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  1. Wow, I've been following this thread, but didn't realize hot much Wieters has been raking. .977 OPS (although in limited ABs) against LHP and .853 v RHP. Thats pretty nasty. Gotta think he gets to Bowie real quick next season, if he doesn't start there.

    If you liked Wieters, how do you like Snyder?

    vs. LHP .429/.500/.500, 0 HR, 1 RBI in 16 PA's

    vs. RHP .356/.367/.600, 1 HR, 9 RBI in 47 PA's

    Only downside here is 4 BB's vs. 17 K's. Otherwise he's been crushing the ball on a consistent basis.


  2. I apologize if this question was already answered (I was keeping up through the first six pages or so' date=' but haven't checked in a while), but does anyone have splits for Wieters from the left and right sides of the plate?[/quote']

    vs. LHP: .333/.533/.444, 0 HR, 4 RBI in 14 PA's

    vs. RHP: .304/.371/.482, 1 HR, 9 RBI in 61 PA's


  3. ARod appears to me to be the classic Patrick Ewing player. The guy can absolutely rake, but it says something to me that every team he played on has played better without him either before or after he was there for no discernable reason. Once is a coincidence, twice is hard to explain, three times is a trend

    You will have to explain the Patrick Ewing analogy. The Knicks went to the playoffs 13 straight seasons while he was there, and they have been in the playoffs twice in 7 seasons since he left. Georgetown won a championship and went to the finals 3 times in 4 years while he was there; they were good but not great before and after.

  4. The tidbit I was most interested in was the one that says no chance we trade Bedard. That may turn out to be a very bad move -- but at the same time I'll still look forward to watching every game the man pitches. He was a lifeboat of enjoyment in a sea of misery this year.

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  5. I'm very surprised by this decision, as it was in A-Rod's economic interest to string the Yankees along for 10 days. He must have wanted out of NY in a big way.

    No matter how you slice it, this is terrible news for the Yankees, since anybody else they sign will be a step down from A-Rod.


  6. I think the rise of Papelbon and decline of Mariano Rivera has shifted the balance of power among our two hated rivals for the next several years.

  7. This is 1000% accurate...His range to his left is not that good at all...To his right it is very good.

    Excellent post Mac.

    I agree too. But this year I did feel he made more than his share of mental errors and bad exchanges on DP's, in addition to having limited range up the middle. He had two long streaks when he went in to fielding funks (5 errors in April, 6 in August). His detractors exaggerate his defensive shortcomings, but I definitely feel its fair to say that he had better range when he got here than he has now, and of course that's only likely to get worse.

  8. But if he is so valuable, then 151 ab's shouldn't change one's opinion.

    I suppose you have never once been fooled by how someone looked for their first 2-3 months? Now I will admit, you (especially in the last 2 years) have been pretty consistent in not getting too high or low on a player who seemed to be performing above or below the level suggested by minor league stats and/or peripherals. Sometimes, to a fault. But surely even you have sometimes been wrong in your initial assessment of a player and later changed your mind.

    If Dave got excited over Fonetnot's first few months, he's only human.

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  9. Using their metrics, The Fielding Bible ranked Wilson 2nd among shortstops in defense over the 2003-2005 seasons, behind Everett and ahead of Rollins, Furcal, and Neifi Perez. Vizquel was 9th and Jeter was 30th, ahead of only MIchael Young.

    Well, as long as he's better than somebody, I guess they can continue to give him the Gold Glove every year. Where did Tejada rank?

  10. I don't care what the stats say, Tejada was not good in the field last year. His range is not good and if his zone rating is good, it only tells me that that stat isn't very good....

    Again, if that defensive stat says Tejada is a good defensive SS then that stat is terrible.

    There is no one defensive stat that seems to work all the time for every player.

  11. Basically, all those stats say is that he's a mediocre catcher offensively. And, that's a ringing endorsement? He's been in the top 25% of catchers one time in the last 5 years...exactly as many times as he was in the 50th percentile.

    Oh, come on. There is no way to look at those numbers and conclude anything other than that he has been an above average offensive catcher for the last five years. Nobody ever said he was a superstar, and he isn't paid like one. But he has been pretty good, and to say he has little value is just wrong.

  12. There was a time that the Orioles were beloved in this town and respected around the country. Now this organization is a laughing stock. The Millar episode in Boston is the latest! Some fans don't care if he was there and participated in the festivities. That's because they are not Orioles fans. Others care because they are Orioles fans.

    That's your first post?

    I don't care about what Millar did, and don't you dare tell me I'm not an Orioles fan.

  13. In a word, no.

    Way too much. Hernandez has very little value. He could probably get back one decent prospect. So basically you're doing a 5-for-Tejada.

    I think you (and several others) are being too dismissive of Hernandez's value. Among catchers with 300+ plate appearances:

    2007: 15th of 30 in OPS

    2006: 7th of 28

    2005: 9th of 27

    2004: 8th of 28

    2003: 10th of 30

    He had an off year last year, both offensively and defensively, but it is way premature to be writing him off. He will be 32 this season and should have a couple of good years left.

  14. Hernandez an "excellent addition"? C'mon Frobby. You know better than that. He's probably a downgrade from what Soto would give the Cubs in '08, let alone beyond.

    And Pie for Tejada is sort of one step forward, one step back.

    An excellent addition would be Bobby Abreu, or Fukudome, or even Posada or Rivera, at no cost to the existing talent pool.

    I have a higher opinion of Hernandez than you do. And I don't know anything about Soto.

    Question about Iowa -- is that an extreme hitters' park? It seems you have a ridiculous number of players with gaudy stats there. I count 8 players with 100+ AB and an OPS of .899 or higher.


  15. If the conversations going on between MacPhail and Hendry at all resemble the ideas flying around on the OH, then frankly Tejada being dealt anyplace but Chicago (or him getting featured prominently by Mr. Mitchell) can't happen soon enough for my taste.

    I don't much like sending Pie for Tejada.

    I really don't like sending Pie and other(s) for Tejada.

    And now to make matters even worse, comes this Hernandez stuff.

    Face it, Dave, the Cubs are built to WIN NOW. One or two excellent additions and they are the odds-on NL favorites. That is why a deal like this would make sense for them.

  16. The awards show idea is an interesting one. It doesn't affect anything that goes on between the white lines, and it would be kind of suspenseful as opposed to simply having these awards trickle out in the press over a couple of weeks.

  17. Nice to see Anita gave people like 5 sec to say what they thought about the Millar situation. :rolleyes: I think the Baltimore media is more disconnected than the national media from the fans about Millar. At least guys like Mike Greenberg and Tony Kornheiser get some fan's point of view on this one...

    Fixed that for you. Some fans care and some don't care at all about this.

  18. 2004: RF 4.46 (8th/11), ZR .847 (6th/11)

    2005: RF 4.76 (2nd/10), ZR .830 (5th/10)

    2006: RF 4.14 (9th/9), ZR .810 (7th/9)

    2007: RF 4.02 (11th/11), ZR .765 (11th/11)

    I think he's at the point where he is hurting the Yankees pretty badly with his defense. Will they really continue to stick him out there at SS every day for the next three years?

    I think it should be between Uribe and Cabrera for the GG this year.

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