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  1. I don't see what the relationship is between the fact that Reimold is 24 and played in college, and whether he needs time in AAA or not. Playing for Bowling Green isn't the same as playing in AA or AAA. It affects the decisions as to what level he starts off playing in minor league ball, not what level he finishes in. I don't care about him being 24, either. What does that have to do with whether he is ready for the majors? To me, what is relevant is what is his skill set, and what are his strengths and weaknesses. Also, when does he have to be on the 40-man roster, and how many options does he have? Those are the relevant considerations. Again, I won't bark if the decision is made to put Reimold on the Orioles, but I think the set of considerations I outlined are far more relevant than his age or the fact that he played in college.
  2. That's about all I've seen. I recall a play with 2 runners on where Bradford induced a hard grounder in the hole that Freddie was able to knock down but not field. Frankly, I thought he did well to knock it down. I've seen 1-2 other plays where a liner or a hard smash barely eluded a diving attempt, but they didn't seem to me to be plays that I necessarily would have expected a good SS to make. Turning the DP, he has looked quite solid to me. I really don't have any complaints, though his weaknesses may be further exposed with more playing time.
  3. Reasonable people can differ on this issue, and the answer isn't the same for every player IMO. I'll leave it to the O's to decide what they think is best for Reimold, and the team.
  4. I'm just not a big fan of skipping AAA entirely except in very rare cases. Contrary to what some people seem to think, there is definitely a difference in the quality of pitching a hitter faces in AAA compared to AA. I'd rather see a player get experience against tougher pitchers at AAA before being thrown to the wolves in the majors, even if it it just a couple of months. This is especially true for Reimold, who reputedly has trouble with breaking stuff. You won't hear me complain if he goes straight to Baltimore, but I'd prefer he get a little AAA seasoning first.
  5. Yes, I'm struck by the fact that Reimold has only 21 K's in 147 AB -- once every 7 AB. Last year he struck out 47 times in 186 AB -- once every 4 AB. He's cut down drastically on the K's even while improving slightly his already impressive walk rate. I'm sure the Orioles have to be very pleased with this development. Looking at his splits, he has hit RHP very well, but has hit only so-so vs. LHP. His lackluster performance vs. LHP is out of character for him; historically, he crushes LHP. I have to think he will pick it up vs. LHP at the season goes along. I just hope he stays hot. Another 4 weeks like the last 3 and he wil have made a convincing case for a mid-season promotion to Norfolk.
  6. Tampa's going for the Cleveland model. Good for them!
  7. Very tough to rank them, but the list definitely includes Penn. He's still only 23 and pitching in AAA. Ignoring him for some 22-year old at Delmarva is silly.
  8. George Steinbrenner may have been a bull in a china shop, but at least he had built a multimillion dollar business prior to owning the Yankees and then built up that business as well. What has Hank Steinbrenner ever done, other than attempt to impersonate his father?
  9. By my accounting, since April 20 (22 games) Reimold is hitting .317/.391/.585 with 4 HR, 11 RBI. Those were the kind of numbers I was expecting from him. If he could keep up that kind of pace between now and the minor league all-star break, I'd be happy to see him in Norfolk for the 2nd half.
  10. Frobby

    David Hernandez

    Ouch, guilty as charged. That will teach me to go off my impressions as opposed to looking it up.
  11. No, not until the minor league all-star break at the earliest. Let him get into a groove and stay there for a month.
  12. Frobby

    David Hernandez

    Oh, I think people are getting excited. He clearly misses a lot of bats, and this year he has shown much better command. It's great to see him coming on.
  13. Why do you say his command was bad? In any event, a very solid start.
  14. If Mackus and vatech1994 say it, it must be true. Ditto.
  15. I wasn't enamored with the initial post in this thread, but the subsequent discussion has been very illuminating. Thanks to all.
  16. Wow, Erik didn't have it tonight. Pulled after two miserable innings.
  17. No it isn't. Luck is certainly a component in BABIP, but by no means the only factor. Sometimes I wonder if people watch the games. Anyone who has been watching DCab has seen he has been overpowering hitters despite the fact that they are making contact with the baseball. There is very little about his success that has been lucky IMO.
  18. 3rd terrible outing in a row for Erbe, his ERA has about doubled to 5.53.
  19. I have to back Tony here. When he was up in the big leagues, I never saw him commnad the curve ball. And he really hasn't been the same pitcher since he had his bone spurs removed. I hope he rebounds but he has not been that impressive this year.
  20. You caught them on a pretty bad day. They have won more games than the Orioles for each of the last three seasons, so we can't be too critical here.
  21. I didn't vote, because I support whatever the Orioles choose to do here. Obviously he can hit above this level, but they may have other reasons to leave him in Frederick for a while. Or, maybe they'll promote him on Monday. Whatever they do, it's fine with me.
  22. Frobby

    Wieters watch...

    I am not sure the Orioles are in as big a hurry as you two suggest. From the Sickels interview of Stockstill:
  23. I mentioned this on a thread on the main board. There's a new book coming out:
  24. As you pointed out, these other pitchers all pitched in the era of four-man rotations, when you got an extra 8 or so starts per year. Winning 255 games is more of an accomplishment in 2008 than it was in the 1960s, '70s and '80s. Just look behind Mussina and tell me who will be the next pitcher to win 250 games, and when it will be. Rank Player (age) Wins Throws 1. Greg Maddux (42) 349 R 2. Tom Glavine* (42) 303 L 3. Randy Johnson* (44) 286 L 4. Mike Mussina (39) 255 R 5. Jamie Moyer* (45) 232 L 6. Curt Schilling (41) 216 R 7. Kenny Rogers* (43) 212 L 8. John Smoltz (41) 210 R 9. Pedro Martinez (36) 209 R 10. Andy Pettitte* (36) 204 L 11. Tim Wakefield (41) 171 R 12. Aaron Sele (38) 148 R 13. Bartolo Colon (35) 146 R 14. Steve Trachsel (37) 142 R 15. Tim Hudson (32) 140 R 16. Livan Hernandez (33) 139 R 17. Tom Gordon (40) 136 R 18. Kevin Millwood (33) 135 R 19. Woody Williams (41) 132 R 20. Jon Lieber (38) 131 R Rank Player (age) Wins Throws 21. Jason Schmidt (35) 128 R 22. Esteban Loaiza (36) 126 R 23. Hideo Nomo (39) 123 R 24. Matt Morris (33) 121 R 25. Jeff Suppan (33) 119 R 26. Javier Vazquez (31) 118 R 27. Freddy Garcia (33) 117 R 28. Roy Oswalt (30) 115 R 29. Roy Halladay (31) 114 R Derek Lowe (35) 114 R Chan Ho Park (35) 114 R 32. Barry Zito* (30) 113 L 33. Russ Ortiz (34) 110 R 34. Mark Buehrle* (29) 108 L 35. Mark Mulder* (30) 103 L 36. Kelvim Escobar (32) 101 R C.C. Sabathia* (27) 101 L 38. Chris Carpenter (33) 100 R
  25. Well Dave, you have to realize that Bynum plays for the lowly Orioles, not a mighty dynasty like the Cubs. Your scrubinees are like our superstars. Thank you so much for trading your 10th best shortstop so he could be a starter for us.
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