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  1. The most hyped O’s prospect I’ve seen in the internet age is pretty clearly, Matt Wieters. Outside of the last 20-25 years, it’s hard to compare. Because the media and fan hype dynamics just aren’t the same. Adley could exceed Matt if he’s shredding through minor league pitching the same way.
  2. It’s hard for me to imagine that there won’t be travel restrictions in NYC at a minimum deep into the Spring and maybe Summer months. As far as insuring at any point that there will be absolutely “no risk to the players”, this seems an impossible standard to meet any time soon. I’m trying to remain optimistic but it’s looking more and more like we won’t be getting a season.
  3. The death rate with COVID-19 is estimated at about 1.4 percent. With H1N1 it was .03 percent. That makes the corona virus about 50 times more deadly. That's the important number. Some medical experts have forecasted 40-70 percent of the population getting this. If just 20 percent of the population got COVID-19 as they did H1N1 that would still equate to about 600,000 deaths roughly. It will be in the millions if some of these experts are correct. I'm skeptical that we have a season at this point because it just takes one player being infected to lock a whole team down. Then how does the rest of the league go on playing games at that point?
  4. I like Hanser Alberto leading off against lefties and DJ Stewart against right handers. Hays just does not walk enough, although maybe sticking him in the leadoff spot will make him focus more on his approach.
  5. There is more to having a good fastball than velocity, his of which is above average for a lefty. Generates a lot of swings and misses up in the zone. Has already shown to play up (95-96) in shorter outings in the Arizona Fall League. So it's above average by most accounts. I never claimed he would reach his ceiling or that everything would go right for him. In fact, I said I expected him to end up in the pen. So I'm not sure where you are going. Also, if you haven't been paying attention we could use some pitchers with average big league stuff. Am I excited about him? Not really. I was just trying to point out the absurdity of you calling him organizational filler.
  6. Not an organizational filler. He's always had trouble going deep into games. It's unlikely he can put it together as a starter. But I think he's got a good chance to be a 2-3 inning bullpen guy throwing 95 from the left side (rare) and can get both lefties and righties out. Those guys are valuable in today's game.
  7. An above average fastball from the left side and two solid average secondary pitches. He led the international league in strike outs last year as a 24 year old. That's not nothing. Maybe if you are too lazy to look up stats and scouting reports on minor league players you shouldn't provide such definitive commentary on them.
  8. Yeah, I don't think you understand the meaning of organizational filler. Organization fillers are guys who are used to fill out minor league rosters and will be lucky to get a cup of coffee in the majors. Akin is a real prospect. Not one of our better ones, but has a solid shot at being some type of contributor. Whether that is as a starter or multi-inning reliever out of the pen remains to be seen.
  9. I prefer the quick pulling of the plug to keeping guys on the roster who are fringe major leaguers and compromising the 25 man roster, which is typically what the organization has done in the past.
  10. I didn’t see Keegan Akin mentioned. He has no chance to make this team?
  11. There are at least 20 teams in MLB that have a chance to go to the playoffs this year. A lot of parity in the middle. The top is really good and the bottom is really bad. That has to make you a little optimistic. A little less so when you consider that we have to play in the AL east. We are the worst of the worst on paper IMO.
  12. I could see him in Delmarva until mid May and then spending most of the season in Frederick with a late season promotion to Bowie. The fact that he struggled in Delmarva in limited at bats last season emboldens my prediction. Of course, they could start him in Frederick. But I've seen Elias quoted using the "nothing to lose" justification for conservative placements.
  13. I fully expect Henderson and Hernaiz to start in Aberdeen. The organization has been conservative with placements/promotions and they have even preferred to start the advanced college guys in Delmarva. I would not be surprised if even Rutschman started in Delmarva.
  14. .831 for Hays seems especially aggressive. He's struggled for large portions of his last two minor league seasons. Not to expect some significant struggles in his first full big league season seems unreasonable. I'd be overjoyed if he broke .800 on the season. I'm not expecting Mancini and Alberto to repeat their 2019 performances. That's extremely wishful thinking, both coming off of career years.
  15. Yep. If you ain’t plus defensively you’re a DH around these parts.
  16. I wonder how we stack up when you add international signees to the mix.
  17. I'm with you on most of these points and I like Wiggins, but I'm not quite as high on him. He shows flashes. I don't think he has a great handle, and his body control and touch in the lane I would categorize as weaknesses. But those things can be improve upon. He is athletic and can hit an open three. I never though Maryland was a top five team or as bad as they were playing the last couple weeks. When we don't turn over the ball in double digits we are pretty hard to beat. Should be fun the rest of the way in a very deep conference.
  18. On our way to a blow out. As bad as we've shot today, Indiana has been much worse. Jalen Smith and Wiggins have played well and we've done a good job as a team getting to the line. Only five turnovers with seven minutes left. That's a breath of fresh air. Not very impressed with Marial. Does not seem very strong and even though he's 7'2 does not seem to have very good timing with his jumps with much shorter players scoring over him. Went straight into a shorter defender and got blocked on the one possession where I saw them feed him. Offensive game seems limited.
  19. It’s hard to get good ball movement when you can’t take care of the ball.
  20. I’m fed up. Don’t mind the losing. The sloppy play though. It’s as if this team doesn’t practice together. Gonna take a few weeks off the Terps.
  21. Down 7 with a little under 4 left. We have 15 turnovers and they have 15 blocks. So essentially 30 turnovers. Unfathomable. Unacceptable.
  22. I’ve never seen so many blocked shot attempts. No finesse. Just keep going straight into the defenders expecting a different result. The fundamentals really seem to be lacking whether it’s lazy passes or just dribbling the balls off our knees. Lots of low IQ basketball. I feel a little embarrassed for building up Wiggins earlier in the year. He’s not very good.
  23. Worst half of basketball I’ve seen in my life and I’m not exaggerating.
  24. Fastball ticked up a bit later in the season. 92-93 is better than 89-92. Maybe he's able to hold that 92-93 velocity more often in 2020. His secondaries are very good.
  25. At the end of the day, we traded Bundy for four fringe prospects. Similar to the kind of return we got for Kevin Gausman that everyone was so upset with, including me at the time. Now it ended up that Gausman was so bad in 2019 with the Braves (after pitching like a no. 2 starter for them after the trade in 18) that they released him. And Jordan Zimmerman developed into a top 20ish prospect. I don't think any of us could have seen that coming. I would have rather we gave it to the deadline in 2020 because there is always the chance that Bundy ends up pitching like a borderline All-Star and is able to net a much better return from a team desperate for pitching. Bundy is trending up when you compare his 2018 to 2019. I think there is a better chance he puts it together this season than any of the prospects we acquired in this trade providing any kind of significant major league value. This seems (like the Villar move) to be a money first move rather than maximizing future value. I don't love it. But not gonna boycott the team over it either.
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