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  1. I would think hard about focusing on the things that drive you the nuttiest, and the things that a potential buyer would notice the second he/she walks through the door instead of doing a complete overhaul. You can refresh without doing a complete update. What is the neighborhood like? Have most houses been updated, or do a majority have an update in their near future?
  2. The follow up question is why are you doing this? If it is for value add and resale, tread carefully. Renovation work is cheaper now, but prices aren't necessarily going to start climbing impressively. If you are doing it because your existing kitchen is a piece of ---- and you need to do things, might I suggest with that 3-5 year horizon you focus in on the things that are worst and address them with most of your budget instead of trying to do a complete overhaul on the cheap.
  3. Did you see the Rays fans actually purchased a full page ad thanking Crawford for his time there? They raised the money over the span of a few months from hundreds of small donors. I thought that was pretty amazing.
  4. Anyone have numbers on how many of his SBs came against Boston's easy to run on catchers?
  5. I also don't think he is a spotlight guy. Boston has plenty of stars to deflect attention and Crawford is not the sort that is going to make a scene, so it will probably work out. But I think he would have been a lot more comfortable going somewhere other than Boston or NY.
  6. There is some truth to this. I smoked more than a pack a day for nearly a decade. Woke up one morning coughing up real blood. Doc says "well, you smoke." Haven't had one since. It is really tough until you are ready to do it. Once you are ready your willpower is pretty amazing.
  7. Dang Scott, get better. And as for the relatives worrying about you, you can always play the "my heart can't take this, get away!" card...
  8. He does not know the great Bruce Chen.
  9. Did Girardi make a mistake throwing Pettitte last night and Burnett tonight? Should he have switched them? I know you never want to concede a game, but it wouldn't have mattered tonight whether the Yanks pitcher gave up 1 or 10. And with all respect to Tommy Hunter (who I hope throws a perfect game), I am guessing Pettitte's performance last night would be enough to win game 4. As it is we could be seeing a 11-10 who knows sort of a game. So it would seem to make sense to call game 3 gravy, and keep Pettitte as your firewall in game four. Any thoughts? (I guess one downside is that AJ would b
  10. I'd be surprised if the Rangers win the series, but then again I am curious to see how the Yanks pitchers not named Sabathia do against a team that can hit (no offense, Twins, but with Mourneau out and Mauer and Thome both really hurting... ) So maybe...
  11. Not sure what you mean by that. If he ever said "it was my idea to draft Chipper over Todd Van Poppel," then shame on him. But IMO Kasten does deserve a good deal of credit for the Braves success, just not for on the field actions. He is a calm but clear leader who establishes stability in the front office and acts as a go between between the on field people and the generally impatient owner.
  12. I am shocked, and hope he is ok. The Nats lost a good one.
  13. Yes, I was. Apologies to all for not being clear.
  14. I would like to see 2 wild cards, but in a different format... Go back to 2 divisions in each league, with balanced schedules, and then give the two best non-champ records (even if both in the same division) two wild cards. Then make the series 5-2 instead of 4-3 to give the champions more of an advantage. I don't like the 1 game playoff idea.
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