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  1. Point 2 is why I said so long as his contract is at a reasonable price. I just don't think it's hard to get rid of a guy like this unless he completely screws the pooch. And I'd rather worry about having too much pitching than not enough. Looking at Looper's trends the last few years, while his K/9 is typically subpar, it's not like he's been in decline. I think he'd give us a year like Kris Benson gave us in 2006, and so long as he doesn't get hurt like Benson did (and he has no injury history to speak of or trends suggesting a slowly developing injury), he'll have value for us or some other team in 2010.
  2. Why? If other guys are ready, we can trade him away, so long as his contract isn't outrageous and he doesn't have his performance fall off the table or get hurt.
  3. I think if we sign Looper the rotation is better than last year's, and the depth among starting pitchers is better. Guthrie = Guthrie Uehara > DCab (my opinion, but time will tell) Looper > Olson Hendrickson > Burres 5th starter >= last year's 5th starters. Remember, once you got past Guthrie and DCab last year, everyone else had a collective ERA of 6.34 as a starter and averaged 5.04 innings per start. That really isn't that tough to top. I also think we'll be better in the 2nd half because guys like Bergesen, Berken, Hernandez, Tillman and Arrieta (and maybe Matusz) will be available. Those are better reinforcements than we had last year. One more thing: even if the pitchers aren't actually much better, the improved defense is going to make them look better.
  4. Fine by me. And if its a two year deal, so be it so long as the price is right. We can always move him if we get to a point where one of our top young guys is ready to take his spot.
  5. I think Miclat goes no lower than 7th on the position players' list.
  6. My impression is that Britton has better stuff, while Bergesen has better command.
  7. It is interesting how many teams passed on Smoak. There were what, 4-5 teams that chose after the O's and drafted a position player other than Smoak? So far, Smoak is making it look as if those teams were foolish. But as to the O's, I'm perfectly comfortable with their decision to go for the pitcher who was the consensus best pitcher in the draft. As to Avery, he could either be a steal or a bust as a 2nd round pick, and we won't really have much of an inkling as to which he is until after the 2010 season.
  8. I believe he was the leading hitter for the Canadian National Team that he played on and hit over .400. That's from memory.
  9. I have nothing personal against Loewen, but if he succeeds as a Blue Jay it is going to aggravate me to no end.
  10. Why would anyone neg rep you? Obviously you have your biases on the subject, but so what? Anyone with a track record of missing bats like Hernandez's is worthy of dark horse consideration.
  11. Cust: .947 minor league OPS Salazar: .804 minor league OPS They really aren't comparable. Look, every time a GM DFA's a guy he is making a determination of who has a decent chance to get through waivers without a claim. In this case, MacPhail's judgment turned out to be right.
  12. Even if Spoone had never been hurt, I'd be concerned about his BB rates (career 4.9 BB/9). I like Erbe's chances better even though he is more of a fly ball pitcher.
  13. I think Snyder is going to open some eyes in 2009 and shoot up these top prospect lists. That said, Huff was a stud (.900+ OPS) at every level of the minors. Snyder would do well to equal Huff's career. FYI, as a 22-year old (Snyder's age in 2009), Huff put up a .924 OPS in AA. Let's see if Snyder can approach that!
  14. I tried to get him to give an ETA on Matusz, Arrieta and Tillman and tell us whether any of them had a shot at making it to the bigs in 2009, but he didn't get to my question.
  15. Sorry if my message sounded like I was scolding, that wasn't my intent. Just wanted to let everyone know there's a good thread (including excerpts from Goldstein's chat today) in the other forum.
  16. There is already a long thread on this in the minor league forum, which is where it belongs.
  17. Great news. We'll see Oscar in Baltimore some time this season, I'll bet.
  18. Agreed on both points. I think Rowell has turned a lot of people off with his apparent attitude problems and consequent failure to listen to his coaches. But he's young enough to get his head on straight and turn that around. As to Britton, I guess his unspectacular K rate scares away some scouts, but his K rate is good enough considering what a ground ball machine he is. Hard to see Bergesen and Berken ranked ahead of Britton.
  19. First time I've seen anyone put Berken in the top 10. Did Goldstein explain his thinking here? I like the comment about "the system's incredible pitching depth." Too bad we don't have position player depth to match. But between the two, I'd rather have the depth be in pitching.
  20. Oh, I think they are comparable, though Roberts undoubtledly is worth more. The Hudson contract will be a useful lower bounds for Roberts, but that's all it is. You are right that the market fluctuates a lot from year to year, but if I'm a betting man, I'm not counting on next year's market being stronger than this year's. It's going to take a few years for our economy to recover and we're not even at the bottom yet.
  21. Brady is the best argument FOR extending BRob 4 years. Brady was good up to age 36, and was a similar high OBP/SB offensive player. Problem is, he wasn't a 2B, and 2B takes more wear and tear than OF.
  22. I don't think that's the point. The point was whether Roberts was more likely to remain near his peak level longer than Alomar did. As to that, I say, who knows? 2B is a position where players historically haven't performed well in their mid-30's. It isn't just Alomar, it's a lot of very good 2B who have fallen off rather suddenly.
  23. The problem with your argument is that 99% of all fans and media use the term "gold glove caliber defense" as a synonym for excellent defense. So when someone on the Hangout uses that term, everyone but you understands what they are saying. Even though you think that your logic is superior, that's irrelevant. There are people who thought a Betamax was superior technology to a VCR, but at the end of the day when they went to the video store the selection of VCR-format videos was 10 times as large as Betamax-format videos, and the debate over which technology was better became irrelevant. So just accept the verdict of the market and MOVE ON! God this argument has become tiresome.
  24. That should scare the hell out of the Lerners. They really are inept at public relations, and that makes their non-moves seem even worse. I think they are going to see a huge dive in attendance.
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