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  1. He seems like a nice enough guy but he's very dull and he can't seem to keep up with the players involved in the play. Like the other night, Cedric Mullins hit a double and the whole time he was talking about Chance Sisco. I had to make sure of what was going on because it made me think that Sisco was on base or something when Mullins hit the double. Palmer had to correct him, which he's had to do way too many times for a 2 week old season. I wish Thorne was still here but I'm sure that ship has sailed. Hunter was not as bad as people like to act. He was homer but not as big of a homer as someone like Hawk Harrelson. My only real issue with Hunter was he acted a little too familiar with the players when calling the game and was never really willing to be critical.
  2. Geez how many times did Jim Palmer have to correct Garceau on who the batter or fielder was last night?
  3. The issue I really had the other night was Jim Palmer yammering on about not being able to block the plate. He’s a favorite of mine and he usually is right on about everything. But he has to know that the catcher can block the plate if he has the ball, right?
  4. Why do they keep leaving these ceremonies? Then they come back in the middle.
  5. Say what you will about Jim Hunter but he was really good at this. This dude, I don't know.
  6. That’s the worst thing about the limited attendance. No way to drown out idiots like that. He hasn’t shut up for at least the last two innings.
  7. What if it played out exactly the same way but Turner was running in a zig zag but still doesn't "interfere" until he's going to touch 1b? At what point are the umpires supposed to apply the entire rule?
  8. But he's out of the runners lane the entire time. He never sets foot in it. I get your point but like I said, if he's in the runners lane the entire 45 feet, I guarantee interference isn't called even with knocking off Gurriel's glove.
  9. Exactly right. I guarantee this doesn't get called if he's in the running lane the entire time, even if he still knocks Gurriel's glove off. Turner never set foot in it. It's arguable that if he's in the running lane, then Peacock has a better ability to make an accurate throw because he doesn't have a runner right in the path of his throw. Plus John Smoltz can't have it both ways. He can't say it's a bad call and also say that he, as a player, was taught to aim at the runner in those situations.
  10. Unless Mike Trout falls off a cliff, I don't see how it's not him. He's averaging more rWAR per season than Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds did in their careers. Speaking of Babe Ruth, how did he not win like 1000 MVPs?
  11. I'm not saying he didn't have a good year. I'm just saying that there were better seasons had in 2018. He's had better seasons himself. My main point in the discussion is that he just got one of the richest contracts in American sports. It's not even really about him. I just don't care for these contracts and I thought the owners were going to make a stand and stop giving them out but it looks like that wasn't the case.
  12. Was he though? By general counting stats, last season was his best offensive season. But he still wasn't as good overall as he was in 2015. That being said, even with how good of a season he had last year, he wasn't even in the top 10 in WAR overall.
  13. If he thought that, then that's even sillier. I've always been a Machado fan, but he's not in Trout's league. Trout's had five 9+ WAR seasons (three of which were 10+). Machado has never even come close to that.
  14. I'm still trying to figure out why he went to San Diego, other than the money. Isn't that where hitters go to die?
  15. I don't get the point of this and I really don't get what he's trying to say. First off, if this is the way you feel, say it behind closed doors. Making it public, only sours you in the eyes of your former fans. Second, it just really doesn't make any sense. The Orioles accommodated him by letting play SS in his walk year, then traded him to a WS contender. Am I mis-remembering, was he hunting down the O's management about an extension? Did he express any desire to extend his contract or resign in Baltimore? I've always defended Manny about a lot, but this is just silly.
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