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  1. Has Katz actually watched Cowan play? Never has Cowan even been a top ten player in the conference, let alone the country. I'm not trying to rip Cowan. He's an above average player and I'm glad he's back, but a little mind blowing that Katz thinks so highly of him.
  2. He's average in the corners from what I've seen. He appears to get pretty good reads and he's got slightly above average sprint speed per Statcast. I honestly thought his arm would be a little stronger, but I think it at least qualifies as average as well.
  3. ChuckS

    Gray Fenter

    I actually think they are pretty spot on for the top ten. I might have Rom at 10 and Gunner just outside, maybe at 11. But it's all pretty reasonable. The rest of the list 11-30 I think will be quite different on the Hangout. Two noticeable absences on the pipeline list are Bruce Zimmerman and Darell Hernaiz. I can see both of them cracking the Hangout's top 30. On the flip side, I don't see Cadyn Grenier (21 on Pipeline) and JC Encarnacion (28) making the Hangout's top 30
  4. I’m fine with May 21.
  5. Well, Rutschman can’t get here fast enough.
  6. I’ve never seen a passed ball on an inning ending, down the middle strike three with the bases loaded. I’ve never seen two runners score on a passed ball. Just wow. Bundy was pitching so well too. The other two runs he allowed were on bloop hits.
  7. ChuckS

    Frederick Keys 2019

    I feel that's probably a good case scenario for him at this point. Jace Peterson was OPS'ing .836 as a 23 year old in High A ball. I think it's more likely Grenier doesn't ever make it past Double A than ever making a big league roster.
  8. There was already one out. Not a huge advantage of tagging with two down. So I think it was more important for him to get half way. Tampa is also a huge park. He needs to be more ready to go.
  9. Villar will get some flack for not being aware that Davis didn't run home, but Davis's running was ridiculous. How does a player not score from second base on a ball hit off the wall?
  10. Disappointed that we won't be getting a look at Keegan Akin.
  11. ChuckS

    Austin Hays 2019

    Good. As long as he's getting the extra at bats somewhere. I hope to see him as our opening day CF in 2020.
  12. ChuckS

    Austin Hays 2019

    Who do we need to play in the OF over Santander, Stewart, and Hays? We have Stevie Wilkerson playing in center everyday right now. I’m interested in evaluating potential future pieces. Placeholders like Wilkerson, Peterson, and Smith Jr. need not get in the way.
  13. ChuckS

    Joey Ortiz

    It will be tough for them to really evaluate those guys as SS (particularly Henderson) if all three are vying for starts at the same position. I understand you can have a medley between SS, 3B and 2B, but it's not the same. The fact that Henderson and Hernaiz are both young for their draft class favors them sticking in short season ball IMO. To be honest, I'm in favor of seeing them all in Delmarva because I prefer to see our top prospects challenged a little more. But that's not the way this regime rolls.
  14. ChuckS

    Joey Ortiz

    It's possible, but tough to imagine all three of them being on the Delmarva roster. If I had to guess, I think Ortiz is the Delmarva SS and both Henderson and Hernaiz are held back in Aberdeen. This new regime has not been aggressive with promotions so far or where they start guys.
  15. ChuckS

    Austin Hays 2019

    He is putting up a higher OPS in more at bats than Anthony Santander was when he was promoted to Baltimore. No reason for him not to get his feet wet. He's going to spend most of the next year in the bigs regardless as long as he can stay healthy.
  16. Bowie could be pretty bad in 2020. Few quality hitters to inherit from Frederick and most of their current rotation and better bats will have graduated to Norfolk. Frederick and Norfolk should have a lot of talent trickling up and with so many college draft picks showing good early returns I would not be surprised if Delmarva had a quality team again next year.
  17. ChuckS

    AFL Rosters

    Could this be a sign that Hays will be promoted to Baltimore in September? I expected to see him on this roster otherwise, given the time he has missed.
  18. Between 1B, DH, and the 3 OF spots there is plenty of room for everyone to get regular at bats.
  19. They could get the Hall/Grenier treatment and move around next season at Delmarva. Hernais between SS/2B and Henderson between SS/3B.
  20. It's not an exact science though and there is a lot of random variance involved. Santander is OPS'ing almost 100 points higher at the MLB level than what he did in Norfolk this season for example. There is also such thing as adjusting to the level of competition. I'm not saying Mountcastle wouldn't be a .725 OPS guy right now at the MLB level but he could just as easily be an .825 guy. I'd expect him to have an easier time hitting home runs in Camden Yards than Norfolk. Maybe the hard contact percentage goes down, but fly balls definitely have an easier time getting out of Camden than Harbor Park.
  21. It's time to see what Akin and Hays can do even if they aren't fully cooked. I wouldn't mind seeing Akin for two or three innings at a time. Zimmerman just got to Triple A. He'll get his opportunity next year.
  22. I noticed Santander was in LF and Stewart in RF tonight. I haven't noticed the alignments in other games where they have both been in the OF, but isn't Santander more of a natural RF and Stewart a LF? Santander certainly has the better arm. If I'm not mistaken, that's where they both primarily played in the minors as well.
  23. Jeff Ballard had 62 SO's and 57 BB's in 215 innings. And managed 18 wins with a 3.43 ERA. Mind blown. All of our starters that year walked close to as many as they struck out. If you don't have at least a 2:1 strikeout to walk ratio in today's game you aren't going to make it.
  24. I’d describe it as high effort from what I saw last night. Not exactly smooth.
  25. ChuckS

    Keegan Akin 2019

    95 percent of the adult population has to work at being in shape. Some people just have bad bodies/diet. Doesn't mean they aren't in shape. Ever look at Daniel Cormier? That guy is in incredible shape, but you wouldn't necessarily know it by looking at him.
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