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  1. Wieters 0 for 3 today with an RBI. DP, fly out, bases loaded ground ball force out at 2B for an RBI. Now at .289/.375/.411.

    Snyder 2 for 3 today. Single, ground out, single. Now at .378/.398/.544.

    The regular season ends Sunday. All remaining games for Honolulu are at noon Hawaii time, so by 9 EST the box scores should be final. Honolulu is tied with Waikiki and the teamthat finishes with the better record in the 5 remaining games has a playoff with North Shore for the championship.

  2. Three observations:

    1. Nice to see the Yankees being loyal to two players who were key components to multiple championhips.

    2. These guys will be grossly overpaid compared to their peers, especially in the back years of their contracts.

    3. I'd like to think that this will tie up a lot of payroll the Yankees could be spending elsewhere, and will preclude them from doing something else they want to do down the road -- but unfortunately I doubt it.

  3. They can move him to DH. Somehow I think this will work out for the Yanks.

    Oh and better players stay good longer so Posada will probably be at least average up until the end of his contract.

    Most catchers are already in steep decline by Posada's age. Somehow he has defied gravity so far. Nothing personal, but when he goes, I hope he falls apart completely the way Javy Lopez did.

  4. Is that really a bad thing? If Jay ever could have stayed healthy he would have been a very productive Oriole. Of course he may have had help but when healthy he was very solid. Now if Reimold could stay healthy and put up Gibbons like numbers I would be fine with that and he is a much better outfielder then Jay ever was.

    Yeah, I agree that a healthier, better fielding Gibbons-type hitter wouldn't be terrible. It just isn't what a lot of people are hoping for.

  5. Maybe he should remind you of a bigbie that can hit. He has exceeded bigbie's OPS by 100+ points at the same age at basically every level, while showing actual ability to hit for power. If Reimold continues to exceed Bigbie's proformance at every level he should win the ROY and be no worse than a solid everyday player in the Majors.

    I have mentioned this before, but the Orioles have a player on their roster whose minor league performance is similar to Reimold's. As a 21-year old he had a 1.165 OPS in rookie ball. As a 22-year old he had a .924 OPS in low A and an .889 OPS in high A. As a 23-year old he had a .923 OPS in AA. And then he jumped straight to the majors.

    His name? Jay Gibbons.

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  6. You guys are not going to like this selection if I go by the voting so far. If you know the way we've done our lists the last few years, upside potential has weighed more heavily.

    I'm going to like your pick no matter which one it is. And if its Tyler Henson, I'll be glad to know that there is a SS prospect in the system who is that highly regarded.

  7. I read this and can't help think of last year's Jay Payton press conference where Duquette or Flanagan were talking about how he was a great hitter because his batting average was almost the same against both lefties and righties.

    When I read that last year, I just prayed that they were dumbing things down for the general public, and that they had some better reasons for signing Payton. But in hindsight, that may have been as sophisiticated an analysis as they had.

  8. Nolan Reimold hit another homerun. Two RBI's so far and a walk' date=' he brought his average up to .242.

    He definitely deserves a good look in spring training. He's up to 6 home runs, and it seems they keep on coming. It appears he goes on a lot of hot, and cold streaks, which would be a negative, but I'm still pretty high on him.

    Does anyone know how many more games there are? Thanks[/quote']

    The regular season ends this Thursday. Phoenix (the team our boys are on) has clinched a playoff berth already so they will play for the championship on Saturday.

    Good power showing for Reimold but his low BA and high K's worry me.

  9. After further review a agree with some of what you are saying. He would K a bunch more than I originally stated. He looks to be a guy that will K at around 25% of the time. Meaning if he was a 80% playing time player he would likely approach 200 K's. However I stand by the +800 ops. I think he does this by batting 260 or so, which I think he is capable of. He has shown a decent willingness to walk and I would think if he hit 260 his OBP would be around 330. I think he would hit 2b around 1 out of 16 ABs and a Hr every 21 or so ABs. I really think a expected line of 260/335/435 28 2b, 25 Hrs is not irrational. Obviously we would like better but that is such a vast improvement of 2/3rds of our outfield over recent history I could live with it.

    My gut tells me that the .260 BA is very optimistic, though Reimold could still achieve the .335 OBP. I think Reimold will be a .260-.270 hitter when he reaches maturity as a big leaguer, but with a solid OBP and good power.

  10. And that was my point.

    I don't think he will become Randy Johnson, either. I should have just wrote some pitchers develop later than others.

    Sorry, I had no idea I would offend someone with using Johnson. He was the one who came to mind.

    Nah, you didn't offend me, so sorry if I overreacted. It's just that we've heard the Randy Johnson comparison a bit too often here. I think we both agree that Cabrera could still devleop into a very good pitcher. Let's hope Kranitz can do for him what Mazzone could not.

  11. And speaking of Cabrera, he still has a chance to turn into a great pitcher. Who knows ? Randy Johnson didn't turn the corner until he was 29 yrs old.

    Oh, please, not the Randy Johnson comparison again. Before he was 29, Johnson had racked up a sub-4.00 ERA 4 times in 5 seasons. His ERA was better then a the league average every season. Meanwhile, Cabrera has been worse than league average every year, and last year was his worst ever. Cabrera could still develop, but these Randy Johnson comparisons have got to stop.

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  12. I had posted to everyone of you. But I deleted it and am going to take the high road. Wasn't my intention to "personally attack" anyone. If your opinion is that is what I did, I appoligize, like I said wasn't my intention. Some of you, and you know who you are, should step off the soap box though. Personally attacking someone because you deem them to have personally attacked someone else, doesn't make you any better then them and shouldn't be allowed either.

    Mark, I will take you at your word that you weren't attacking me personally. And you have a good point that 4 games in the middle of Reimold's AFL season isn't going to determine his future. My initial post that prompted your remark was probably stated a bit too dramatically.

  13. The Tigers got lucky as hell with Magglio, that was a terribly risky contract, and even in hindsight its easy to say it was a dumb risk. It paid off, but just because hitting on 19 sometimes gets you 21, doesn't mean its a good move.

    Also, we don't have the young talent, especially the pitching, that the Tigers had. We've got some young pitching, but nobody has the upside of Verlander or Bonderman or Miller.

    I do not remember all the details, but the Pudge and Magglio contracts were very cleverly structured to put some of the risk back on the players if they continued having injury problems. Therefore, I did not think the contracts were "terribly" risky, just somewhat risky.

  14. I am not so sure it is a case of weaknesses exposed. Reimold has ALWAYS been an extremely streaky hitter. This goes all the way back to Bowling Green. I really doubt he goes through several week periods that pitchers magically stop making mistakes to him followed by weeks were every other pitcher makes mistake pitches to him. I have suspected a significant mechanical problem that he struggles with. I have even thought that i see a pattern over the past few years. He starts stroking the ball, then starts hitting the ball over the fence then starts missing every thing. He has even said that he starts jumping at the ball and trying to pull the ball too much from time to time. The test for him is to reduce the length of time he gets out of whack IMO. Remember most scouts had him much higher prior to his Jr season, but he had one of his awful period early that year. That period had such an effect on scouts opinion of him that it made the reports seem that scouts had actually observed different players. One scout would say this guy has some tools but he can't even make contact. Followed by a scout saying he is a 5 tool guy that can rake with huge power. Time will tell if he can be more consistant, but I think he has star ability if he can figure it out.

    I just wanted to acknowledge that you may be right about this.

  15. Shack and Frobby,

    I'm going to respectfully disagree with you here. I already made a post in this thread about how much I've liked and respected Mora over the years, but I can't abide by what he said in this article....

    I am sad for him that he does think these things. I wish him well in the future. He has burned his bridges now though. There is no way you can let him back in the clubhouse after these comments. I'm telling you that there will be a ton of strife if he is on the team next year based on these comments. He basically tried to emasculate Trembley with his comments.

    I don't think we really disagree much here. Here is what I said:

    At the same time, Melvin isn't objective in looking at his own contributions and what is best for this team. He isn't going to be part of a championship team here, and if he is going to bristle at giving up playing time to those who might still be here when the team is ready to compete, then it's best that he leave. No need for character assasination here, that's just how it is.

    We both agree it would be best if he's traded. We both agree that he's not necessarily a bad person just because of what he said. We both agree the comments were very troubling and could lead to clubhouse trouble this year if he is here. Any disagreement we have is a matter of degree.

  16. Give me a break! If you think he makes or breaks the big league club based on what he does in the AFL, you've wasted 17,000 posts! But then again>:rolleyes:

    One bad post wastes my other 16,999 brilliant insights? :eek:

    Reimold can't make the big club based on what he does in the AFL, but he can certainly hurt his chances by showing that he's clearly not ready. Can you honestly say that whether he hits .200 or .400 against good minor league competition is going to have no impact on how hard a look he gets next spring?

    As AZRon's posts illustrate, this isn't just about his numbers. It's that his numbers reflect that he has certain weaknesses that are being exploited. He's showing strong signs that he's simply not ready. Can he reverse that view with a strong spring training? Maybe, but I'm not betting that will happen.

  17. I think this is Lesson #63,412 about why an athlete should never-ever-ever talk to the press when he's feeling down. It was stupid to say some (not all, but some) of the things he said. The absolutely worst thing a professional athlete can do is talk to a reporter as if the reporter, or the people reading the paper, really care about what he thinks or feels. If an athlete is feeling frustrated or resentful or a little bit sorry for himself, Rule #1 is to keep your trap shut except for mouthing a few Crash Davis cliches. Because if you don't, if you say how things seem to you on a bad day, this is what happens.

    This is a terrific post. Mora said some stupid things, and you and CEB have put your finger on how hard it must be to endure 8 years of losing, get interviewed all the time, and never make a remark that doesn't sound bad when you read it in print. That's why I don't begrudge his remarks.

    At the same time, Melvin isn't objective in looking at his own contributions and what is best for this team. He isn't going to be part of a championship team here, and if he is going to bristle at giving up playing time to those who might still be here when the team is ready to compete, then it's best that he leave. No need for character assasination here, that's just how it is.

  18. Well, I'm glad MacPhail feels that the meetings went very well. I am partially with RZNJ here, i.e., I will judge this based on end results, not encouraging words. But I'm cautiously optimistic that MacPhail will have a productive offseason. He seems to have a plan and to have the patience and guile to do the job. Time will tell.

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