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  1. If you look at Pie's career stats, he has torn it up on every level he has played on, and he is usually the youngest on the team. He is only 22. He has been given the "6th tool" and people are judging him on his 130 some at bats, which were very inconsistent.

    So Joey, what do you say about all the folks who are now claiming no deal has been reached? Have you backed off what you said last night? Is this deal with the commish or not?

  2. The problem with his AAA success is that he's never posted more than a .724 OPS anywhere other than the Iowa Cubs

    True, but he did do it twice with the Iowa Cubs. I think you can subtract at least 100 points from that to account for the great hitting environment in the PCL and in Iowa specifically, but 200 points seems a bit much. Somewhere in there is a guy who should be able to post at least a .750-ish OPS in the majors.

    By the way, who was Chicago's hitting coach in 2006, and had he been there a while? Because whoever was there in 2005 messed up Corey Patterson pretty badly, I think.

  3. The Blue Jays may have a window to compete this year and maybe next if they are healthy, but they are looking at some tough times in 2010 or so as they will have some large contracts with aging ballplayers and minimal support beyoung Snyder coming from the farm.

    Concerns mentioned by NJOsfan above are not silly at all. Difficulty fitting prospects on one's 40 man is a sign of a strong farm system and I'm sure we'll be disappointed at who we lose to the Rule V draft over the next few years.

    It's a good problem to have, I guess. By 2009 a lot of the guys on Sickels' list should be in the majors, including Wieters, Reimold, Constanzo, Olson, Liz, Patton, Hoey, McCrory and Moore. If they aren't in the majors then, chances are their prospect status will have taken a real dive.

  4. Here is a pretty good way to think about Cedeno.

    Lou Piniella is a pretty good evaluator of talent. His resume includes a World Series with the Reds, a 116 win season with the Mariners, and last year he took a team that won 66 games in 2006 and won 85 games and a division title. I would put Lou in the same class as Leyland which is pretty close to Earl Weaver in Baltimore terms, at least at this stage of Lou's career.

    Lou had Cedeno last year and instead of using him he spent him to AAA and put Ryam Theriot as SS. Theriot is not a high ceiling guy. He is considered a utility player by many. If Lou not only does not think Cedeno is as good as Theriot at SS but also believed that Cedeno, who spent all of 2006 with the Cubs, does not even belong on the team. Well, that says a whole lot.

    Second point of reference, in 2006 Cedeno started the year as the starting SS for the Cubs under Dusty Bak er. However, Baker replaced him with Cesar Izturis. This the same Izturis that played for the Pirates last year and was not given a contract this winter. He was not traded. He apparently had not trade value. That shows you what Baker thought of Cedeno. Baker is an established manager league manager, who has four 90 wins seasons under his belt as well as a NL Pennant with the Giants.

    Now the O's get Cedeno. They think they talent evaluation is better then Piniella and Baker. Enough said.

    I know you don't like this trade but you are sounding a bit silly. Cedeno is the third piece in this transaction, not the centerpiece of the deal.

    Besides, I might as well say that Brian Roberts was brought to the majors in 2001 and 2002 and the Orioles thought so little of him that they sent him back to the minors each time. Did that mean he would never be a good player?

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  5. Did anyone else feel Markakis plate discipline regressed in 2007 from 2006? Could it be from working with Crowley?

    Not in the slightest. His BB/PA increased from .80 to .86. His P/PA went for 3.68 to 3.75. Every other important offensive number was up. Whatever Crowley is doing with Markakis is just fine.

  6. I would think that a team with 10 consecutive years of losing would have bigger concerns than worrying about leaks.

    I'm sure it does. But if the team wants to turn itself into a winner, it also needs to have the maximum leverage possible when it is negotiating trades or free agent deals. To the extent that leaks provide the other teams or parties with whom they are negotiating with insight about what the Orioles are really thinking, or what alternatives (or lack of alternatives) they have, that undercuts their leverage. So if they are taking steps to eliminate leaks, or control them so that they are used to their advantage, more power to them.

  7. I think the Cubs got the better of this trade.

    Brian will play at a level that I do not expect any of the three players the O's recieved will ever reach. He is one of the best 2nd baseman and leadoff hitters in the game. I don't expect that will ever be said about any of these three at their positions.

    I don't believe from the scouting reports that any of these players have a high ceiling. When the Cubs pulled Pie from the deal and still made it happen, they won.

    I do not expect Cedeno to be the long term answer to anything for the O's other the utility IF. He is a high error infielder with major flaws in his offense from the reports I have read that include the last two seasons.

    I think the Cubs got a very good player, and should be happy with the trade from their perspective. They are in win-now mode and he upgrades a position without really costing them anything they need for now.

    As I said in an earlier post, I'm not sold on Cedeno, I see him as high-risk, high reward, and maybe a bit of a longshot to be above average in the long run. But he's the 3rd piece here. Gallagher and Marshall are good additions and I expect more moves that will become possible due to their acquisition.

  8. Don't be surprised to see some pitching moved in other trades;)

    I won't be surprised at all, in fact, I hope that happens. Beyond Bedard, we have Cabrera, Loewen, Guthrie, Olson, Penn, Albers, Patton, Gallagher, Marshall and Liz. That's a glut, and I'd expect to see at least one guy go in order to upgrade the offensive side. Remember we also have a nice crop of pitchers at Bowie and Frederick.

    Getting to my opinion of the trade, the talent received is sufficient, but we need to make further trades for this one to make sense, for the reason I just gave. Whether this is a solid trade or a great one depends on how Cedeno turns out. Is he the .620 OPS guy he has been in the majors, or the .720 OPS guy he has been in the minors, or the .900 OPS guy he has been at AAA? My guess is that he settles in at the .725-.750 range, but that may take a couple of years to find out. I have questions about his defense, but I need to see him in action.

  9. Drafted out of Ohio St in '06 -- CF with decent tool set -- great speed, good defense, little power, good bat for average. Should see time in Frederick this year. I don't know a ton about him, maybe someone else could correct me or give more details.

    I think the only thing you left out was high OBP. He had a line of .301/.421/.352 at Aberdeen and in college his career OBP was in the .435 range.

    Oh, and he was a 2007 draftee, not 2006.

  10. Gibbs was such a class act. He may have been a bit past it on the x's and o's, but he was the kind of coach who had the knack for getting all of his players pulling in the same direction. He leaves the team in much better condition than he found it.

    If Snyder is smart he'll give Williams the job without further ado.

  11. Tillman appears very comparable to Brandon Erbe. Both were 19 this past season (Tillman is 4 months younger). Their perfomances in high A:

    Tillman: 5.26 ERA, 9.20 K/9, 4.21 BB/9 in 102 IP

    Erbe: 6.26 ERA, 8.37 K/9, 4.68 BB/9 in 119 IP

    (Tillman also pitched 33 innings in low A, 3.55 ERA, 9.27 K/9, 3.55 BB/9)

  12. You know at least he didn't try steroids during his immature and irresponsible rookie season.

    Cheap shot - and how do we know that, anyway? If you look at Cedeno's minor league stats:

    2002: .575 OPS at A-, .564 OPS at A

    2003: .552 OPS at A+

    2004: .729 OPS at AA

    2005: .921 OPS at AAA

    What happened between 2003 and 2004? I'm not accusing the guy, but any time you see a quantum leap like that you have to wonder why.

  13. Jones, Clement, Tillman and Chen would be great.

    I really would prefer to not get Sherrill although I would take him.

    What happened to Chen last year? Injury?

    I like the looks of Sherrill. He's always a very tough LOOGY and last year got right-handers out almost equally well. Great K rates throughout his career. He looks to me like what John Parrish was supposed to be.

  14. Hey everyone back from Mexico.

    -Roberts rumors are still he will be dealt to the Cubs sometime later in the week or next week. But coming back from the Cubs would be Gallagher,Cedeno, and most likely Marshall.

    I hear Obama won the Iowa caucuses. Welcome back, Peace!

  15. Bedard to Seattle is close but we want a 4th player in return. Paperwork for Roberts to Cubs should be filed today. When he left work yesterday it was Gallagher, Marshall and Cedeno.

    I thought everything was being held up for the Bedard deal. Seems like a change of course to close the Roberts deal before Bedard is done.

  16. Im not worried about clearing roster space right now.

    We have guys like Johnson and Leicester who we wont need with all the pitching coming back.

    Fcab and Cherry are two others who we could get rid of, also one of Bynum/Fahey.

    But you want to get some value out of those guys if you can, rather than just waiving them and hoping nobody claims them.

  17. Not sure to be honest....Would like to know this myself.

    How many do we have on the 40 man right now? Is it 38 or 39??

    It's full, that's why we had to DFA Fio, correct?

    We're getting into a lot of specualtion here about these deals. Let's see what happens. But it looks like AM must have multiple moves that are going to happen in short order.

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