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  1. I was surprised to learn that Phillips has 9 consecutive scoreless outings. I’ve never been too impressed with him.
  2. I guess finishing ahead of the Nats would be kind of fun. How often does a .333 team outperform the WS champ the following year?
  3. He has allowed 3 of 5 inherited runners to score, all during garbage time. 2 of those were in the same outing, when we already were down 5 runs; the other came when we were down 3 runs. 3 of 5 isn’t good, but it’s a pretty minuscule sample size. Major league average is 30% this year. O’s are at 31%.
  4. Based on a search earlier today, I believe his statement was about the signing period that ended in June 2019. But that was based on my interpretation of posts by you that were in the time period during that cycle. I couldn’t find Elias’s actual statement.
  5. I can’t find the thread, but three starts ago someone was wondering if Means could get his ERA down below 5 by the end of the year, and I was saying that would be extremely difficult. He’s now at 5.02, and if he gets his next out without allowing a run his ERA will be below 5. What a strong finish he’s having — hopefully he can put together one more strong start and end the season on a very high note.
  6. I’d like to see continued good pitching this week, especially from Akin and Kremer. I’d like to go into the offseason having some confidence that those two will be in our 2021 rotation and have a shot at doing a good job. Not too concerned about anything else this week so far as the long term outlook goes. But it would be nice to see the bats bust out a little after a pretty tepid last 10 days or so.
  7. I think he said something along the lines of he didn’t plan to do it. I guess his plans changed. Perhaps having acquired 3 extra Dominicans who were worthy of about $875 k in bonuses the last couple of days, he felt he could give up a couple of slots for a pitcher he likes who’s a little further up the MiL food chain. Do we know which allotment of slots this pertained to? With J2 pushed back to January this year, I’m unclear whether the allotment period also was extended to January. But if so, this probably indicates he had a bit of unspent slot money and doesn’t see any worthy players to sign for it, so he’d rather have a domestic lottery ticket than some foreign ones. Fine with me if that’s his judgment.
  8. The pitching today was too good for us to waste it. I believe it’s the first time we’ve won a game all year while scoring 3 runs or less.
  9. Kevin Gausman had a nice outing yesterday, 6 IP 1 H 1 ER. On the year he’s carrying a 3.76 ERA. Nice bounce back season for him after a very tough 2019.
  10. I agree seeing bad defense in close games (or any games, really) is frustrating. But back to the thread title, I think it’s really been the lackluster offense that has cost us over the last 10 days or so, with the exception of just a couple of games.
  11. I think it’s too early to characterize Stewart as a streaky player. First of all, all players are somewhat streaky. Second, I think it takes a few full seasons to really know if a player is particularly streaky. I think Stewart is better than a .200 hitter long term, but not necessarily as high as .250. I also don’t think he’s a 40 homer guy. He’s a .245/.345/.440 guy in the longer term, I think.
  12. The guy who has disappointed me this year is Alberto. Last year his numbers at 2B were plus, and he generally came here with a good defensive rep. But he’s drawing negative ratings this year. Ruiz is a guy who fluctuates wildly depending on what advanced metric you like. My observation is he makes a fair number of above average plays, but also botches some routine ones. Fully agree that our defensive numbers would look better if Iglesias had been fully healthy all year. He’s missed a lot of games and isn’t playing at full speed at other times. Valaika is a real adventure when he plays SS.
  13. Gonzalez got a $250 k signing bonus from the Mets. From MLBTR: Baseball America’s Ben Badler described Gonzalez as having “a good chance to stay at shortstop” since he has “a quick first step, covers ground well and has a strong arm for the position.” https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/09/orioles-acquire-victor-gonzalez-from-mets-release-chandler-shepherd.html
  14. According to what I’m seeing on Baseball Savant, Stewart and Santander are both rated at +1. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/outs_above_average?type=Fielder&year=2020&team=BAL&range=year&min=q&pos=&roles=&viz=show I think OAA is a probably the best measure of how the outfielders did at catching fly balls. It does not purport to measure outfield throws, or cutting balls off before they get into the gap or into a corner. So, you have to read the stat for what it is and recognize those limitations. Just eyeballing Rtot, Rdrs and UZR, they are all over the lot with respect to which individual players have been good or bad.
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