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  1. He’s a better hitter for average than Trumbo.
  2. I don’t think so. He’s helped in the past with BA’s Orioles top 30 lists but not the league wide lists.
  3. The few quotes I’ve seen were pretty positive, but they were all from coaches or teammates who would have an incentive to say encouraging things. So, hard to know.
  4. In my mind, you have to play some 2B or SS to be considered a utility guy.
  5. I’m hoping Hays is a solid .800+ OPS regular who plays good CF defense. I think Mountcastle will be the best hitter of the three, though maybe not in 2020. I see him as an .850+ guy and the question is where he’ll settle in defensively and will he be respectable there. Stewart is hanging by a thread. I’m hoping he can be a 3/4 OF but he’s got a lot to prove.
  6. Why does the Pierce Brosnan version get the biggest photo? Sean Connery, man!
  7. 90% of the cases settle. Dierkes makes these projections before the bid and the ask are known, so I don’t see how he can be projecting what will happen at trial.
  8. Two years ago he projected $6.8 mm for Gausman. I said that was too high. Gausman settled at $5.6 mm. He’s not wrong every time, and he’s usually pretty on target, but he’s wrong here, IMO. Villar might do better than the $8.8 mm I projected, but I’ll bet my guess is significantly closer than his.
  9. I will predict he gets $8.8 mm. Earned himself an extra million or so with his strong second half.
  10. Like you, I’m not convinced that the “prime directive” is to make further reductions in payroll. I don’t think the O’s will part with the few decent veterans they have — the ones the fans glom into during these times — just to save money. Now, if they get some younger players in exchange who may help the team down the road, that’s another story. I’m also surprised how some people are treating the MLBTR estimates as if they’re the gospel. Villar’s arbitration case didn’t get any stronger just because MLBTR came out with its estimate. He’s the same player he was last week before that estimate came out. And he won’t get $10.4 mm.
  11. Roch wrote a piece on Stevie Wilkerson today, and at the end he asked who is your all-time favorite Orioles utility player. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/10/wilkerson-prepared-to-work-with-new-outfield-instructor.html I’m leaving Melvin Mora out of this, since he eventually settled in as the regular 3B for quite a few years. But he was a helluva utility player while in that role. My vote would go to Chico Salmon. I’m not saying he was the best utility guy we ever had, just that I liked him the best. He was a high energy guy who always had a smile on his face. He had a great year in 1969, batting .297/.375/.451 while starting 3 games at 1B, 8 at 2B, 6 at SS, and 1 at 3B. He also subbed in 20 games and pinch hit in 16 (with some overlap there). His career went downhill after that, with his OPS and playing time dropping significantly each year, but I still remember him fondly.
  12. Frobby

    2019 Atlanta Braves

    Will they bring Markakis back? That’s all I want to know. Looks like it’s a 50/50 proposition.
  13. I don’t know why not. Roberts, Markakis, Jones, Hardy, Davis, O’Day, Trumbo. And hopefully, Elias will be a bit smarter about extending guys earlier and picking the right guys to extend. By the way, I’d also be OK if we systematically traded good players about 2 years before FA, once our pipeline is full, the way Tampa has done successfully for many years. This requires a very good farm system and the confidence to evaluate whether your young prospects can do the job. Those are not things the O’s have often had over the last 30 years. Think about how we might have handled Trumbo if we’d had confidence that Mancini would turn out as he did, for example.
  14. Thanks, I’d forgotten that. I note that 2 of the 6 teams play their home games in that stadium. Scottsdale has the best pitching in the league (2.95 ERA) and the second-worst offense (3.95 R/G), while Salt River has slightly below average pitching (3.96 ERA) and the best offense in the league (5.47 R/G). I don’t have home/away splits, and 19 games isn’t enough to draw any conclusions anyway, so I can’t say that there’s evidence of the robo-ump being a factor.
  15. If they want more homers during the season, why would they want less in the playoffs?
  16. It just occurred to me that one reason the AFL has been so pitcher-friendly this year is that the electronic eye is calling more strikes than real umps do.
  17. I will cut Gregorius some slack. Played half a season, coming off TJ surgery. 16 HR and 61 RBI in 82 games.
  18. 20/20 hindsight, it’s a no-brainer. The team changed its spending philosophy between post-2014 when it jettisoned Cruz, Markakis and Miller and post-2015 when it kept Davis and O’Day. When you think back on it, it’s tragic. Trumbo’s a minor footnote in the saga. Really, when we traded for him he was the insurance policy in case we lost Davis. Then we ended up keeping both. Sigh.
  19. I’m getting old. I don’t remember if you wrote on this or not. In any event, I agree that if that’s how Andy felt when he left Baltimore, he certainly wouldn’t want Buck now, especially after watching the power struggle that took place between Buck and DD after Andy left.
  20. Nice report! The AFL regular season ends two weeks from today, and presently the Saguaros lead their division at 12-6. I’d guess Kremer and Wells will each get 2-3 more outings.
  21. Because nothing in your post suggested you were relying on things you’d been told. If now you’re saying you heard things, fine. I have no reason to doubt you. PS — have you written on this before? If so, I don’t remember it.
  22. I just think you’re both speculating. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong. 1. Andy wanted Wedge. 2. Andy left after Buck had been here one full season. 3. You therefore conclude Andy wouldn’t want Buck to be the manager. Personally I think that’s a leap. There really weren’t any reports of friction between Andy and Buck while both were here. Andy’s stated reason for leaving was he wanted to spend time with his ailing father. Maybe that was just a polite way to get out of a situation he wasn’t crazy about, but it’s tough to say the real reason was Buck. As I said, Buck was highly complimentary of Andy when he left. Something like “one of the most honorable men I have met in my years in baseball.” Again, I’m not saying you and Tony are wrong, but I do think you don’t have much to go on (unless Tony knows things he’s not saying).
  23. Correct. But I’m saying the arthritis probably resulted from/was accelerated by the way Alston pushed him.
  24. Nobody thought that? I, for one, thought the loss of Harper would have minimal impact with Soto and Robles both getting full seasons in.
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