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  1. Nobody has said he has been offered 4 years, have they? I'd heard he had been offered an extension at about $10 mm/season but the parties were significantly apart on dollars and years.
  2. I don't think VaTech was arguing for another extension for Mora. He was defending the previous one, as relevant to whether Huff should be extended at a similar age now. There's certainly no need to take any action on Mora now.
  3. I think it's a good time to bump this thread. I think people misinterpreted what I meant by asking if MacPhail was planning to "tank" this season. I did not mean to suggest he would be actively trying to lose, I just meant that he would be keeping payroll to a minimum and placing top priority on getting opportunities for younger players. His statements today about not going after any more pitchers seems to fit in this mold. He has to know that leaving the current rotation as it is would be flirting with disaster, yet he seems willing to risk it to get Olson, Liz, Penn et al. their chances.
  4. Largely, the trades they made in the last 12 months.
  5. I think MacPhail is sending a message designed to dampen expectations of the fan base and some of the player agents as well about how anxious he is to make further additions. He'll do it if he likes the price, and if he doesn't, he won't. End of message.
  6. Where do you live, Argentina? Man, I wish it were summer.
  7. Wow, that seems like a change in your position. I know you were against giving him 4 years and a huge annual salary (say $12 mm/yr) but now there are "no circumstances" in which an extension makes sense? Let me just say that I'd extend him for 3/$30 mm in a heartbeat, even in today's economic environment.
  8. Well, as they say, it beats the alternative.....
  9. This is an excellent point. We all should be prepared for a scenario where we hold on to BRob and Huff because there isn't really an attractive alternative.
  10. I feel the same way you do, SG. Things are still in flux and so it is too soon to pass judgment on the 2009 offseason. All over MLB, it has been the slowest-moving offseason I can recall, so there is still a lot that could happen. If Nick gets signed and we can do maybe 1-2 more small things I'll call it a solid offseason, but I would like a clearer picture of where things are headed for the long-term.
  11. One minor quibble on your color scheme: it's hard to tell who is red and who is orange. Look at the pitching part of the chart and it is really hard to see which is which. Maybe a lighter shade of orange would help.
  12. If Cobb was principally a leadoff hitter, then I think you'd have to rank him ahead of Rickey. Career OPS+ of 167 doesn't lie.
  13. Eh, we've seen him do this many times. He has 2-3 excellent performances and people get excited, then he reverts to his wild self. However, I'm glad that he is doing well since that hopefully means his arm is OK.
  14. Tony, since you're in "answer mode," how about this one?
  15. Kranitz said on the Hot Stove show several weeks ago that the O's would have to operate on the assumption that Albers would not recover, unless he showed otherwise. So in that sense, I don't think bigbird is "breaking" any new information.
  16. The Braves have really set out to shore up their pitching this winter. This seems like a lot to give Lowe at his age, but he'll probably give them at least 2 more good seasons before this starts to look bad.
  17. I'm happy for him. Let's see if he can make it back to the majors without the juice.
  18. I've always felt the Cardinals had a classy organization and top-notch fans. As a kid I grew up watching the Bob Gibson - Lou Brock teams in the 1967 - 68 World Series. They've always valued good defense over the years, too. Some of the Ozzie Smith/Terry Pendleton/Willie McGee teams were almost as good defensively as the great Oriole teams.
  19. Tony - What is your thinking on why Mickolio will go back to AA? He had pretty good success at AAA last year when promoted, and spent time in 2007 in AAA as well. I'm thinking that with Hoey and McCrory coming off injuries, they are the ones who may move back to AA.
  20. All right, I'm done with discussing SG's merits as a poster. I suggest we get back to the topic.
  21. Personally, I don't mind that SG is so sure of the positions he takes. His philosophy is pretty consistent. To the extent we disagree, most often it is because he assumes certain transactions are possible or easy to do. I've changed my mind plenty of times based on SG's arguments, put it that way.
  22. I think this is a good post. If Hendrickson is used in this way, it could really benefit the rest of the bullpen. The real question is, will he get used that way, or will he be used for 1-2 innings at a stretch or as a starter? The stats you posted showing how effective he is the first time through a lineup, and how ineffective he is thereafter, were very compelling.
  23. The urgency would be if you think Guthrie has overperformed the last two years and that his value will go down if he slips. And, I suppose, part of his value comes from the fact that he's cheap right now, but that will be less true as time passes. I'd need to get a very good package in exchange for Guthrie, because right now he's the only proven starter we have.
  24. I think so, especially Jones and Wieters. I think we get more from Scott, and more from Izturis/Gomez/Freel/backup C too. So it's mostly a wash offensively but maybe a bit better even if Huff and Mora slip. Well, we didn't find them last year. I'v been amazed how often I thought we couldn't do worse, and then we did so (e.g., the 2006-07 bullpens).
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