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  1. Lol that's what I keep saying. I just don't understand why MacPhail didn't look at the records around the league and say:

    "oh well what's the point in winning these last two games, where we might end up with the third overall pick instead of the second overall pick. Let's bring Eaton and Rich Hill back to start these last two games."

    If something similar happens this year with the #1 pick for next year, then I honestly don't know when this team will compete again.

    If MacPhail is smart, maybe he'll set it up so that Gonzalez closes those last 2 games.

  2. Of course there is a drop in negativity after a couple of wins. That's human nature.But the degree of the negativity is certainly proportional to the product we are seeing on a daily basis.Just because some of us are fed up with what we see doesn't make us less a fan.Too much negativity after a loss? Well,you know,there is a solution.

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  3. Let's see. AM was supposed to sign some established hitters to take the heat off of the young guys. If I'm not mistaken, Miguel Tejada and Ty Wigginton are established ML players who are hitting pretty good through the first month of the season. I think we could also call Nick Markakis an established guy. Seems like the young guys aren't hitting because they don't look up enough to those three? I guess if we had signed Jason Bay and he was hitting .190 like he is for the Mets, that all the pressure would be off the young guys and they'd be tearing it up. :eek::laughlol::rolleyes:

    Well,MacPhail is the one who sees the purchase of bats as the way to go about building a contender.I'll say this.If it's last winter and my choice is Jason Bay or Garrett Atkins, I'm taking Bay all the way.Maybe this allows moving Scott or Pie or even Jones, allowing us to obtain a Billy Butler or such.Hey, I've been a MacPhail supporter all the way.But I think he is much too averse to risk and much too conservative with the money available to spend.He has a beer appetite on a champagne budget.

  4. The marketing arm of the Orioles apparently made the decision to make Adam Jones the face of the franchise, and the kid has only ever had in his young career a good couple of months.I think everyone on this board can see the pressure this has put on him.A big bat would have taken some pressure off of him and the other kids in the lineup.We were told the FO would buy the bats,and we went to Kmart to get ours.There was no means of support for our young hitters.If it's important to get a solid veteran for the pitching staff(which I think it is) then it's equally important to get that solid bat to anchor your young lineup.Andy, where is that bat?

  5. Until he is done sorting out the defective from the effective in the pitching inventory, there is no point in buying the bats...unless you can absolutely steal one. If you don't like watching sausage being made, perhaps the 2009 Orioles are not the team for you...

    Are you sure that's sausage?:):)

  6. Let's see if I have this right.We're playing a team that is losers of 11 out of their last 12, one of the worst road records in baseball, facing a starting pitcher who hasn't won a game in 4 years, with a bullpen with the 2nd worst e.r.a. , a weak hitting team all around (Or they wouldn't have Ryan Freel) and we struggle mightily to put up any semblance of an offense? Honestly, for every 1 step forward this team takes (last game at Fenway),we always seem to take 2 or 3 steps backwards.

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