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  1. Nah. Just stray bottles of Leinenkugel, Corona, Heineken or whatever else is lying around. If there’s craft beer in the house it’s because one of my kids brought it over and left some behind. At restaurants, I like to have stout, but for some reason I don’t ever buy any for the house.
  2. Frobby

    Tyler Skaggs dead.

    What a shame and a waste of a young life. And this certainly makes you wonder how big a problem opioids are in professional sports.
  3. That is undoubtedly true. I do think that the traffic problems getting into FedEx are worse than at some other places, which then encourages people to arrive very early and therefore start drinking very early. But, no doubt tailgating is a part of football culture and many people would be doing it even if there were no traffic difficulties. So, point taken. And I’m glad your group had a designated driver but I fear that there are plenty who do not.
  4. For the record, I’m much more of a beer drinker than a wine drinker. Especially when watching sports.
  5. My post wasn’t meant as a personal attack on you in any way. I explained that my experience with a lot of very drunk fans at the game was not a pleasant one. That’s my beef. Of course, I’d hate to think of how many people are driving home from the games while well over the legal limit for blood alcohol levels. I’m sure it’s much higher than at baseball games, even though there are plenty of baseball fans who overindulge, too.
  6. Good for you. I don’t like going to games 3 hours early. And for me, the presence of a lot of fans who have been drinking in the parking lot for three hours is a detriment. About 15 years ago, I went to a Monday night game with a friend and our 10-year old sons. Left my house (about 15 miles from FedEx) at 7 pm for a 9 pm game. Took 1:45 to get to the parking area, where we paid $25 but still had to take a 10-15 minute bus ride to get to the stadium. Took my son to the rest room, jam packed with drunk people shouting, cursing and shoving. I was literally afraid my son might get crushed. Then we had to leave the game barely after the 4th quarter started to have any hope of getting on one of the shuttle buses in time to be home before 1 a.m., which we just barely did. Just a really lousy experience. I’ve been to FedEx about 4 other times and it’s just inconvenient and a soulless building. I’d much rather watch on TV than go there, whereas I’d much rather see a game at OPACY than on TV.
  7. I don’t really understand the fans gloating about Harper not experiencing the Nats’ success this year. The guy played well for the Nats for 7 years. He was a key part of 4 playoff teams and gave the fans a lot of good memories. The team and him parted ways because it did not make sense for the Nats to pay top dollar for Harper when they had Soto and Robles getting established. They had other priorities for where to spend their money.
  8. Frobby

    2019 New York Yankees

    You can look at it that way, but when you’re 12 and your favorite football team loses the Super Bowl in a huge upset in January and then your favorite baseball team loses the World Series in October, and the winning teams are both from New York and thus those upsets get mega-media coverage for years afterwards, it’s little solace to say “technically, they didn’t happen in the same season.” I will hate the Jets and Mets until the day I die.
  9. FedEx is a far less enjoyable experience than RFK was, regardless of how good or bad the team is. It takes forever to get there, the parking situation is abysmal, and the concession prices are extortionate. I know several people who spent years on the waiting list, got tickets at FedEx, and gave them up after a few years because the experience just wasn’t worth it. Of course, the team’s failures are part of it too.
  10. Cano may be dead money now, but he’s produced 24.1 rWAR in the first 6 years of his 10 year, $240 mm deal. Even if he produces nothing over the next four years, he’ll only have been paid $10 mm/WAR over the life of his deal, which is far from the worst deal out there. And, I wouldn’t be that shocked if Cano regrouped and had a decent year or two. He managed an .861 OPS over his final 50 games this year.
  11. Perhaps several. I wouldn’t be that surprised if we picked one in the Rule 5 draft again, especially knowing that we can stash Martin in AAA and can always recall him if the Rule 5 guy isn’t working out.
  12. So that’s a win for you already!
  13. I’d expect that the signing bonuses from the draft and foreign amateur signings are in a different bucket. Player costs as used by Forbes is the major league player salaries plus benefits.
  14. With 7 regular season games remaining, the Surprise Saguaros at 15-7 lead the AFL West Division by 4 games and their magic number is 4. They have the best record in the AFL. If they make the AFL Championship Game next Saturday, it will be interesting to see if Kremer and Wells get any action. In Kremer’s case, it probably depends on when his next start occurs. If it’s on Sunday or Monday, he’d be available to start the Championship Game. If it’s later, then he wouldn’t be available to start, but might still be available for relief. The Saguaros have four starters who have been very effective, so there’s no telling who might get the nod at this point.
  15. I agree those are all possible. Personally, I tend to skip over the reliever types when thinking of “prospects,” unless they are potential back end guys. I think Muckenhirn and Alvarado fit in the category of guys who may see major league time over a couple of seasons, but are more likely to be AAAA types who don’t stick. I have higher hopes for the others I listed, though reality is that some of them probably will share that fate. As to Zimmermann, I simply forgot him. I’d slot him in the Bannon/Wells range.
  16. Reminds me of the SNL skit from a few weeks ago where “Joe Biden” was asked a question and said “wait a minute, I’m getting a false memory here....” and then went on to tell some anecdote.
  17. I’ve never seen any criticism of Mountcastle’s hands. It’s always been his arm that was the big issue. The guy would not have spent several years at SS and 3B if his hands and athleticism were poor. I’d expect him to be fine at 1B and in LF, but his arm will still be below average.
  18. Put it this way, he’s not rookie-eligible. I do think he could see some major league time this year.
  19. I don’t know the answers to those questions. In 2010, Deadspin got their hands on the financial statements of five teams and published them. That data is no longer available, but there was a thread here discussing it. From going back to that, I was able to glean that those teams spent $15-25 mm on scouting and player development as of that time. So, there’s one component. Anyway, I wasn’t trying to argue that the O’s are not profitable. I just thought you’d underrepresented the expenses that the team has. But I agree that some of the expense listed by Forbes may be non-cash bookkeeping items or debt service due to the owners. I really don’t know.
  20. In order of likelihood: Mountcastle Akin Kremer Lowther Diaz Baumann Bannon Wells The first two are the only ones I consider likely. The rest are possibilities.
  21. I think this misrepresents the non-payroll expenses of the team. Per Forbes, in 2018 the O’s had revenues of $251 mm, of which $42 mm were gate receipts. The team reportedly had operating losses of $6.5 mm, and player expenses (salaries + benefits) of $161 mm. So, that implies that other costs were $251 mm - $161 mm + $6.5 mm = $96.5 mm. That’s more than paying trivial rent and a few coaches. Extrapolating those numbers to this year, let’s assume non-gate revenue was flat, gate revenue was down proportionately to attendance (but it may have been worse), and player expenses were proportionate to payroll per BB-ref. That leads to the following estimate: Gate receipts $33.5 mm Other revenue: $209 mm Total revenue $242.5 mm Less: non-player expenses $96.5 mm Less: player expenses $94 mm Net income: $52.5 mm That’s probably too high, given that Elias has been investing in technology, infrastructure etc. We’ll see what Forbes estimates next spring. But certainly Elias had savings available to invest in other areas.
  22. He has days where he looks really good, and others when he has nothing. Overall I think he’s pretty useful in the swing man role. As you say, he soaked up 110 innings. Probably worth keeping until someone better comes along.
  23. Dean Kremer pitched four scoreless innings yesterday, allowing one hit and two walks while striking out five. He’s pitched to a 1.29 ERA and 0.71 WHIP in 14 IP in the AFL so far. He might only have one more outing before the AFL regular season ends next Friday. Alex Wells threw a clean inning in relief. He has an 0.77 ERA and 1.20 WHIP to date in 11.2 innings.
  24. I’m very happy for the Nats and their fans, many of whom are close friends. I hope Orioles fans experience this kind of success in the not too distant future.
  25. I do not think Elias will shave it that close. That’s just inviting trouble. It’s not like Mountcastle will turn the O’s into a contender in 2020. They’ll let a few weeks go by, and if he’s looking ready, call him up.
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