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  1. Handley (not Hanley) is supposed to be a much better defender than Cumberland, but he’s only playing high A with an OPS of .645. He was drafted the same year as Adley. There is no way you could justify, based on performance and ability, bringing him to the majors and leaving Adley down. That would be Exhibit A in the Union case saying that Adley was kept down in bad faith. Cumberland is known as an offense-first catcher. He might not be as bad as Severino or Sisco defensively, but we’d have to see him to find out and I wouldn’t get my hopes real high. If he comes up, it’s t
  2. With all these moves, can’t we DFA Franco and find some other warm body for that spot? He’s been terrible and I don’t like watching him play. I’d rather have Rio Ruiz there to be honest.
  3. The upside is that when Elias decides to flip the switch it won’t be hard to upgrade those positions! I’d had some hopes that Bannon and Jones would be upgrades. Bannon had a terrible May and is hurt now. Jones seems ready offensively but it’s questionable whether he can play an adequate 2B. Personally I’m ready to find out.
  4. One thing about knucklers: on the days the pitch isn’t working, the pitcher becomes extremely vulnerable. Let’s hope yesterday was just one of those days for Jannis.
  5. I’m not as down on McKenna as some around here. Not sure he can be more than a 4th outfielder, but teams need 4th outfielders. I’m glad to see him hitting well at Norfolk. I do think he’ll be in the bigs again if any of our outfielders go on the IL, which always seems like a likely contingency. Of course, they might want to get a look at Diaz if he’s not on the IL himself.
  6. This team has pretty much become unwatchable. I check the score on my phone when I’m done with dinner, generally around 8:00. Inevitably they’re already losing. I keep an eye on the game every 15 minutes or so in between checking the minor league box scores. Most nights, it’s just never worth it to turn on the game. It’s sad.
  7. The context of the conversation is the timetable for the Orioles to compete. Our minor leaguers getting 50 points of development instead of 100 delays the time when we’ll be competitive, even if other teams had less development than we did. As to the concept that working on analytic things is better than playing games, maybe there’s some logic to that for a player who was just drafted last month and who would only be playing a 60-70 game season anyway, and where the player is going to be learning in an intensive group setting where coaches have eyes on every day. I don’t think that
  8. It meant virtually nothing. Just saying if you are measuring progress by the W/L record at this point in the season, you can’t ignore the fact that the O’s won more games last year in 60 games than we have so far this year in 73.
  9. I had to look to see who that was who just stood there with the ball. Nick Ahmed. WTF?
  10. Well, we won 25 games out of 60 last year, so no.
  11. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Just for sake of argument, let’s say that the level of development a player gets from playing a season of minor league ball is 100 on a 100 point scale. Further suppose that without a minor league season, the O’s were able to devise a development system that provided 50 points of development, whereas other teams were only able to devise a system providing 25 points. In that scenario, would the Orioles prefer that the MiL season wasn’t played? I don’t think so. They’d rather get the fullest development possible rather than some lesser lev
  12. Snark snark. When your plan has been to trade a bunch of major league assets for minor leaguers and develop them in the minors, the lack of a minor league season hurts you more than it does for teams not on that path.
  13. There’s little doubt Adley would have started in Frederick or higher last year if there’d been a MiL season. But there wasn’t, so what are you gonna do? I don’t think there’s any imperative for him to be in the majors now. I’d probably be happier if he was, but I can see the other side of the argument, as you know.
  14. I do not agree. I recall really clearly that Elias was asked for a timetable in his initial press conference and refused to give one, indicating his approach was process based and it would take however long it took. It’s silly to set artificial timetables. Ownership can decide he’s had too long at any point and get rid of him, regardless of what he says. At the same time, it’s fair to want to see progress. I expected the team to really suck for three years, then start to improve significantly. I think the pandemic kept us from making as much developmental progress last y
  15. Yeah, nobody should think that. Of course it means something. How exactly it compares with MiL experience Is open to debate. For the record, Rutschman had 821 collegiate PA.
  16. I mean, the guy did skip AA entirely, so 7 weeks of AAA is hardly a lengthy stay. They probably could have brought him up a couple of weeks sooner and still been pretty safe on Super 2. Here’s an interesting article analyzing his MiL numbers: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/daily-prospect-notes-wander-franco-edition/
  17. The 2014 O’s beat the Tigers who had Verlander, Scherzer and Price.
  18. Just so long as he’s also a base emptier.
  19. I’m not necessarily defending the Orioles’ decision, but these situations are a little different because the players are in the organization getting professional training from the time they’re 16, whereas Adley wasn’t drafted until he was 21. And all those guys (except Franco) reached the majors before the pandemic occurred, so their MiL apprenticeship wasn’t interrupted. Soto, Acuna and Franco were all brought up to buttress contending teams; Guerrero not so much. Soto had 512 MiL PA, Acuna 1129, Guerrero 1262, Franco 945. Rutschman is at 345. Don’t get me wrong - I think if
  20. What data are you looking at? Here’s what I’m seeing: Astros 2017 $158 mm 2018 $173 mm 2019 $166 mm 2020 $218 mm (scheduled if they played a full season 2021 $191 mm Orioles 2014 $109 mm 2015 $113 mm 2016 $154 mm 2017 $161 mm 2018 $142 mm That’s $906 mm over 5 years for the Astros, $675 mm for the O’s. I think we should just compare ourselves to ourselves. We know that under the right conditions our team can spend $161 mm in a year. That doesn’t mean they can do that every year, and it doesn’t mean they can do it righ
  21. Well, we are making progress on this front and hopefully we eventually will develop a Latin American star. The lack of a MiL season last year deprived us of the chance to see how much progress has been made. With the DSL and GCL starting soon, hopefully we will see some tangible results from Elias’ first two classes.
  22. Just how many sides does this story have? I’m guessing that Manny will build up more WAR in his 20’s than in his 30’s by a significant margin. But chances are that he’ll have enough in total to be a likely Hall of Famer.
  23. He did, but I think that’s Adam Pohl, their long time announcer. Not the best radio voice but a pretty good game caller nevertheless.
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