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  1. He was considered the no. 2 guy on the market, behind Pedro Marinez and ahead of Kevin Millwood and Jaret Wright. https://www.google.com/amp/s/vault.si.com/.amp/vault/2004/11/22/baseball-freeagent-watch
  2. Going by Tony’s criterion, I’d certainly take my chances on Kjerstad vs. most players in our top 30 due to upside. Not at this tier though.
  3. Well said. The last time I remember the O’s chasing a top end free agent pitcher (if you even want to call him that) was Carl Pavano in the 2004-05 offseason. He was the top FA pitcher that year (or close), but not someone who would have been top of the market in any other year.
  4. I can’t read the list, but Jon Meoli did the list and did a chat with BA readers that is available to non-subscribers.
  5. That’s a pretty good comp. And I’m a big Markakis fan but have no trouble saying Glaus was better than Nick and I’d rather have had him in our system than Nick. It’s a shame Glaus didn’t stay healthier.
  6. Generally, pitchers throw more innings at 21 than they do at 19. Unless they’re Hunter Harvey or Dylan Bundy. I’m not going to spend more time debating this since I personally don’t know what information the O’s or other teams relied upon to establish their pitch/innings limits this year.
  7. The tough division and unbalanced schedule make life a little more difficult for the Orioles, but it’s very rare that they’ve had a winning record outside the AL East when they’ve had a losing record overall. There really is no season you can point to in the last 25 years and say, “they would have made the playoffs if they hadn’t been in the AL East.” So I tend not to worry about it much.
  8. I’m sure the Orioles have a lot more information on this topic than we do. And it’s not like the O’s are off on an island here. You can look all over the minors and the pitchers threw limited innings. Maybe they’re all doing it based on superstition, but I tend to think that in today’s analytical environment they are probably relying on data that tells them this is the prudent course.
  9. I do think it’s a factor, especially at the extremes. With Rutschman, he’s basically major league ready and there aren’t significant questions about how he’ll do as he moves up the ladder. With a guy like Mayo, he’s got miles to go and many questions to answer about how he’ll handle good breaking stuff, pitchers with a repertoire and good command, etc. With Westburg and Henderson, they both played low A, hi A and AA last year. Westburg arrived at hi A and AA a month or two before Henderson did, and did better than Henderson at those levels, but he’s also 2.4 years older, which is huge.
  10. There wouldn’t be much point in limiting the prospects’ innings all year and then sending them to the AFL. The four we sent all threw under 60 IP for the year and can use the extra work. Bishop was having a good season but missed 6-7 weeks with an injury and wasn’t that effective when he returned.
  11. Right. My post was about who belongs at the higher level to begin the year, not who is the better prospect. I like both but Gunnar is the better prospect. Westburg is 2.4 years older and should move up more quickly, as he did last year.
  12. I’m looking forward to your write-up of him, especially your observations about his defense. Like I said, I don’t watch enough MiL baseball to have an opinion. Certainly his fielding percentage numbers weren’t good, and MiL range numbers are not reliable.
  13. Henderson’s defense is the big question mark for me. He was erratic, to say the least. But he had his supporters. From the BA Low A write up: “Henderson stood out defensively as well, both at shortstop and third base, with advanced instincts and plus arm strength. League managers were confident that he can stick at shortstop, even with his larger frame.” From the Hi A write up: “The 20-year-old shortstop has stood out for his plus raw power, defensive ability, reactions and arm strength, with managers highlighting his play at shortstop specifically.” I don’t watch minor l
  14. The Orioles’ pitchers have really gotten slammed the last two days.
  15. Since I picked Hall at 3 despite my reservations about his injuries, I’ll stick with him here even though I’m 90% sure Tony will go with Cowser or Henderson, both of whom present much less injury risk. I’m really happy to have such excellent choices at 4-6. I think Kjerstad and Stowers will be 7-8.
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