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  1. I agree with this. Of course, Pudge played a similar length of time. But Bench only really played C through his age 30 season. Through age 31, Dempsey was at 49% (309 SB, 298 CS); after that, only 31% (461 SB, 209 CS). But you also have to consider that Bench was bearing a very heavy workload — 1627 games started at C through age 30, compared to 665 for Dempsey through age 31 and 1343 total.
  2. You have to compare it to his peers when he was playing. Dempsey was at 40% in an era when 35% was average. Bench, 43% when 35% was average. Pudge Rodriguez, 46% when 31% was average. Pudge was crazy good. If you go back to early periods you can find times when the average CS% was over 40%. For example, Bill Dickey was at 47% when 41% was average.
  3. Wow, they sim rain? Impressive. Hope your computer didn’t get too wet!
  4. “Surprisingly, I don't miss it. I've come out of retirement two times to fill in for a team that needed a player so bad or they were going to forfeit, but after pulling my hamstring in my last game, it was clear father time had claimed another victim.” When you get to a certain age, you have to learn where the line is to keep you from pulling a hamstring or calf muscle. You can run at a certain speed but if you accelerate too fast, you’re a goner. Despite my inability to hit a hardball, I was (and still am, sort of) a pretty good slow pitch softball player. Once my kids came to watch me play and I came up with the bases loaded and crushed a ball over the LF’s head. That was great, except that I pulled a calf muscle charging out of the batter’s box. I managed to limp my way to 3B on what surely would have been a grand slam. I kept playing, and lo and behold the bases were loaded my next time up. I hit a long liner that perfectly bisected LF and CF and kept rolling. I’m limping along, but my biggest problem is there’s a woman ahead of me on the bases who didn’t know what to do, so I’m having to lag behind her. As she finally heads towards home, I head to third and by now a relay throw is coming in there. It sails over the head of the 3B and I hobble home. Just after I touch home plate and peel off behind the backstop, my 6/7 year old daughter leaps into my arms and says “Daddy, you’re amazing! You’re the best dad in the whole world!!!” If I had died just then, I would have died a very happy man. Of course, at this point I had to keep playing, even though my leg was a wreck. Later in the game I was playing 1B, the other team had a runner on 3B and the hitter hit a slow chopper towards me. I charged it but the catcher had wandered off so the runner headed for home. I raced him there and managed to tag him just before reaching home, but further pulled my calf in the process. For the next three days, I had to use a cane to walk, and for more than a year, I could feel that calf muscle threatening to pull again even when I just chased my kids around the back yard. But it was worth it for that great moment with my daughter — who by the way doesn’t remember it at all.
  5. So many choices. Garland is a great one. Steve Pearce. David Newhan. Many others.
  6. I only played through 7th grade. The highlight of my career was the first game that season. I was playing LF and batting 9th, clearly the worst hitter in our starting lineup and grateful I’d been named a starter. The opposing pitcher retired our first 8 hitters and then I came up. The count quickly got to 0-2, but on the next pitch I got plunked on the arm and that ignited a big rally in a game we eventually won. Yep, that HBP was the highlight of my pathetic baseball career. I did get a couple of hits but batted well under .200 and eventually lost my starting spot. Here’s a thread from a couple years ago where I ran a poll on how high a level of baseball OHers had played: https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33600-what-was-the-highest-level-of-baseball-that-you-played/&tab=comments#comment-2400593
  7. It will be very interesting to see how different strategies worked in different countries. Bottom line, if we had sufficient hospital beds, ventilators, masks, etc. the “get it over with” approach might be defensible. Maybe Sweden thinks they do. But we don’t, so part of our strategy is to stretch this out and stall for time while we get our medical act together. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  8. I think postseason games are a whole different animal, so it’s almost pointless to compare them with “a meaningless game in Texas.” I’ll just note that the Palmer no-hitter came in a mid-August game when the O’s already had a 14.5 game lead, so it’s about as meaningless as the Bedard game. If you prefer a game with 0 hits, 6 BB and 8 K’s to one with 2 hits, 0 BB and 15 K’s, you are entitled to have that preference. They were both great performances.
  9. I’d question whether Palmer meant the remark seriously. But in any event, give me Bedard or Mussina’s game any day. Worth noting: three of Palmer’s six walks came in the 9th inning.
  10. My 91 year old dad has the same attitude. It’s driving me nuts.
  11. I agree with everything you’re saying. But I doubt the life insurance companies take the kind of hit on COVID-19 that threatens them with insolvency. For one thing, my guess is that the kind of people who buy life insurance are more careful than most.
  12. Almost 3 million people a year die in the United States. How many deaths are they projecting from coronavirus?
  13. I hadn’t seen any discussion of this, so forgive me if this is redundant. Lots of changes to try and cut costs in 2020 and beyond. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/in-the-time-of-covid-19-sweeping-changes-are-made-to-the-amateur-draft/
  14. Considering your screen name, that’s undoubtedly a good thing!
  15. hoosiers is talking about Britton’s senior year in high school. You are talking about 5-8 years later. I think Britton’s history is more complicated. He had a very good first couple months in 2011 as a major league starting pitcher, then he hurt his shoulder and was never as effective as a starter again. Then in 2014 he was converted to a reliever full time and Wallace and Chiti worked with him all spring on honing his command of the sinker low in the zone. As you say, he perfected it and became a great reliever. Interestingly, last year he started using his secondary pitches more, to excellent effect. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/zack-britton-isnt-a-one-pitch-pitcher-anymore/
  16. I was a big APBA guy. Managed to play 64 games of the 1969 season for the entire AL one summer when all my friends seemed to be away. I remember almost all the stats were very close to reality but for some reason Reggie Smith had about 25 homers after 64 games. (In reality, he hit 25 homers over the full season.) I think his card was on steroids! Actually, there was nothing on his card that would lead to that kind of result, the dice just kept rolling in his favor.
  17. Search Results Featured snippet from the web Maikol Hernandez, SS, Venezuela He's a physical, athletic shortstop with a chance to be power/speed threat, running plus underway in the 60-yard dash with a fairly easy swing, a fast bat and over-the-fence power from the right side. Hernandez trains with Jhoan Hidalgo. Looks like a big boy for a shortstop!
  18. I hate to see any Oriole mixed up in stuff like this. I’m not going to speculate whether the claims have any merit. We’ll learn that in due course, I suspect.
  19. There’s no such thing as “breaking the banks,” since spending is capped. It’s all a matter of how they spend their allotment. Last year their top expenditure was in the $400-500k range, I believe. Maybe this year we snag a guy or two in the $750k - $1 mm range? That guy on the video looks pretty worthy!
  20. I would have responded sooner but the bigger question of whether there will be a season at all is more important than where Hernaiz plays. Personally I’d guess he’ll start at Aberdeen. The difference between “full season” and “short season” will be less pronounced this year since the “full” season will be significantly less than 140 games.
  21. I do think that trades with division rivals and trades with other contending teams were far more common in those days. For one thing, free agency hadn’t really started yet in earnest and teams weren’t used to filling their gaps by just buying players on the open market.
  22. There’s a no politics rule on Coronavirus Hangout?
  23. My understanding is that a distinction between short season pay and low A pay was already in the works for 2021. Weekly pay: Short season $290 —> $400 A/A+ $290 —> $500 AA $350 —> $600 AAA $502 —> $700 These are all minimum figures; higher amounts apply to players on the 40-man roster and players who have major league service time. While one can argue that the revised weekly figures are still stingy, my bigger issue is that they don’t kick in until the regular season starts. So, you have a bunch of guys showing up for camp in February/early March who get nothing but meal money until early June when short season ball begins. That just strikes me as very wrong.
  24. I’d distinguish between the guys who show up for MiL camp in Feb./March and are assigned to a short season team, and the guys who are drafted in June and get assigned to a short season team. The former group really are working for 6 full months. The latter are working 2.5 months at most.
  25. That was a fun read. For those who don’t have the patience: Toughest pitcher to face: Roy Halladay Most respected opponent: CC Sabathia. Adam pointed out that each of them were each other’s most-faced opponent. I looked it up and they faced each other in 108 PA, with Adam hitting .260/.296/.470 with 5 homers and 14 strikeouts. Favorite teammate: “Kakis,” with Manny, Schoop and Davis also getting shout outs.
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