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  1. What are you basing that on? Patton threw in an Insturctional League game several months ago, and he has repeatedly reported that he's healthy. Trembley said that only Spoone is under any restirctions this spring. Now I don't expect Patton to crack the major league roster in April after missing a year, but from what I've read there's no reason at all to think he's not ready to pitch in the minors. And I don't think Andy would be making statements about him if that was the case.
  2. The man just exudes competence and clarity. Every single time I hear him talk I come away feeling better about where the team is going.
  3. I agree it all depends how you define your terms, and whether you are talking about past performance or expected future performance. I will say this for Guthrie -- here is the list of qualified AL pitchers who had a lower ERA than Guthrie in both 2007 and 2008: Nobody. Now, if you include pitchers who switched leagues last year you could say that Johan Santana, C.C. Sabathia and Dan Haren were better both years. You can add Peavy, Webb, Oswalt and Hamels if you want to include all NL pitchers. Still, that's a pretty select group.
  4. While I have no doubt Roy has good information, I think we should wait until this is publicly reported and the details come out before judging whether Sheets has acted improperly.
  5. Well said. Montanez deserved that call-up more than Reimold, and he performed solidly in his stint in Baltimore. Nolan will get his shot this year, I'll bet.
  6. Rather hyperbolic statement, wouldn't you say? Nobody in the organization has said Reimold has no future. They feel he still has things to work on in the minors, as outlined by Stockstill in the interview. If you read Tony's analysis of Reimold in the top prospects list, he notes many of the same issues. Hopefully Reimold works hard on those things at Norfolk, and will be ready for a call-up if injuries arise or when September rolls around.
  7. I enjoy Phil Wood, but he is no scout. Last year I heard him tell a caller on his call-in show that Omar Vizquel was a better defensive SS than Ozzie Smith because he had made fewer errors in roughly the same number of games. No mention of the fact that that Smith handled many more chances per game and is vastly superior on any statistic measuring range. Wood is excellent in discussing the history of the game, but I'd consider his evaluations of minor league players pretty irrelevant.
  8. Well, this begs the question, do we want a pitcher who doesn't really want to be here? I do want a solid innings eater like Looper, but this snippet gives me some pause.
  9. I had to read it twice before I figured it out.
  10. I agree, odds are that 1-2 of them establish themselves as viable candidates. But in case you didn't notice, we have three open spots behind Guthrie and Uehara (who himself is something of an unknown). I'd rather get a guy like Looper to solidify the #3 spot and let the rest duke it out for #4-5. To me that's the right balance between going with some established veterans and some unproven players.
  11. Very nice. Aside from the fact that I think he's a good player, Snyder strikes me as a really down-to-earth kid and a hard worker that anyone would welcome as a teammate. His blog during the AFL season gave a bit of insight into his personality and he's a very humble guy. I'm rooting hard for him to succeed.
  12. I'm not going to get into extended discussion just based on Belkast's report, which may turn out to be inaccurate. However, if 2/$10 mm is the deal, we should be very happy. That is a low enough price where we should be able to trade him away if, at some point, we decide we don't need him. For right now, I feel very strongly that we do need someone like Looper to help assure that we get enough innings out of our starters to protect the bullpen.
  13. Trembley comment from 3 weeks ago: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090109&content_id=3738214&vkey=hotstove2008&fext=.jsp&partnerId=rss_mlb
  14. If "chemistry" is created by players being happy because they are getting a lot of playing time in situations for which they are not suited, that's not the kind of chemistry we need. We need the kind where we have lots of players to handle different situations, they are well utilized, the team has success and everyone is happy about it.
  15. If we actually went with a 13-position player roster, I'd love the way this team is constructed. When was the last time we had a bench this good? Now we really need to add a starter who can give us 180-200 innings so we can afford to carry a 12-man staff.
  16. From yesterday's Sun: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/baseball/bal-sp.orioles03feb03,0,5912280.story MacPhail apparently has a different definition of "imminent" than I do. So now what? Is Scott about to be moved? Freel?
  17. Just read that the Nats have picked up Alex Cintron today, to go along with Freddie Bynum, Corey Patterson and Daniel Cabrera. When you are regularly picking up players who weren't good enough to stick with the O's, you are really reaching.
  18. If these question were asked in court, I'd object on the grounds they were leading. I assume they are being submitted in writing, not orally. Mostly platitudes from Stockstill in response, but the comments on Reimold were pretty telling.
  19. I think the O's will decide where they want their top prospects to be in the minors, and fill in around them. For example, because Norfolk is a big ballpark that doesn't punish pitchers who allow a lot of fly balls, the O's might decide that their fly ball pitchers are going to stay at Bowie where they're more likely to work on getting the ball down; whereas their ground ball pitchers are going to go to Norfolk. Or, maybe they prefer to let anyone who had success at Bowie already proceed to Norfolk to face more experienced hitters. In any event, their top priority is getting their top prospects to the place where they will develop the best, wherever that is.
  20. It is a good division, but obviously not as good as the AL East was last year (or will be this year). I believe the AL East had the best record of any division EVER last season despite the Orioles' ineptitude.
  21. I start with the assumption that Baez won't make a successful bid to be a starter. However, I don't rule that out 100%, only about 95%. So you have Sherrill, Ray, and Johnson clearly ahead of him. Albers is ahead of him if (1) he is healthy and (2) he's not a starter. Beyond that, I think it's something of a crapshoot. I don't assume they'll just keep Penn, Pauley and Hill on the roster because they are out of options. I think they'll have to pitch well to make the team (and if any of them do, it may be as a starter). I don't assume Sarfate is guaranteed a spot. I think it's somewhat likely that if Liz doesn't make the team as a starter he will end up back at Norfolk, since he has an option left. I just think we will have to wait and see who is healthy and pitching well, and go from there. No point in guessing on Feb. 2.
  22. I think you are letting your personal low opinion of Baez affect your judgment. If he has a Gibbons-lile spring, he'll suffer the same fate. But if he shows he can get hitters out, the O's will look to salvage some of that $6 mm.
  23. He was there for what, 2 weeks? As a 17-year old hot shot just drafted out of high school? And you're going to damn the guy for all eternity based on that?
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