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  1. Sure am going to miss Chris.
  2. Hunter,"And now the starting pitching is starting to scuffle."
  3. And to think,Arencibia couldn't make our club.
  4. For the fine career that Mike Bordick had,he sure doesn't provide anything insightful in his analysis."A nice play right there","that ball was in the zone","that was pretty impressive."
  5. Come on guys.They're just tired.
  6. We also thought Wieters' bat would offset the loss of Cruz's production.
  7. Can't wait for July to come to an end.
  8. I get the dislike for Pedroia, but I think we can agree it's a respectful dislike.The guy is a ballplayer.David Ortiz I have no respect for.
  9. Bordick calls out Machado for poor baserunning,but explains Jones' error on the cold weather and the effects it has on leather.WOW!
  10. Grace and class= Brooks Robinson.I can understand the uproar,given this was our biggest night in the national spotlight in 15 years,and one of our own disses,yes,disses a Baltimore icon,er, the Baltimore icon.If Brooks were in the booth this Sunday,I doubt he would directly compare Cal to Derek Jeter.Why?Grace and class.Let's hope Cal keeps his opinion of Mark Tbag and Eddie Murray to himself!Of course he has a right to his opinion,but my gosh,some things are better left unsaid.To many,Brooks IS Mr. Oriole.Do the Rangers view Adrian Beltre as Mr. Ranger?Come on Cal!
  11. That was an inspiring inning.
  12. If there was one person who could have put an end to this,it was Joe freakin' Paterno.He can say in hindsight,blah,blah,blah all he wants.He's Joe freakin' Paterno for crying out loud!He had nine years to mull over this.Joe decided being a football coach came first and foremost.Period.Like Tony says,actions speak louder than words.
  13. I have seen some horrid,horrid innings these last 14 years.I am hard pressed to recollect a worse one.And it's only the first inning.
  14. I'll take "Unfocused And Uninspiring" for $200 Alex.
  15. Yeah, I hope they only score 20 too.
  16. This is a progression of the worst games of the season.Total humiliation.By the WORST hitting team in all of baseball.Way to go O's.
  17. I wish Buck would look at Gregg's and Gonzo's bubblegum cards.
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