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  1. IMO the Davis comments are positioning. If rosters are at 26 players next season they will be squeezing out a better player like Nunez, DJ Stewart or a 3rd catcher to retain Davis and ride the bench. If Mancini is able to pay 1B, backed up by Mountcastle there will be no place to play Davis - better to use the roster sport for a no hit great defensive 3B/SS/2B or C all of which would add more value than CD. So, I think Elias and ownership are waiting to see about length of 2021 season (if reduced to 120 games will save 25% of $ owed Davis) and Mancini readiness while leaving the door open for Davis to approach the team about retiring - a lot can happen in the next 6 months. The only issue is keeping the spot for Davis for the next 6 months and missing out on acquiring a better player. I think Davis is gone by ST or at the latest by end of April allowing him to retire in front of the fans. I don't agree with a lot of the ownership decisions but deciding to handle this in a certain way - they don't have to decide now - is not a fatal move and doesn't belong in the large bucket of the ownership stinks and are holding Elias back.
  2. Looks like it will be based on 2020 W-L records. Next 6 games will make a difference in terms of having a Top 5/Top 10 pick.
  3. Problem is the infield defense - 1B and 2B are not first division starters on defense, Nunez is a really subpar 1B. Davis is fine but he hits like 1960's SS. 3B is up and down and Ruiz is effectively the only legit 3Bm on the team with limited options in the org.
  4. agree. not sure what upside Phillips has.
  5. Takes 7 of 30 road games off the schedule and moves them to Baltimore. Limited travel gets even more limited with two trips to Boston, 1 to NY (Mets and Yankees) Tampa and Miami, Buses to Philly and DC. 19/22 in Baltimore from Aug 14-Sep 6.
  6. At least for 2020. Oh the irony. https://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/baltimore-emerging-possible-site-blue-jays-2020-home-games/
  7. 90's. Camden Yards opens in 1992, 89-73 third place finish. Averaged well over 3m in attendance throughout the decade, leading MLB. Highest payroll with top players wanting to play in OPACY. Ripken Sep 6 1995. Playoffs 96-97. Five of the ten years winning record but should have been more if it weren't for two pitching coaches - Phil Regan and Ray Miller managing the team - 95, 98, 99 + run differentials (95 +64!) and managed to finish 71-73, 79-83 and 78-84 respectively. Strike impacted 1994 and 1995, Ripken "saved" baseball. Amazing crowds every night, the newest and best stadium in baseball, in sports, so much was lost in the 2000-2010 decade that followed.
  8. DJ Stewart is just not an impressive player. Bases loaded weak grounder to first.
  9. Except for VVM piece which maybe was a good thing. Substitute Santander, draft AR, sprinkle in the emergence of John Means and arguably things on are slightly ahead of plan.
  10. 421-393 overall, .517. Without DSL 359-323, .526. Likely best overall record in awhile.
  11. Chris Davis. At this point CD is blocking DJ. Mancini to 1B, Núñez DH Stewart to RF, Stevie W can back up all OF and INF. Or you go to a four man bench and send down a pitcher.
  12. IMO He will never be “the guy” and still has not matured into a leader...does things where everyone perceives the worst - sometimes perception is reality. His upside is still HOFer but becoming harder to root for.
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