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  1. Although I thought it was a decent movie, I have to admit the best part was when they faded to black at the end, did the "Bond shoots the eye" bit, and the Bond theme music came on.
  2. I will be astounded if Burnett signs anywhere for less than four years.
  3. Yes, I think that's possible.
  4. It definitely seems like we are in the hunt for Burnett. I certainly get the vibe that he'd like to play here. Why else would his agent be talking about how he'd like to take a "leadership" role on a young staff? That's not happening in NY, Boston or Toronto. My take - if we make a highly competitive offer, Burnett willl sign with us.
  5. Thanks for posting this. I found this part interesting: The fact that Snyder has lost a few pounds also was interesting. I went to a Keys game in May and he looked slow as molasses. I think playing at a slightly lower weight is a good idea and will help his defense, too.
  6. Adding in the Nats and Cubs: KCR -- 2 A-, 6 B, 2 B-, 9 C+, 1 C ---- Top 10: 3.07 Top 20: 2.68 MIN -- 2 B+, 2 B, 5 B-, 11 C+ ------- Top 10: 2.83 Top 20: 2.58 ATL -- 1 A-, 3 B+, 3 B, 6 B-, 7 C+ --- Top 10: 3.07 Top 20: 2.75 PHI -- 3 B, 5 B-, 9 C+, 3 C ----------- Top 10: 2.70 Top 20: 2.47 TAM -- 1 A, 3 B+, 1 B, 4 B-, 11 C+ --- Top 10: 3.00 Top 20: 2.67 ARI -- 1 B+, 1 B, 5 B-, 3 C+, 10 C ---- Top 10: 2.80 Top 20: 2.40 BAL -- 1 A, 3 B+, 1 B, 4 B-, 7 C+, 4 C Top 10: 3.00 Top 20: 2.60 WAS - 2 B+, 1 B, 3 B-, 11 C+, 2 C ---- Top 10: 2.70 Top 20: 2.48 CHC --1 B+, 2 B, 1 3 B-. 7 C+, 7 C ----Top 10: 2.66 Top 20: 2.38
  7. I'm in favor of waiting 15 days and then bringing Wieters up. But why is it not "remotely debatable?" He hasn't played AAA at all and the O's would like him to get more experience calling games. If he's hitting .180 after those 15 days are up I'd be in no hurry.
  8. I'm amazed at how few posters seem to recognize the accomplishment of finishing 117 games over .500, with a .638 winning percentage. Analogies to guys like Don Sutton (68 games over .500, .559 winning percentage) and Rick Sutcliffe (32 games over .500, .552 winning percentage) are not apt at all. There are 21 pitchers who won 100 more games than they lost -- 16 in the Hall of Fame, and 5 not eligible yet. That's the company Mussina is in.
  9. http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/yankees/2008/11/mussinas-final-call.html
  10. I've seen Snyder play once and I've seen footage of him running the bases. My impression is that he has substantially below-average foot speed, and I would have to think that he'd have difficulty handling a middle-infield position for that reason alone. I'd much rather try him at the hot corner.
  11. I said Norfolk or Baltimore. I agree Norfolk is far more likely. I'm not sure there is a different philosophy between MacPhail and Flangan/Beattie/Duquette. However, MacPhail has much better options than his predecessors had when the players you mentioned were brought up. And in Markakis' case, he literally forced his way onto the team with an amazing spring training.
  12. I think the answer here is MacPhail's concept of "inventory." http://www.sportsline.com/mcc/messages/chrono/10788152 Simply put, Olson is part of the inventory that might be a disappointment or might be a pleasant development next year.
  13. This post is actually the most solid piece of information I've ever seen to indicate that Tex would actually have a strong interest in playing here. Obviously, he's six years older, married, used to living far from home and he's seen what it's like to play on losing teams vs. winning teams, so there are plenty of reasons why playing in Baltimore might not be as attractive to him now that it was when he was drafted. But at least this puts into serious question the notion that Tex never really was an Orioles fan even when he lived here, which has been bandied about. Just curious if you know - is it true that his principal rooting interest was in the Yankees?
  14. I will tell you why I think Snyder will move faster (assuming he performs). First, let's not forget that Markakis, whose stats as a 21-year old at Frederick and in the AFL were very similar to Snyder's, was in Baltimore the next Opening Day. The only real difference between them, experience-wise, is that Nick had 5 weeks of AA prior to going to the AFL. So if Snyder plays a half-year at Bowie, he will actually have had more minor league experience than Nick by the time he reaches the majors. The second thing is need. We probably are losing Mora and Huff at the end of 2009, and I think the team would like to get a read on Snyder before the year ends so they can know if they can just hand him a job for 2010. However, my prediction is entirely premised on how Snyder performs at AA. If he's putting up an .800-.850 OPS, I don't think they'll push him as fast as I suggested. But if he's posting .900+, on the heels of his 1.098 AFL campaign, he will have established pretty definitively that he's ready to face better pitching. The other thing that could hold him back is his defense. Hopefully he'll work hard to improve that.
  15. I don't think MacPhail and Trembley could make it any clearer than they already have: when it comes to SS, defense is priority no. 1, 2 and 3. If they can get some offense, great, but what they want is above average defense at SS. Let's just accept that as a given, and move on. So now I pose the question: how good is Izturis' defense? The answer seems to be, pretty darn good. In the Fielding Bible awards, Itzuris finished 7th, and got a top 10 vote from 7 of the 10 voters. On the +/- system, Itzuris finished fourth, at +19. He finished 2nd in RZR, and 3rd in OOZ. Baseball Prospectus gave him a Rate/Rate2 of 105/107. So while I am not wild about the idea of Izturis, at least I feel like that move would accomplish a key objective of MacPhail and Trembley, which failed miserably last year.
  16. Here's something interesting that Snyder said in his AFL blog: http://aflorioles.mlblogs.com/ One thing is for sure - Snyder is very coachable and has a very good work ethic. I have to believe that eventually he'll be at least presentable on defense, even if he's a work in progress currently.
  17. That heading almost says it all -- Brandon Snyder is going to be a stud. Let's start with this: there were approximately 216 players in the AFL this fall. Of that group, Snyder was the 14th youngest. He was also one of only about 30-40 players who had never played at AA or higher. In short, he was one of the youngest, least experienced players in the league. Then add in the fact that Snyder had no opportunity to get into rhythm. He played in 17 of 36 games, and played on consecutive days only one time. Several times he played after sitting for two consecutive days. Despite those handicaps, Snyder not only put up his .349/.431/.667 line, but he did it in outstanding fashion. On the seventeen games he played, there was only ONE GAME in which he failed to reach base. And, in 72 plate appearances, he struck out only 9 times -- once every 8 times he came to the plate. Those numbers would be outstanding under any circumstances, but they are especially impressive when you consider his sporadic playing time. I'd be remiss if I didn't compare Snyder's 2008 season with Nick Markakis' 2005 season. Both were 21 years old at the time, turning 22 in November: At Frederick -- Markakis .300/.379/.480, Snyder .316/.358/.490 In Arizona ---- Markakis .326/.408/.453, Snyder .349/.431/.667 Now, I am not meaning to suggest that Snyder is quite as far along as Markakis, or that he will be as good a hitter. He doesn't have Nick's plate discipline (though he's improving), and I conveniently left out Nick's five weeks of AA where he hit .339/.420/.573. His defense is nowhere near as good as Nick's, and in fact, he's a liability in the field right now. But I do mean to suggest that Snyder is a tremendous hitting prospect, and that it wouldn't shock me if he ends up being as good as Nick with a bat in his hands. The concerns that he doesn't have enough power to play a corner IF spot or DH are totally unfounded in my opinion. He's going to be an XBH machine, though maybe more of a doubles hitter than a pure HR hitter. I've been watching Snyder like a hawk beginning last fall in Hawaii, and what I've noticed is he is nearly immune to cold streaks. He was extremely consistent throughout Fall 2007 in Hawaii, and in Fall 2008 in Arizona. At Frederick, he had a cold spell to start the season but hit .300+ every month from May-August. Simply put, this guy can rake. So let me make my bold prediction right now: Snyder is going to put up a .900+ OPS at Bowie next year and be in Norfolk or Baltimore by the minor league all-star break, and we'll be seeing him in Baltimore next September. Book it!
  18. Meanwhile, Matusz pitched today in the final AFL regular season game -- 4 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 4 K's. His ERA ended up at 4.72. Not really that overwhelming for a guy supposedly ready to pitch in the majors.
  19. Show me where Mussina ever asked Torre to do that. I have never heard anything like that, at all.
  20. We are not going to be a winning team until our pitching is quite a bit better than it has been the last few years. Getting Tex is not going to change that. I have almost no doubt that if all we did this winter was add Tex and a competent shortstop, we still wouldn't be a .500+ team because of the pitching. Now, by 2010 that might begin to change if we have good fortune with some of the pitchers now in the minors and maybe even a few who have cracked the majors already but who haven't yet had consistent success. But I'd like to get a couple of competent starters in here now to make things tolerable in the meantime and provide some margin for error if some of our younger guys either don't pan out or are slower to develop than we'd hoped.
  21. IF this scout Tony is talking to is correct and Matusz would be our 2nd or 3rd best starter RIGHT NOW, then I probably wouldn't keep him in the minors for more than a couple of months. If he's really that advanced, send him straight to AA and if he's dominating there after 2 months, just bring him up. I keep pitchers in the minors for only 3 reasons: 1. To delay the start of the FA clock. 2. Because they are not ready to be as good or better than the pitchers on the major league roster. 3. Because they have some aspect of their game that they need to work on in the minors without the "win now" pressure of the majors. (E.g., working on command or development of a third pitch.) When none of those reasons apply, get him up here.
  22. I think the Hall of Fame will respect the wishes of the player if it's a fairly close call, which this is. Think about his induction ceremony -- are busloads of fans from Baltimore going to come up to see him inducted, as they did with Eddie and Cal? No. Will there be a lot of fans there from NY? Yes. So if he's inducted, my guess is he will go in as a Yankee.
  23. Well, I am a huge admirer of Mussina, but that's besides the point. If you had read John Feinstein's book about Mussina and Glavine, Living on the Black, and various articles in the NY press over the last 3-4 months or more, you'd know that: 1. Mussina is fairly contemptuous of Roger Clemens and how he conducted himself in the last several years (putting aside the whole steroids issue). 2. Mussina desperately wants to be home with his family. 3. Mussina was very afraid of losing his skills and being perceived as someone just hanging on to reach 300 wins. 4. At the same time, the only reason he could see to keep playing was to try to reach 300 wins, which he assumed might take as long as three more years, which he really didn't want to do. All of that adds up to a guy who, once he says he's done, is done.
  24. You scooped me. Nobody got more upset with himself when he messed up or cared more about the game. I remember reading a Boswell article about how Dempsey would wake up in the middle of the night and practice his swing by the side of the bed in the dark. One time he knocked over a lamp and scared the hell out of his wife. He was the heart and soul of the great Orioles teams of the late 70's and early 80's, even though he was by no means the best player.
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