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  1. I don’t think saving money was the objective of the trade. I think Thrift was hoping to get lucky with a couple of the acquisitions — and indeed he did get lucky with Mora. And you’ll recall that the pitcher they got in the deal, Leslie Brea, was 4-5 years older than advertised.
  2. Yeah, it was bad. At least Melvin Mora gave them 9.3 mostly productive seasons.
  3. I’m going to separate those two things. The fire sale came at a point where the team had completely collapsed and there was no other rational choice. I don’t think that reflected a culture change. In fact, the O’s had a fire sale back in 2000 under circumstances that were a lot less dire, while Peter was clearly in full control. The international stuff, I agree seems likely to be the result of the sons taking over control.
  4. Have there been any studies/are there data on whether players who were subject to service time games are less likely to extend with their original club?
  5. Not as many, IMO. But I’m an optimist who tends to like almost everyone.
  6. I would not judge an adult based on what they were like in middle school. There are a lot of jerks at that age who mature into reasonable people.
  7. I’m pretty sure the word Renaissance didn’t originate in England.
  8. If they’re averaging 30 K a game, that meets my definition of packed. They’re never getting back to Cal-era levels, with the Nats 40 miles away.
  9. Yeah, they may not pull a full Kris Bryant (called up one day after he would have qualified for a full year). It’ll probably be more like George Springer (six days short of being credited for a full year). 😎 In reality, I’ll guess he spends most/all of April in the minors.
  10. The Cardinals have a bigger fan base than the Orioles due to geography. But leaving that to one side, I agree the O’s don’t have to go “full Tampa.” They can keep some guys, so long as they make good choices. For example, the Cardinals pulled the plug on Pujols, much to the dismay of their fan base. Their last 8 years would have been a lot tougher if they hadn’t.
  11. How we got this far off topic, I'll never know. But it caused me to look up Munson's CS%. It was 44%. I was surprised it was that high. For reference, in the years Munson played (1969-79), Johnny Bench threw out 45%, Rick Dempsey 49%. I really hadn't considered Munson to be in their league when it came to throwing out runners. In those years, league CS% was in the 35-38% range, depending on the year.
  12. Meh, yes and no, depending which ones you looked at and what you mean by “relatively accurate.” Have a look at some of the early mocks linked in this thread:
  13. Lots of havoc and chaos going around there.
  14. Those are pretty high expectations for Hays, at least in this early part of his career. I’m a huge fan, but I’m not going to bite hook, line and sinker based on a nice run of 75 PA this year.
  15. Agree there’s nothing wrong with it. Saying that, Trumbo had a .275 average in the minors, Mountcastle is .295. Mountcastle has played each level younger than Trumbo did, and generally, the minor leagues the West Coast prospects play in tend to be more hitter friendly than the ones Mountcastle played in. For all those reasons, I think Mountcastle will hit for a higher average than Trumbo. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a better overall hitter or player. I’m hoping he will be, but if he has Trumbo’s career, that’s far from a terrible outcome.
  16. By the way, doing mock drafts before one game of 2020 baseball has been played is a fool’s errand.
  17. I have a simplistic view about these things. Just have the guy turn out to be a very good player, and I don’t care where he plays. Let’s say Vaughn turns out to be a 45 WAR player and Torkelson is a 40. Are you going to complain? Only four no. 2 overall picks have ever exceeded 40 WAR, and three of those played 1B or OF. There’s a good chance that Elias’ no. 2 overall pick with the Astros, Alex Bregman, will join that group, as he’s already at 20 WAR at age 25. I’m hoping Elias can find another gem in that spot, no matter where he plays.
  18. I got curious why he was being interviewed about this now on Oklahoma TV. Turns out that he went to Oklahoma State and is now a radio personality in Oklahoma City.
  19. Went to this again yesterday. The crowds were enormous. Unfortunately it started raining around 3:30 so we bailed. Took my wife’s sister and her husband, who hadn’t been before. They got a big kick out of seeing all the people dressed up for the event.
  20. Congratulations, that’s a huge accomplishment. May he serve well and benefit from the experience.
  21. I don’t think we really know exactly when that transition occurred. Peter hasn’t been seen or quoted in a few years now. What’s been going on behind the scenes is unclear.
  22. He’s a better hitter for average than Trumbo.
  23. I don’t think so. He’s helped in the past with BA’s Orioles top 30 lists but not the league wide lists.
  24. The few quotes I’ve seen were pretty positive, but they were all from coaches or teammates who would have an incentive to say encouraging things. So, hard to know.
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