s possible that another 50 million have already been infected by the point. That’s about half the population and starts getting us closer to herd immunity. I wonder if they try to put in place some system where only those who have been vaccinated will be able to attend games.
  5. It will take mass numbers of people getting the vaccination to get us to herd immunity, I'm aware of that. But every person contracting the disease at this point makes that number less.
  6. I don't think the spikes we are seeing now have much baring on how things will look 3-4 months down the line. Also, every new case we are getting now is one less person that can contract it and spread it in the future and gets us closer to herd immunity. That combined with the vaccine and the end of flu season will ultimately slow down those numbers.
  7. Unlikely would have been a better word for me to use. All signs point to the COVID situation being much better this Spring in comparison to last Spring. If it was possible to play 80 games in 2020 it should be possible to play many more than that in 2021. We have a vaccine, protocols will be improved, and it will be possible to get fans back in the stands at some point in the season if even in a limited capacity.
  8. I guess not. I have my head in the clouds. How dare I suggest we should get more than a half season worth of games.
  9. The reaction to what? This is all speculation. Nothing has happened yet.
  10. We could have (and should have) played 80 games in 2020, so to think they won't greatly exceed that in 2021 seems unreasonable considering we have a vaccine now. Not to mention, the fans just won't tolerate it.
  11. I was also replying to Weems who is calling for half-season at best in 2021. I think that's absurd. Now, I'm not sure we get a full season. But I would hope close to it or something like 120 games. Starting in May and ending in November also isn't out of the question.
  12. If the vaccine goes into circulation next month there is no way it will take until June for the general public to have access to it. There are only so many healthcare workers and elderly people out there. A fraction of the larger population and don't underestimate the number of anti-vaxers out there or simply people that want to wait it out before getting the vaccine themselves. I also think that traveling entertainers such as athletes and actors will have access before the general public. They may be considered semi-essential. I think the general public will begin to have access by March or April and the NBA/MLB possibly before that. There is a huge financial incentive to get the vaccine distributed to as many people as possible as fast as possible.
  13. I think you will be seeing “essential” workers begin to be vaccinated by Feb-March. December and January will be healthcare workers and the elderly but this makes up probably less than 25 percent of the population.
  14. I'm not sure why a spike in infection rates in November would impact Spring Training beginning on time in March. It's way too early to make those kind of proclamations. Theoretically, all of the players could get vaccinated by then. I can see the owners not wanting to start things up until it is safe to have fans in the stands. That is the real potential hurdle.
  15. Bit of a travesty that this game wasn't on TV. ODU isn't exactly UMBC or Marymount. Ayala scored 19 points on 6 of 6 shooting. 3 of 3 from three. Wiggins and Morsell each had 12. Danta Scott came off the bench for 14 on 3 of 5 from behind on the arc. Two transfers Hamilton and Smith started at PF and C and didn't do much, 5 and 6 points each. I expect Scott to move into the starting lineup over Galin Smith who is a senior transfer that played sparingly at Alabama. Can't say a whole lot without watching the game but I think the trio of Ayala, Wiggins, and Morsell should keep us competitive in most games. They are experienced upperclassmen who can play on both ends of the floor and hit open shots. Ayala in particular I think did not play up to his abilities last year, especially shooting the ball. So I would not be surprised if he bounced back and ended up being our best player over Aaron Wiggins who gets most of the hype. Wiggins is a nice player I just don't ever see him being the type to take over games as your number one scoring option.
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