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  1. Offhand I’m not inclined to buy this logic without seeing some detailed evidence. I don’t see why power pitchers would flame out in a hot humid climate more than other types of pitchers. Ryan, Gibson, Richard, Scherzer, Strasburg, Smoltz, and Darvish all topped 250 strikeouts in locales that were at least as hot and humid as Baltimore. You’ve been listening to Rick Dempsey make excuses for our pitchers for too long.
  2. How much did a September call-up help Schoop? He made the OD roster the next year and put up a mighty .598 OPS. Of course, his 4th year of Arb wouldn’t have mattered, the way things worked out. But I’d still say he would have had more trade value in July 2018 if teams had an extra year of potential control to play with. I don’t want to belabor the point. I’m sure with some thought I could come up with 25 examples of players who struggled the year after a September call-up but turned out to be good players, and 25 examples of guys who did really well after a September call-up. None of that is going to change anyone’s mind. At the end of the day, it’s unprovable whether a call-up would have benefited Mountcastle, and we won’t know for 6 years whether an extra year of control would have been important or not. At some point we just need to move on and stop obsessing with this point.
  3. I’d guess Texas will pass Maryland in COVID deaths within 2 weeks, and maybe 1 week. As of today it’s 3,228 for Maryland and 2,965 for Texas, but Texas had more deaths yesterday than Maryland has had in the last week, and that trend is likely to continue. And, I do think the shortage of hospital beds and other things in certain parts of Texas is likely to result in some deaths that might have been avoided. No question that Texas deaths per capita is only a fraction of Maryland’s. I hope and pray they don’t get to Maryland’s level in that respect.
  4. This is the most likely thing. Though it’s also possible Elias thought there would be a good overslot candidate available at 30, and it didn’t play out that way.
  5. The angles may be artificial, but they’re still fun. I agree with you that overall I’d like it better if the fences were deeper.
  6. Here’s a nice interview of O’Day discussing his theory of pitching. Cerebral guy. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/darren-oday-talks-pitching/
  7. You’d need a lot more information. Even so, if it’s a true statement I’d say it’s somewhat meaningful. But it doesn’t really speak loudly about the owners’ overall willingness to spend. Even the best GM’s make less than many players on a team.
  8. We don’t actually know what Elias makes, right? So we really can’t compare them. Alex Avila holds the EVP title as a first time GM. I’m pretty sure Rizzo did, but now he’s president of baseball ops. To really make a comparison you need to know if they’re the top person in baseball ops. For example, Jed Hoyer is EVP and GM for the Cubs, but Theo is President of Baseball Ops. Two guys can hold the same title but still have different responsibilities and places in the pecking order.
  9. There are quite a few GM’s who hold EVP titles. Not all, but a significant number.
  10. I think your narrative of worrying about spending has gotten a bit shopworn. At the end of the day, now isn’t the time to be spending a lot on payroll. When the time comes, we’ll see what they do. There’s no significant evidence one way or the other.
  11. LOL, I was looking at the 1B list and wondering why Adam Dunn wasn’t there. Then I got to LF: “In all fairness, Adam Dunn could've made this list at several different positions, we just picked left field because that's where he had the most starts. He also was terrible at first base and in right field.”
  12. I’m too old and stodgy to remember what you said yesterday.
  13. Yeah, I’m sure all the Yankee fans are lamenting the poor defense that Jeter SNS Williams played while they were winning 4 World Series in 5 years. Really takes the joy out of it, I’ll bet.
  14. Last year MLB posted this job description: Key Responsibilities: Complete valuation analysis of player contracts and other analysis related to baseball labor markets Monitor trends in Club and Player strategy to assist in setting on-field policy and rule changes Oversee all duties related to Uniform Employee Contracts and the Employee Permissions process Serve as business customer to Commissioner’s Office baseball IT systems, ensuring data accuracy across baseball applications, managing vendors and assisting to set departmental IT strategy Provide analytical support to Clubs in negotiations and hearings with salary arbitration-eligible players Other projects as assigned by Senior Director, League Economics & Strategy. As I said at the time, you might as well call the job “Director of Collusion.”
  15. I am very happy we signed all our picks. I hope we’ll be able to look back in 5 years and say it was a great haul. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to seeing how they all do. I wish we could get a look at them this summer, but alas, we’ll have to wait.
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