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  1. I’m happy for him.
  2. I love Woody Allen’s movies but I see them as an entirely different category, called “Woody Allen movies.”
  3. Yes, and because he was borderline before, he’s probably out now. Random fact I read today: Chipper Jones had 2726 hits and 4755 total bases. Beltran had 2725 hits and 4751 total bases. Nevertheless, Beltran was much more borderline than Jones. Jones had a career OPS+ of 141 and was worth 85.2 rWAR, to 119 and 69.6 for Beltran.
  4. They don’t break down the OF into three positions. It will just be top 10 outfielders. I don’t think Hays is likely to make that list.
  5. Oh, I’m not saying you’re wrong. I assume you’re right. But I don’t know what all those players were doing there the week before. Maybe it’s just the guys who hang out in Sarasota for most of the winter. Beats me.
  6. This article points out how inconsistent the Big Ten has been and how hard it’s been to win on the road. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/01/17/big-ten-basketball-standings/%3foutputType=amp
  7. Usually about 67%. 63% last year. Remember this includes all those games where a lead is lost after the fifth inning. Closers average about 85%+. Givens was at 58% in 19 chances.
  8. I heard that if Justin Lawrence can say dehydrochlormethyltestosterone five times fast without messing up, the suspension is lowered to 30 days.
  9. His role was bigger than that. But he had no role involving the major league team. Worst case, he heard about what was happening and didn’t do anything about it. Even if that’s the case (and we don’t know that it is), he wasn’t in the chain of command for that part of the operation and there’s no way he’s getting punished for that.
  10. I forgot about Cashner. Interestingly, we actually played better after we traded him. The O’s were 27-61 after Cashner’s last start with us; they went 27-47. But losing Cashner’s and Bundy’s innings is a lot to compensate for.
  11. When I look at how the O’s might pick up some more wins this year, I see two areas that should represent low-hanging fruit. First, the bullpen. They literally had a 50% save rate last year, in 54 chances. That’s really pathetic. Even the really crappy teams we had from 1998-2011 always managed 55-60%; league average is 67%. The bullpen ERA of 5.79 was .72 runs worse than the next worse team and 1.35 runs worse than league average. Givens, Castro and Bleier were all far worse than their career norms and nobody else stepped up. I think our bullpen this year can still be lousy and yet be considerably better than last year. We could pick up 3-6 wins with relatively modest improvement there. The second area is defense. Iglesias at SS is a big upgrade. More playing time for Alberto at 2B is an upgrade. Hays in CF is an upgrade. There’s the possibility for better defense in the corner OF spots depending on who Hyde plays there, and I think the extra year of experience will benefit Severino and Sisco. I think we could pick up 3-6 wins there too. By the same token, I think we’ve lost some ground on offense with Villar’s departure and in the rotation with Bundy gone. On net I see us as a 55-60 win team right now, pending various developments.
  12. I just found it odd that Holmes and Holt said different things and was looking for some context that might clarify the discrepancy. Also, I wanted to hear the rest of the interview.
  13. Just listened to the show. Holt definitely said 6 pitchers came. Maybe the others were catchers/position players.
  14. That doesn’t square with what Holmes said. Maybe he meant 6 guys from the big league roster?
  15. At least I actually attended the school, as opposed to just picking a good team to root for. And they’d actually sucked for years immediately before I arrived (1977).
  16. We wouldn’t know it was happening if it was happening. How will we know Mountcastle is being held back for non-developmental reasons? I guess if we get reports that he looks like Alex Gordon in LF, and is walking as often as David Ortiz, but is still being held back, then we’ll know. Otherwise, we won’t. We can’t read Elias’ mind.
  17. Bauer is a good pitcher and he may be tight about many things, but he seems like a jackass.
  18. I don’t understand what he is saying happened.
  19. My point is, Elias will either delay his arrival for service time reasons, or because he believes Mountcastle needs to keep working on his defense and plate discipline to have a successful transition to the majors. I don’t believe he has any intention to hold Mountcastle back for the purpose of making the team worse.
  20. Yes, I’m secure enough in my manhood to start this thread! From a random derailment of a thread on the main board: ===== I love a good Rom-Com. Depending how you want to define them, here are some of my favorites: When Harry Met Sally Sleepless in Seattle It Happened One Night Adam’s Rib Silver Linings Playbook Enough Said The Big Sick The Philadelphia Story Bringing Up Baby Moonstruck As you can see, I like mixing in the real oldies. What do you admit to liking?
  21. I’d call some of the ones on my list borderline chick flicks, but none that are completely. But enough derailment of this thread. I’m off to the movies forum!
  22. I don’t disagree here, and I don’t think Elias will hold guys back for the purpose of making the team worse. But he might hold back guys who would make the team better (1) for service time reasons, or (2) because he thinks it’s best to keep them in the minors for their development, even though they’re already better than players on the big league roster.
  23. From new bullpen coach Darren Holmes: ”These guys are eager. We have maybe seven or eight guys here right now, we’ve got a couple more guys coming in, and these guys are incredibly engaged in the things that we’re giving them and the message that we’re sending them. They want to be good. I think just talking with the guys, they understand what happened last year, they understand that they need to make improvements for this year and that’s what we’re working with them on. “We’re identifying guys, identifying the things that they need to work on. We’re meeting with them one-on-one and having one-on-one conversations, and then we’re going out to the bullpen and we’re working on stuff. It’s real exciting. The cool thing about this is that there’s three of us who are working with these pitchers and all three of us are giving the same message. We’re saying the same things. That’s really huge in this baseball world because sometimes one coach can tell a guy something and then two weeks later another coach is telling the guy something different and you’re giving them mixed signals. “I think by us being united, it’s really going to help the psyche of these young guys.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/01/how-holmes-joined-orioles-coaching-staff.html You’re welcome.
  24. Sad thing is, that probably was the funniest part of Flubber. Man, did Robin Williams vacillate between making some great movies and making some absolute turkeys!
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