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  1. 90's. Camden Yards opens in 1992, 89-73 third place finish. Averaged well over 3m in attendance throughout the decade, leading MLB. Highest payroll with top players wanting to play in OPACY. Ripken Sep 6 1995. Playoffs 96-97. Five of the ten years winning record but should have been more if it weren't for two pitching coaches - Phil Regan and Ray Miller managing the team - 95, 98, 99 + run differentials (95 +64!) and managed to finish 71-73, 79-83 and 78-84 respectively. Strike impacted 1994 and 1995, Ripken "saved" baseball. Amazing crowds every night, the newest and best stadium in baseball, in sports, so much was lost in the 2000-2010 decade that followed.
  2. DJ Stewart is just not an impressive player. Bases loaded weak grounder to first.
  3. Except for VVM piece which maybe was a good thing. Substitute Santander, draft AR, sprinkle in the emergence of John Means and arguably things on are slightly ahead of plan.
  4. 421-393 overall, .517. Without DSL 359-323, .526. Likely best overall record in awhile.
  5. Chris Davis. At this point CD is blocking DJ. Mancini to 1B, Núñez DH Stewart to RF, Stevie W can back up all OF and INF. Or you go to a four man bench and send down a pitcher.
  6. IMO He will never be “the guy” and still has not matured into a leader...does things where everyone perceives the worst - sometimes perception is reality. His upside is still HOFer but becoming harder to root for.
  7. Used to be a big fan but not longer miss him on the team. He needs to be surrounded by good players and still has not matured into a leader. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26428126/green-tossed-arguing-machado-interference
  8. I think Jim Hunter will do most of the games and a new announcer will be hired to do the rest.
  9. Brilliant move putting Mancini 2nd today.
  10. Will NOT miss Machado’s play at SS. Zero range hurt more than helped on defense this year. That was a tailor made DP ball for an above average SS. Machado’s range and play at SS is Jeteresque!
  11. agree no adjustments, stubborn, uninspired to the last.
  12. Really growing tired of watching AJ. He is an amazing person and leader, just not convinced he is a great baseball team leader.
  13. Agree with all of this. My frustration is at this point you need to begin to signal things by saying and doing. When Andy, Buck and even Dan came in they advocated for change, evoked the team history spoke to the fans and media in a direct and honest way. The players and fans bought in. This needs to happen again and if they can’t do it they need to go. Time for new or re engaged leadership and we can only hope it’s as good it was in 2012.
  14. Here’s the thing. There is no defending the decisions and rationale behind the composition of the 25 man unless the real plan is to tank. You cannnot talk about how important defense is and attempt to build stronger pitching with an OF with no range or speed, an infield where he left side positions are WIP - even with a healthy Beckham, and a right side that features two players with limited range. This is coupled with a bench that is platoon based, hit first, horrific defensively except for a journeyman 34-year old who is your fastest player but hits like a AAAA middle infielder. The lineup has one great bat, a bunch of declining players, 2 trying to find their way after early season injuries (Schoop and Mancini) and a WIP catching tandem that has barely hit all year. Do Buck and Dan believe this team is a good product and worth the payroll, worth watching on TV or going to see? We love this team, and we are all fans but everyone wants something to get behind and cheer for...it is almost impossible to be a fan of this team, its leadership and whatever approach seems to be in place now - Buck what exactly are you seeing that is enjoyable? Dan are you proud of this team? What exactly would you like to say to the fans? In my 40 years of Os fandom I have never seen a more unwatchable, unlikeable, aimless confusing team.
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