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  1. I like this answer because it recognizes that process is important, but luck also plays a part.
  2. Looks like it. Three times already in 18 games. In 2018 we were shut out 15 times.
  3. He does. That should have been Zimmermann’s ball, but he didn’t exactly charge off the mound. And when he let Franco have it, he should have headed to 3B immediately. Overall, one of the more ridiculous looking plays I’ve seen. Three guys all standing near 3B and nobody there on time. The 1B must have been utterly confused as to who to throw to.
  4. I see (1) using openers and (2) using starters for fewer innings as two separate but sometimes related strategies. The Rays’ starting pitcher has pitched 5+ Innings in 12 of 18 games, including 6 outings of 6+. Looking at the six games where the starter didn’t pitch 5 innings, I see two games where the opener strategy was used, three games where the starter was pulled for poor performance, and one in which the starter was pulled due to injury (Chris Archer). In one of the opener games, the second pitcher went 5 innings; in the other, 4.
  5. The Rays really have not embraced this, at least not this year. Their starters have gone 5+ the vast majority of their games.
  6. Uh, no. Major league ERA in the 5th inning is 4.05 this year. Yes, starters are throwing fewer innings per game every season, but no team is dramatically falling off a cliff in the fifth inning the way we are.
  7. McKenna has proved useful as a pinch runner and defensive replacement. He actually got into 11 of the 13 games for which he was active prior to today. Of course, you need runners on base to use a pinch runner, and you don’t use defensive replacements when you’re losing, so that ruled him out today.
  8. First four innings: 26 ER in 72 innings = 3.25 ERA Fifth inning: 21 ER in 18 innings = 10.50 ERA We’ve only allowed five fewer earned runs in the fifth inning alone than we have in the first four innings combined. It would be nice to just bring in a reliever to start the fifth inning in every game John Means doesn’t pitch, but that’s not very practical. (Means, by the way, has not allowed a run in the fifth inning).
  9. Having not seen the pitch, I can’t say whether they seemed to hit Sisco intentionally. We do know that he gets hit a lot. I had a look at 2018-19 (NL only) to see if the no. 8 hitter gets hit more often than other spots. If you squint hard, you might say yes. 2018 Overall: 0.99% batters hit Batting 7th: 1.06% Batting 8th: 1.11% 2019 Overall: 1.12% Batting 7th: 1.15% Batting 8th: 1.26% My guess is, if this is anything more than just random chance, it may be a matter of pitchers being more willing to pitch inside to the 8th batter in an effort to get them to hit a pitch they can’t drive, rather than hitting them intentionally. By the way, don’t make too much of the fact that both no. 7 and no. 8 get hit more than average. The average includes the no. 9 spot, which has much lower HBP numbers than any of the others for obvious reasons.
  10. I’d rather see a pitcher hit Chris Davis. Kidding. Sort of.
  11. Obviously, neither Lowther nor Akin was called up to make the Saturday start. But each has now pitched one game against the Nats’ alt site team. On Friday, Akin allowed 2 runs on 3 hits, 0 BB in 3 innings while striking out 2 and throwing 58 pitches. Yesterday, Lowther allowed 1 run on 2 hits and 1 walk, striking out 5 over 4 IP in 61 pitches. I do think Lowther might get a call-up over Akin if the need arises anytime soon (which hopefully won’t happen).
  12. Frobby

    Camp Game Results

    For some reason I thought Rutschman was on the alternate site roster, but I guess not. http://www.milb.com/roster/index.jsp?cid=3282 Looking at the 3 box scores, it’s notable that Wynns, Martin and Diaz each have only gotten into one of the games. By contrast the following have played in all 3 (descending by number of at bats): Jones, Nevin, Bannon, Ripken, McCoy, Shaw, Cumberland, T. Davis.
  13. It’s kind of a freak injury that could happen to anyone. I remember some people didn’t want to sign Manny long term because of his knee issues in 2013-14. Since then he’s played in 871 of a possible 888 games. I’m not a big believer that past injury history forecasts future “injury proneness” except in cases where the same type of injury has recurred several times. I don’t think Santander was more prone to sprain his ankle than anyone else. Now if was an oblique injury, that might worry me.
  14. Dylan Bundy got hit hard yesterday, 5 ER in 5 IP. In five starts, his ERA is a pedestrian 4.50. Kevin Gausman threw 6 shutout innings to lower his ERA to 2.45.
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