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  1. I think trade for and release doesn’t make a ton of sense in the MLB system.
  2. I think that’s roughly who he’ll be as a major leaguer. Maybe he can push the BA/OBP up another 10-20 points with experience.
  3. Except that Arrieta has been a bit of an a-hole during his time in Philly, so his views may be discounted. An owner directly polling his players about a managerial choice sounds a bit dysfunctional. But maybe that’s just me.
  4. The NLCS is on FOX (FS1). FOX gets the World Series and alternates between the ALCS and the NLCS each year, with TBS getting the other championship series.
  5. I’m not worried about the media. Couldn’t care less what they say on this subject. But when you have Hays, Mancini, Santander, Smith, Mullins and Stewart all competing for OF time, it’s a little easier to justify holding Mountcastle back (from an operational standpoint, not a PR standpoint) than it is if Stewart is out of the equation at the beginning of the season.
  6. “Return to baseball activity near the end of spring training” — so not on the OD roster, it appears. It just got tougher to hold Mountcastle back, though I still expect they will.
  7. “Phillies owner John Middleton has reportedly been polling players on their opinions of veteran manager Buck Showalter, according to Jon Heyman of Fancred. “Heyman notes that Middleton did the same thing before firing Gabe Kapler, and that Showalter has the well-known links to Phillies president Andy MacPhail and other members of the front office. “The only players on the Phillies current roster Showalter has previously managed are Jake Arrieta and reliever Tommy Hunter, who is a free agent this offseason.” I doubt Arrieta is going to love the idea.
  8. I guess you just have a higher opinion of these guys than I do. I’m not saying they’ll never pitch in the majors, but I see them all as AAAA guys at best. I’m not going to lose any sleep over the risk they get picked in the Rule 5 draft. And yes, I could be proven wrong.
  9. When it comes to injuries, it’s a crapshoot. There were legit reasons for concern. He didn’t play in the minors the year he was drafted, and only 43 games the following year. Despite that, he made his major league debut only about 3 weeks into the 2013 season and was up to stay by early June. Gifted, gifted hitter, and a better fielder than he was rated as a collegian.
  10. I thought Harry Grove (Frederick) was the stadium that always drew gripes.
  11. As I said, I do not believe they’ll be claimed. And if they are claimed, I do not believe they’ll be materially better than guys we can pick up off the waiver wire.
  12. Nice article on Kremer’s performance in the AFL here: https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/dean-kremer-impressing-in-arizona-fall-league?t=arizona-fall-league-coverage
  13. Yes, makes sense. I’d like to see him get more experience with the major league ball in AAA first. Of course, who knows what the 2020 baseballs will be like?
  14. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/trey-mancini-breakout-2019-campaign
  15. But why put him on the 40 man before we have to? We can add him when we want to call him up. He’s not eligible for the Rule 5 draft , so why take up a spot now? (Maybe I’m getting confused between the question in the OP about 2020 debuts and wildcard’s question above about who should be added to the 40 man roster.)
  16. Well, it’s a bit different when the game itself ends after the clock has run out, something that happens in football, basketball and hockey. And I’m old enough to remember college basketball with no clock. In fact, the last basketball game I attended my senior year at Duke, they were leading UNC 7-0 at halftime due to Dean Smith’s four corners tactics (which, happily, failed miserably in that game). And while in law school, I attended a game where Oregon State beat Stanford 18-16.
  17. Do you give any chance for Cobb to actually come back and be a decent pitcher for us? I give that about a 25% chance of happening. I think the team will start getting really interesting in 2021. We have a ton of guys with good MiL track records who will be fully baked and in the majors by then. And, I do not believe Chris Davis will still be on the team then, unless Elias pulls a rabbit out of a hat and Davis improves significantly based on whatever training program the O’s put him on this offseason. By “really interesting,” I don’t mean that the 2021 team will be contenders. But I think we’ll be looking at the young version of a good chunk of our core for the next contending team. And we’ll be able to watch them grow and develop. Even in 2020 there will be some talented younger players to see.
  18. The biggest factor, IMO, is the time between pitches, mostly driven by batters stepping out of the box after every pitch. Everybody now does what only Mike Hargrove used to do. More frequent pitching changes is also a factor, which is why I’m strongly in favor of the new rule for next year that relievers have to pitch to 3 batters unless the inning ends.
  19. I am not worried about losing Alvarado, Muckenhirn, Klimek or Cumberland. I doubt any of them would be claimed, and it would be no great loss if they were.
  20. Nah. Just stray bottles of Leinenkugel, Corona, Heineken or whatever else is lying around. If there’s craft beer in the house it’s because one of my kids brought it over and left some behind. At restaurants, I like to have stout, but for some reason I don’t ever buy any for the house.
  21. Frobby

    Tyler Skaggs dead.

    What a shame and a waste of a young life. And this certainly makes you wonder how big a problem opioids are in professional sports.
  22. That is undoubtedly true. I do think that the traffic problems getting into FedEx are worse than at some other places, which then encourages people to arrive very early and therefore start drinking very early. But, no doubt tailgating is a part of football culture and many people would be doing it even if there were no traffic difficulties. So, point taken. And I’m glad your group had a designated driver but I fear that there are plenty who do not.
  23. For the record, I’m much more of a beer drinker than a wine drinker. Especially when watching sports.
  24. My post wasn’t meant as a personal attack on you in any way. I explained that my experience with a lot of very drunk fans at the game was not a pleasant one. That’s my beef. Of course, I’d hate to think of how many people are driving home from the games while well over the legal limit for blood alcohol levels. I’m sure it’s much higher than at baseball games, even though there are plenty of baseball fans who overindulge, too.
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