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  1. My son and I went to the Baysox game last night, and Bleier and Molina were dealing! Molina, in particular, was frustrating the heck out of Richmond, who was doing a lot of yelling at the umps late in the game. On a side note, my 8-year-old son enjoyed himself a great deal, despite the rain. He got three balls during the game, and I proudly watched as he gave one of them to a younger boy that was sitting near us during the game. Haven’t been to a Bowie game in a few years, but pretty sure we will be back soon!
  2. My wife gave me this book for Christmas, and I'm just getting around to reading it. Man, the chapter on Mike Flanagan is a tough read. Reading him describe his emotions pitching in relief to get the last outs in the last game at Memorial Stadium, his love of the team and the city of Baltimore is second to none. The book was written before his death, obviously. Such a sad end to a life pouring his heart and soul into the O's.
  3. As someone with no skin in the game, and someone that doesn't know me from Adam, please don't even start to talk to me about compassion of anything.
  4. And just to prove that my remarks were not meant to be offensive toward your chcharty, I'll publicly increase my own bid of $525 to $550.
  5. Roy, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but the handling of these auctions, without an end time stated, is highly unorthodox, even for charity auctions. And as the leading bidder for the ball, I have to ask, does the ball come with the same certificate of authenticity as the example you posted above? Again, not trying to be a jerk, but if you have that, it greatly increases the value of the ball. And as I stated in our PM exchange, the reason I've been willing to bid as high as I have is specifically because the money would be going to your charity.
  6. Wait, what? You said yesterday the auction was "closing soon". It dragged on throughout today, and now it will close on Monday night? I know this is for charity, but at some point, someone has got to call complete BS on this auction tactic!
  7. Eesh, hopes this turns out to be nothing: "J.J. Hardy hurt his right shoulder when he collided with Jonathan Schoop trying to field Jake Elmore?s single in the second inning. Hardy said after the game he felt fine. Showalter said it would be reevaluated on Saturday."
  8. I remember watching him from Eutaw street as he had a private workout with the team prior to the draft...as a pitcher! Glad they decided he'd make a better everyday player.
  9. Beats the hell out of watching .270 hitters that can't field or worse, completely screw up the whole pitching rotation.
  10. Didn't think it was part of the deal, but hey, doesn't hurt to ask! I'm just not one to seek getting an autograph. I'd love to have his sig and have this as an awesome historical memento of O's history (which it is even without Cal's signature), but there are too many people looking to get autographs from players for resale. It's really puts off trying to ever get a players signature.
  11. Thanks weams. I noticed that you posted some pics of the items earlier in the thread. Were you just posting pics Roy sent or do you physically have the items here in baltimore (and therefore they could be picked up in person)?
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