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  1. What is that stain on Wells' jersey? it was there the last start he had too!
  2. Why does a Chris Holt visit seem like it always results in disaster?
  3. My brother told me not to talk to him if I had anything negative to say about the Orioles.Man,I miss my brother.
  4. Orioles third baseman Maikel Franco is still dead.
  5. There was a time all of this was laughable.But it's way beyond that now.
  6. Oh well.10 minutes with the lead.I guess we were getting spoiled.
  7. Chris Holt has really done a nice job with this pitching staff.
  8. How about a Maikel Franco bobble hand promotion?
  9. Man,cinis guys play,not getting Wynns,constantly being put in Abad situation,has me realize this has all been part of Diplan.
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