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  1. Getting back to what motivated this thread, I was very disappointed that Nick couldn't find a way to get a runner home with runners on 2nd and 3rd and one out in the 8th inning yesterday. This has been a pretty consistent problem for him this year. For a guy who has good at bats and a good eye, he seems to have trouble with situational hitting.

    Hopefully it's all just part of the learning process. I do feel the O's put a lot of pressure on Nick by batting him 3rd and playing him virtually every day. Right now he's in a cold spell and may need more than one day off in a month.

  2. That's kind of funny, I recall, I think it was in spring training, where an article from the Sun had some quips from Bedard during an interview and the media found them funny. When I read the quotes I wasn't sure if he was trying to be funny or was being a smartass. Seems like it was something to do with hanging out with the other players, I tried to search for it but came up empty, in any event I posted the question was Bedard being an ass or was he joking.... you thought he was indeed joking... looking back from here, perhaps I heard something between the lines that was generally missed....

    I thought the quote was something like --

    Q. Does being close as a group help you pitch better?

    A. Yes.

    Q. How?

    A. I don't know, I just said it because I thought it sounded good.

  3. Well, my mistake. The Frederick batboy said he was a great guy so I must be wrong. :rolleyes:

    I didn't say Bedard has been a jerk to everyone he's ever met, and he very well may be a private guy, but his disdain for the press is ridiculous, especially since they've done nothing to deserve his attitude.

    I'm not going to comment on whether other players like him or not because I don't know. He might be a great guy to his friends and family. Good for them.

    But, in my book the guy is a first class jerk to the media and he's not fan friendly in most occasions.

    Like most of you, I root for him to pitch well for the Orioles, but he's up there with one of my least liked players I've covered through the minors to the Orioles. Take it for what it's worth. You certainly have a right to have another opinion of him.

    Tony, your opinion counts a lot with me. And I seem to recall you recounting an incident from his minor league days where you told him he needed to develop a change-up and he gave you some caustic-type answer. Am I remembering that right?

    Even so, I'm very slow to call someone a complete jerk. He's certainly been rude to the media, against his own better interests.

  4. Of course they look at all data...No one said any different.

    But they certainly put weight on wins/losses, ERA, BA and other stats that are more traditional even though they don't tell you about the player's actual abilities as well as other stats do.

    I highly doubt D and F said, well look at TRax's DIPS era last year, he isn't someone we should go after.

    I think all GM's are aware of these things and have guys on their staff who are more expert than they are. That said, I don't know that many of them trust these stats 100% -- especially stats that try to weigh the value of offense vs. defense. It's clear to me that many GM's (especially the O's group) weight defense more heavily than the statisticans do.

    I know Duq said that when they evaluated the relievers they signed, one of their criteria was GB/FB and HR rates. No the most complicated stats in the world, but at least relevant.

  5. One thing that hasn't been pointed out in this thread is the following quote

    [bedard] is real shy. He's just a real private person," Trembley said. "He competes like the dickens. He doesn't understand the nuances, that [the media] can help him. I think he understands that a little clearer today."


    This shows is was more of a teaching and trying to help him understand the role he needs to have with the media.

    This is a lot different from "lecturing" Bedard, which is what Roch had said in his blog. Which is probably a case in point showing why Bedard doesn't like talking to the media. You say something and it gets paraphrased or spun in a way you hadn't intended. I'm sure Trembley didn't "lecture" Bedard and didn't tell the media he did, but that's how Roch reported it.

    I'm willing to bet that whatever it was Gibbons said about infield practice has been spun in a way that makes it look worse than what he intended to say. I can think of many, many other examples.

    The press is well-intentioned, but not always that careful. I know this from reading their reports of cases I've worked on. I even got misquoted (or partially quoted) in a story the Sun did about the Hangout!

  6. Ever seen Bedard standing around talking with fans and signing autographs? Ever heard of anything he's done in the community?

    I haven't. It's not just the press he looks down on.

    As I said in the other thread: I have no idea whether Bedard is nice to fans who approach him off the field or not. And, I have no idea whether he does community acitvities or not. Every time I see any publicity about O's doing something in the community, it is either Brian Roberts or Melvin Mora. Does that mean 23 guys are doing nothing? Or does it mean they are doing things but they are not publicized? I do not know one way or another.

    We've established that Bedard is uncomfortable talking to the press. And I think it is fair to say it has gone a bit beyond that at times -- that he has been downright rude on at least a few occasions. That's bad, and hopefully Trembely's message will get through to him. So far as I know, it's the first time one of his superiors has told him that his treatment of the press is not OK. So let's see how or if his behavior changes in that respect.

    However, I will need a lot more information before concluding that the guy is a jerk in general. Are there reports that his teammates don't like him? Are there specific instances where he has been rude to members of the general public? Do the Orioles' community relations people complain that Bedard doesn't do his share? I would need that kind of information, rather than just "have you ever seen him talkng with fans?" Also, I wonder if he had a couple of very bad experiences with the media (as Eddie Murray did) that have caused him to sour permanently on the media.

    Please understand -- I'm not saying he isn't a jerk. Just saying I need more information. And not just because he is a great pitcher and I want to rationalize why I should like him. I just believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and then some.

  7. I agree with John. Trembley did the right thing to talk to Bedard. Whether he "lectured" him as Roch put it, I don't know, but from what I've seen Trembley knows how to be direct without being offensive. Last night I saw Trembley grab Bedard by the shoulders and look him right in the eyes from a distance of 6 inches away to pay him a compliment at the end of his start.

    Trembley is in charge and doesn't let his stars get away with stuff. Good for him. I love Bedard and couldn't care less whether he talks to the media, but rules are rules, they should be followed, and common courtesy shoud be extended.

    As to Trembley telling the media about his conversation with Bedard, that's more debatable, but at the end of the day it's no big deal one way or the other. If Bedard leaves 2 years from now, this won't be the reason.

  8. My argument is also that the Cubs don't have nearly the same need as some other teams do (as outlined above), and therefore their willingness to pay is not nearly as high as some other teams' probably is.

    Sounds good to me -- so why discuss it?

    The O's should not trade Bedard unless they get a king's ransom in return.

    The Cubs have no good reason to trade a king's ransom to get Bedard.

    Therefore, Bedard will not be traded to the Cubs.

  9. Because we have two OFs (Gibbons and Patterson) who cannot hit lefties. Jon Knott can.

    Oddly, Gibbons is hitting .270/.325/.405 and Patterson is hitting .303/.347/.379 vs. LHP. CPat went 3 for 3 vs. Pettitte last night. Obviously I wouldn't count on this trend continuing, but so far these guys have not been big liabilities vs. LHP.

  10. It must be Perlozzo's fault! Right? Uhhhhhhh........

    Or, if only we had a GM who knew more than Flanagan and Duquette. Uhhhhhh.......

    Well? At least we can count on Trembley explaining his reasoning in a cogent manner.

  11. What is more fun than beating the Yankees? Beating them while surrounded by the most knowledgeable and passionate Oriole fans there are. Thanks, guys, it was a night Frobby Jr. and I will not forget for a long, long time (like, ever).

    May I say too that I enjoyed meeting Roy, who lived up to his billing as one of the most down-to-earth celebrities one could ever meet. Roy I hope you enjoyed Hangout Night!

  12. vc

    But your price is right and you can always have binoculars, right. :)

    I would rather sit with a passionate group of OH'ers than sit in my usual seats (parallel to the 1B bag, 12 rows up) with the milquetoast and the Yankee fans!

    P.S. -- Why do all Yankee fans wear jerseys with Jeter's name on the back, when Jeter himself wears a jersey that has no name on the back?

  13. Just putting my 2 cents in, without having read the whole thread. It is bad enough watching the pitcher bat once every 9 batters when his turn comes up. But what I really hate is when a team has a 2-out rally, the 8th place hitter comes up, and they walk him and now they face the opposing pitcher, end of rally. That stinks.

  14. I'd kick Nick Markakis off the island. He was supposed to be on his way to superstardom this year and instead he has a below average OPS for a RF.

    Uh, I just said that to get your attention. Actually I'd kick Danys Baez off the island, if he can take his salary with him.

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