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  1. You were hardly alone in suggesting that we hold on to our young pitchers. I'd say that has been the majority view around here, for the most part. And rightly so. But at the same time, you have to acknowledge that the team has lots of promising young pitchers and is woefully short on the young offensive talent. And so if you can trade your 4th-best young pitcher for a center fielder who is locked up for several years, you have to at least look at it.
  2. Looks like both will start the year at AAA, and we'll see how both perform. Penn and Olson are different style of pitchers. I have high hopes for both of them. I think they will both get 50+ innings in the majors this year when all is said and done. In Penn's case, maybe closer to 100 innings. Penn will pitch on Wednesday and I hope he has a stellar outing that will wipe away some of the negative vibes from his poor showing last September. There's no question in my mind that the kid will eventually be a solid major league starter. The only question is how soon. He's much better than he showed last September.
  3. If you add up all the teams on the list they are 12 games over .500. Bet the under on all of them and you should make out!
  4. FIRST: Angelos should not be involved in this decision. It should be up to the front office. SECOND: The front office should do this deal. Getting LaRoche would be a huge plus. The difference between Roberts and Giles at 2b is pretty minimal, though I'd say Roberts is a little better both offensively and defensively The only big negative to this deal is that Giles only has a year to go on his deal, whereas Roberts has two years and is somewhat more likely to sign long term. That's a risk I take to get LaRoche.
  5. I did look. Maybe I am missing your point. If you are suggesting that I should read every local article on every team to judge whether most of them are more analytical than Baltimore's, I don't have the time. I'm just speculating that the Angels get more coverage than a lot of teams in smaller markets, not just Baltimore. And when there is more competition for readers, there will be better quality analysis as a general rule.
  6. And so he will fire a GM who has won 92, 95 and 89 games? I'm sure of his good intentions, but throwing down an ultimatum like "win the division or else" sounds wrong to me. Let's say the Angels win 93 games and Oakland wins 95. You're going to fire the guy? To me the Angels have done a good job of building a team that wins at the major league level and develops good prospects at the minor league level. I wouldn't be so anxious to change horses.
  7. Maybe, but I don't know that Southern California is a fair comparison. It is a much more saturated media market.
  8. No. But from a distance, Moreno is looking a bit like Steinbrenner (or Angelos circa 1997).
  9. Seems a bit ridiculous to me. This team has won 92, 95 and 89 games the last 3 years, and 2 division titles.
  10. Neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but very curious to see what tack our team is going to take. It has been an interesting offseason so far and our guys have had their fingers in a lot of pots, now let'e see what they are going to cook. One thing I am happy about is that the O's have gotten attention as a team that is on the move and willing to do things to improve. I think we are more interesting to the agents and players than we have been over the last couple of years.
  11. I agree none of these guys had the value of a Tejada, but I don't see how you can say that wasn't a rebuild. We traded our starting C, 1B, SS, LF and DH and our closer. The return we got was pitiful. What I remember most is that we didn't due good due diligence and ended up with an Atlanta pitching prospect with a torn labrum and a Mets pitcher who was 5 years older than we thought.
  12. Obvioulsy the orioles didn't think he was comparable to the guys we signed, or they would have tried to sign him. I agree with their judgment.
  13. Awesome news. I feel a lot better about giving up our 2nd and 3rd round picks knowing that at least we have a comp pick in there.
  14. I think it would be nice, just once, to go into a season with nobody over 35 on the roster. No Raffy/Sosa/Surhoff/Conine/Segui/Reed/Groom/Grimsley.
  15. GMat is coming off a career year. Pierre is coming off a pretty typical year for him and you know what you are getting from one year to the next. If CPat waits until next year, he takes the risk of a drastic downturn such as he had in 2005.
  16. You have odd taste in women. Other than her "assets" she is not that appealing. Of course, if her bank account comes with the deal that's another story. But since you didn't like the analogy, Patterson without speed is like Tim Wakefield without a knuckleball.
  17. CPat shouldn't require $10 mm/yr right now. If he repeats his 2006 performance in 2007, then he might. But remember that in next winter's CF market, he is the 4th option at best. So he is gambling quite a bit if he decides not to sign an extension this winter. Therefore, I'd like the O's to try to extend him this winter. For tactical reasons, I'd try to sign Roberts and Bedard first. I realize those guys are further away from FA, but whatever deal Patterson gets, Roberts will feel he is enititled to more.
  18. Very interesting that there's a good chance we get Mulder. And then what? There's a lot of upside there, but how can you know whether to trade one of the incumbent starters until you get to March and see where he is physically? If the Orioles were to sign Mulder and he returned to his old form, that is exaclty the kind of thing that could galvanize this team into a contender. Flanny & Duq would be executives of the year candidates if that happened.
  19. You put it very well. And as badly as I wanted Soriano or Lee, their contracts are just insane. You have to draw the line somewhere, and the Orioles are on the right side of that line. it is still November. There is plenty of time to address other needs. I want to see what they do in terms of LF and some lefty-mashing depth on the bench/DH. If they find a good solution there, I won't sweat the fact that they didn't go get a no. 3 starter. That always was the lowest priority in my book.
  20. If this was the biggest move we made all offseason, then I would agree with you. But it's just an early move at the outset of the FA/trade season. It's more like bunitng for a base hit in the first inning. Like you, I'm not a big fan of this trade, but I think we'll need to see what else happens before leveling the small ball charge.
  21. If he was so easy to replace, how come practically every guy we trotted out of the bullpen last year got bombed? Moreover, it's not like we have only one hole in our bullpen to fill now,and can just plug in whoever is the best of Hoey, Liz or Salas. We need to fill every spot but Chris Ray's. This is just one more hole.
  22. It seems to me that this trade makes sense only if you believe that Chris Britton is unlikely to repeat (or improve on) his 2006 performance. Personally, I was impressed by Britton all year and had expected him to be one of the anchors of the pen next season. When you break it down he was only scored upon in 10 of 52 appearances all year. He also allowed only 4 of 20 inherited runners to score, which is a very good ratio. It would be asking a lot for any of the relievers mentioned above to duplicate Britton's numbers next year.
  23. http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20061112&content_id=1739294&vkey=news_bal&fext=.jsp&c_id=bal Sounds like the O's had targeted Wright as a possibility a while ago.
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