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  1. A lot of years, runners simply didn’t dare to run on Bench. He wasn’t catching 40 runners because nobody was running. ‘69: 26 homers, 30-40 SB-CS ‘70 45 homers, 32-30 ‘71: 27 homers, 37-26 ’72: 40 homers, 24-31 ’73: 25 homers, 28-27 ’74: 33 homers, 37-35 ’75: 28 homers, 32-27 ’77: 31 homers, 64-42 I don’t consider ‘77 to be one of his better years viz. preventing the running game.
  2. You are overreacting if you are saying you’d like him to be released. I don’t need to see the play to know that. He didn’t kill or punch anybody. He’s never had an attitude problem. If he acted out on one play (which may or may not have happened), that’s cause for his manager to give him a stern talking to. It’s not cause to release him.
  3. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27609548/why-september-return-nick-markakis-braves-october-difference-maker
  4. They essentially have to do this anyway. A discounted sum has to be deposited 18 months after each season ends, which is calculated to grow into the amount to be paid when the deferred sum is due.
  5. Let’s just keep this simple. If you had to predict Villar’s WAR production over the next three years, what you predict? He’ll be ages 29-31.
  6. I think he should be cut — into small pieces and then fried in hydrochloric acid and hurled into shark-infested waters.
  7. He’s better than Davis, but would you rather be on the hook for 3/$69 mm (with $21 mm of that deferred) or for 4/$124 mm? Figure Cabrera the last 3 years has been right at replacement value, whereas Davis has been 4 wins below replacement. I’d certainly rather have the Davis contract if I had the guts to cut him. But if I was forced to play him a certain amount, then it’d be about a push.
  8. With the MiL season wrapped up, I just wanted to offer profuse thanks to Chuck Boemmel for diligently keeping us posted on the MiL results and news on a daily basis. It takes a lot of effort and is really appreciated. Thanks, Chuck!
  9. And then a sac fly to the warning track. Ends up 2 for 4. In the process, he passed Joe Torre for 139th place all-time with 2,343 hits. Realistically, he has a shot to pass Billy Herman (2,345), Orlando Cepeda (2,351), Joe Judge (2,352) and Carlton Fisk (2,356) before the season ends.
  10. Baysox lose 5-2. The offense didn’t do much the last two nights and their season comes to an end. Still, a great season for Bowie. They’ll be sending a lot of good players up to Norfolk next year.
  11. They could make a movie about this series called “Forget the Titans!”
  12. ThEre are lengthy quotes about the play here: https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/09/a-bloop-and-blunders-in-sixth-cost-os-in-4-2-loss.html
  13. I thought the previous Keuchel comp was sufficiently optimistic!
  14. Depends in part on what you mean by “modern.” In Fidrych’s two good seasons the average K/9 was 4.7 and 5.0, respectively. He was at 3.5 and 4.7 in those years. I can’t really argue with the point that extreme GB pitchers walk a fine line. I’m just saying that there’s no doubt in my mind that Fidrych’s injury is what caused him to no longer be effective. I’m tempted to say the same about Bergesen, but honestly, Fidrych was way, way better and I’m less confident in how Bergy would have done if he hadn’t hurt his shoulder. In any event, neither of those guys were much like Means.
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