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  1. I can't see MacPhail and Trembley having a SS with a questionable glove. Wasn't that half the reason they were so eager to trade Tejada? They may stomach Patterson at 2B, but they will go find a guy who can field with Luis Hernandez and hit a bit better.

  2. What I am saying is, he wasn't selected on his merits, if there wasn't a rule than he wouldn't have made it. Because he was an after vote, not an original all-star that was voted in.

    FWIW, according to Bill James win shares system, Roberts was the second best 2B in baseball last year, behind Chase Utley. http://www.hardballtimes.com/thtstats/main/index.php?view=winshares&linesToDisplay=50&orderBy=total&direction=DESC&season_filter%5B%5D=2007&league_filter%5B%5D=All&pos_filter%5B%5D=2B&Submit=Submit

    One other thing -- it's true that the Orioles had to have a representative at the All Star game, but it certainly didn't have to be Roberts. Erik Bedard also would have been a strong selection. The fact that Roberts was chosen over Bedard speaks to how good a season he was having.

  3. McPhail has been preaching that pitching and defense is the way to the promise land. Will if this trade happens, he will have gotten pitching but the defense will suffer. Patterson is not the defensive player that BRob is from what I have read. And Murton is average at best in leftfield. He may be below average.

    I would have held out for Gallagher and Pie, or would have gone elsewhere, or kept BRob.

    I think defense is important, but Rome wasn't built in a day. I don't expect these three trades to fill every need the team has in the ideal way.

    And I suspect the fun is just beginning. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see MacPhail do another 4-5 deals after Christmas, involving a combination of veterans we want to move and younger players who are at spots where we now have a surplus.

  4. I think it's kinda like the diff between movie stars and directors and producers. They all win major awards, but a lot of people who watch the Oscars on TV only care about the movie and the movie stars.

    Which is why I don't watch the Oscars. I really don't need any 5 minute speeches from the guy who had the best cinemotography. His contribution to the movie is very important, and I don't mind him getting an award, but I don't want to spend my time watching him get it.

    Same applies to the HOF. I have no problems giving recognition to the execs, but you can put that in a wing of the Hall that their relatives can visit so far as I'm concerned.

  5. IMO, having good announcers is yet another good Orioles tradition. To appreciate how good we've got it, all you need is either MLB-EI (for TV) or XM (for radio). I think most of us don't realize how good we've got it. To me, the big surprise I got from both MLB-EI and XM is how crappy many ML announcers are. It was a huge surprise to me, I had no idea before.

    We do have good announcers. But Buck Martinez, Jim Hunter and Fred Manfra as Hall of Fame nominees? To me that's the equivalent of having Buck Martinez on the ballot as a player.

  6. Rowell is still really young... it's just a learning curve he is going through! He still has a great ceiling!!!

    You know how we are all drooling over Adam Jones? He was drafted as a 17-year old out of high school. In his first full year, at low A, he put up .267/.314/.404.

    Think about that the next time someone complains about the .273/.335/.426 Billy Rowell put up at Delmarva last year. Same level, same age. But Rowell missed part of the year with an oblique injury, whereas Jones was healthy all year.

  7. Given. But I'm not sure how you're injecting any common sense that didn't already pre-date your arrival.

    Uh, because in my mind, until I say it, it really hasn't been said. :P

    No, I suppose you are right. I just find it funny when people argue so vehemently about the ceiling of someone who, chances are, they have never seen play.

    One thing we know - Votto is no Helton defensively.

  8. No - he's agreeing that his UPSIDE is a .950 OPS. When one player's upside is another player's average, the second player is substantially better than the first.

    Can I inject a little common sense here? The fact is, (1) we don't really know exactly what any highly regarded prospect's ceiling is, but (2) the odds that any prospect in the minors is going to be as good as Todd Helton has been are very small.

  9. Your first point is very well taken. But what, in your mind, is "premium" talent? According to MILB.com, Votto is the no. 34 prospect in baseball, Cueto is no. 47. Where's the cutoff?

    Just a little more -- John Sickels ranks both Votto and Cueto as A- prospects, which is very high praise in his ranking system. Homer Bailey rates a B+, which Sickels said still should make him a top 20 pitching prospect and maybe even a top 10. So that pegs Cueto as a top 10 pitching prospect in his view.

  10. The problem is this: we have no "youth" at those positions anywhere remotely close in the minors.There is nothing to develop! Where is the Orioles' top-rated SS prospect folks? WHERE? Center? WHERE? Second base even? again-WHERE?

    Secondly, you don't trade Erik Bedard for 1 and 2-year filler.You trade him for premium talent-maybe 2 players but premium players-not homers and vottos.

    Your first point is very well taken. But what, in your mind, is "premium" talent? According to MILB.com, Votto is the no. 34 prospect in baseball, Cueto is no. 47. Where's the cutoff?

  11. He's 26 actually.

    He turned 26 when the season ended. What I meant to say was that he had accumulated an .820 OPS through age 25, not that he'll be 25 next season. The point is that he hasn't hit what should be his prime yet and still he is putting up solid numbers.

    I'm not in love with the guy, I just thought your "light hitting" comment was not warranted. We know what light hitting OFs look like.

    Both Murton and Scott have decent platoon splits, but I think if you platooned them in LF and gave each some time at DH, you could get an .850 OPS in each spot.

  12. Murton just makes no sense though. He's a light hitting corner outfielder. A 4th outfielder on many teams. Replace him with Colvin and I'll be happy.

    I think you are selling Murton a little short. He's 25 years old and has an .820 career OPS. Seems like a pretty good bet to be in the .850 range over the next 3-4 years. Also, he's RH and mashes LHP, something we are a bit short on.

  13. Not to advertise the Anita Marks show, but Brian is going to be on for his regular segment at 4. Marks said that she spoke with him earlier today and he is "looking forward to clearing the air." I know it's just Anita Marks and she's going to ask softball questions, but I do think this proves the shot of steroids didn't shrink his cojones too much.

    I'd love to see Brian take some fan phone calls. Now that would take guts!

  14. This is prompted by RShackleford's comment that it is going to irritate him when Barry Bonds is denied Hall of Fame induction but Bud Selig is voted in. I understand that sentiment, but....


    I can tell you this -- I could not care less. I've been to the Hall of Fame twice, and I don't remember spending even one second lingering over the plaque of some bozo wearing a suit and tie (OK, maybe Connie Mack). The Hall of Fame is what it is because it honors the greatest players of the game, and, OK, maybe a few managers. The executives, journalists and announcers who are in there are pure surplusage so far as I'm concerned.

    Have you ever heard a heated argument over whether some Suit belonged in the Hall? Maybe Selig will be the first.

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