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  1. I have in the back of my mind Sonny76's statement last week that if this were up to MacPhail, the O's would have folded up their tent and gone home by now. So there must be a part of MacPhail that agrees with Buster.
  2. It depends what he signs for with the Red Sox. If they beat our offer, then I see no problem. If the offers are very similar, then I see some problem but it's not huge egg on our face. If our offer is obviously better, that's very, very embarassing.
  3. If he was planning to come, he may have changed his mind.
  4. This post rubbed some people the wrong way so I'm going to apologize. It came off a little meaner than I intended. I was just trying to say we should keep this in perspective.
  5. That wasn't just Tejada. That was Tejada, Javy Lopez, Palmeiro and Ponson. People actually thought we'd have a winning team in 2004. And they weren't far from right (78-84).
  6. You know, I hear the country is in a huge economic crisis. Hundreds of people were just killed in a terrorist attack in India. And you can't get to sleep thinking about this? Get a grip! The O's will play their games next year with Tex or without him. Go back to bed!
  7. This was exploratory surgery and they found far less damage than was feared, and made a routine minor repair. Bedard has a pretty decent shot at a full recovery.
  8. OAK 2 B+, 6 B, 7 B-, 5 C+ ----Top 10: 3.00 Top 20: 2.75 So they tied us for 3rd-best top 10 so far, but they got there in a very different way. We have an A, 3 B+, 1 B and 4 B-. We're very heavy on our top 4 and peter out quickly after that. Oakland just keeps going and going. Their top 20 is tied for the best of the 14 teams Sickels has rated, with Atlanta the other team.
  9. No joke. But I don't think anyone questions AJ's ability, just his ability to stay healthy enough over a 5-year period to justify $82.5 mm.
  10. Water under the bridge here I guess, but I think your error was buying a ring and then taking her ring-shopping without telling her you'd already gotten a ring. And why buy a ring and go ring shopping so long before you intend to propose? See what I did was (1) waited so long to propose that she was ready to kill me if I didn't take action, (2) proposed, and (3) went with her and bought the ring. Believe me, she was happy enough that I'd actually proposed that the lack of a ring at that moment was not even an issue. Maybe not the most romantic approach, but she got the ring she wanted and I didn't lay out the money until I was sure she was saying yes to my proposal. We're still married 21 years later, and now she has pretty low expectations that she'll ever get her gifts on time!
  11. Of course, when you look at the Yankees' performance the last 4 years relative to before, you really can see that Pavano's non-performance did hurt them. Just not as much as it would have hurt someone else.
  12. Exactly. For at least 28 other teams, if this blew up it would be a crippling disaster. For the Yankees, if it blows up its an inconvenience.
  13. I choose to believe Belkast, because it makes me happier.
  14. Some quotes from Seattle's GM after he saw Bedard at the winter meetings: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/baseball/391270_mari09.html
  15. I think what bothers people is the "heads I win, tails you lose" nature of the agreement. Let's say Tex comes here and underperforms by a lot, and the team goes nowhere, he can still get the full value of his deal by opting in. If he comes here and does well, and the team is doing well, he can leverage that into even more money. All the risk is on the team, which already is taking an enormous risk. Look at Burnett. He signs a five year deal with Toronto, and in the first two years he misses a ton of starts. Then in the third year he plays a full season and he's in position to opt out. But, that's life in the big city.
  16. Yes, I'd give him an opt-out if that's what it took, halfway through the length of the contract. Having the guy for 3-5 years is better than not having him.
  17. Brewers 1 B+, 5 B, 2 B-, 9 C+, 3 C ------Top 10 2.83, Top 20 2.53 Our top 10 is still tied for 3rd out of 13 teams rated so far. The top 20 is tied for 5th. I'm not sure which of the systems not rated yet are highly regarded but I know Texas is, and I believe Oakland has reloaded nicely over the last 18 months.
  18. Aw, c'mon bigbird, it's not nice to tease like that. Can you give us a hint?
  19. Kurkjian is about the only reporter there who doesn't think the world revolves around a NY-Boston axis. He's a true fan of the game and isn't full of himself. Gammons knows Boston inside and out since he spend most of his career as a Globe reporter. He emphasizes Boston a lot but he shows a lot of love for the game and I've never felt he was dismissive of the Orioles when they do something positive. Olney knows his stuff pretty well, but he irks me. The Mets, Mariners and Indians pull off a three way trade involving 12 players and he presents this only from the Mets' perspective on a long Mike & Mike segment. In fact he goes so far as to respond affirmatively to the comment that only the Yankees and Mets have done anything at the winter meetings. He is always dismissive of Baltimore and it ticks me off.
  20. Good enough for me, for now. However, don't sell short (unintended pun) Cal's defense when he was young and in his prime. He was probably as good as Bordick in his day, maybe even a little better.
  21. Anything else (with other players) likely to happen before the weekend?
  22. I have a 19-year old daughter at home (actually, away in college). Sometimes she cops an attitude when my wife and I try to give her advice, or ask her to do things. Sometimes she says things is a tone that is hurtful. She does less of it now han she did when she was 17, and I expect I'll see even less of it when she's 21. It's all part of growing up, and not everyone matures at the same exact pace. Maybe Rowell will always be an egotistical, self-centered jerk who won't listen to anyone and thinks he's God's gift. Plenty of adults are that way. But I'm not going to assume that he won't grow out of it, because in my experience most kids do.
  23. Quite honestly, there is so much contradictory information around right now that it is hard to know what to believe. However, I think it's pretty funny that people read so much into the fact that MacPhail is leaving Las Vegas, and then 15 minutes later it's reported that Epstein also is leaving in a few hours. To me, all signs point to the fact that the Red Sox are the favorites, but that this won't be resolved today and the O's will still have a shot to outbid them. That's what it's going to take, though - forget even a modest hometown discount.
  24. Don't overestimate this. Attendance will follow TEAM performance. Now, if as a result of the Yankees signing Sabathia etc. and the Red Sox signing Tex, they beat up on us even more than they already did and our record is even worse and the number of games back in the standings is even greater than before, then attendance will surely drop significantly. But if the Orioles actually field a better team than before, that wins more games, stays in more games, and plays more exciting baseball, the O's are not going to lose attendance, they'll gain it. I don't live in Baltimore, but it's my sense that the posters on OH are far more obsessed with Tex than the average fan. The average fan just wants to be entertained by seeing some good baseball.
  25. If we do lose Tex, I just hope he's getting a contract that is well beyond reasonable. It would really bum me out if we offered as much or more and Tex chose Boston anyway. If that's true, we're back to the "confederate money" days.
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