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  1. Very Moyeresque. I though he had a great game. Too bad his bequeathed runners both scored, but luckily he got enough offensive support to get credited with the W. I’m sure he’ll take it!
  2. I’m happy for him. He’s had a lot of setbacks while he’s been here and I’ve always felt like it truly bothers him that he hasn’t earned his big paycheck. Hopefully he can give us a dozen solid starts this year.
  3. Frobby

    Bundy in L.A.

    Always liked his approach. I hope he has great success for the Angels. I also hope a couple of the pitching prospects we got for him turn into something.
  4. Sure he could, if they’re shifting and the bunt was half decent. I’d like to see him try it a couple of times but I’m not expecting him to do it.
  5. I didn’t realize they were playing a day game. Bummer.
  6. Thanks, that’s good to know! Kind of ruined my joke about the lights, though.
  7. Are you getting tested?
  8. If you’ve seen The Natural, you’ve seen Buffalo’s stadium. And I guess the penultimate scene in that movie explains why the Blue Jays need to work on the lighting there!
  9. I had my family over, but ended up watching from when they were down 10-0 to the end. Very impressive! 🙄
  10. Simple question, to gauge how much interest there is now that baseball is finally here. As for me, I’m not sure. I may try to have my kids over for a socially distant dinner in the driveway if it looks like the weather will cooperate. If so, that trumps baseball, even on “Opening Day.” But if not, then I’m sure I’ll watch at least some of the game.
  11. Honestly, I think you are reading too much into what baseball is doing. I have a Black Lives Matter related sign on my lawn. It’s got nothing to do with hating the police, or wanting the country to turn socialist or anything of that nature. It’s just a statement of belief that people of color should be treated equally. I think that’s the simple proposition that baseball is supporting, not some dramatic political agenda.
  12. Except in Hamilton, where he was hilarious. I had an Uncle George. He emigrated from Russia on foot. Amazing.
  13. The Hangout has done a great job of keeping political discussion to a minimum over the years. We all have views on these subjects, but this is a place we come to discuss baseball and our beloved team. I think there have been a few times when it was inevitable that politics were going to come up to a degree, because sometimes they affect the game. For example, I know it’s been tricky to separate discussion of how COVID would affect the season from how COVID “should” affect the season etc. I think Tony, Mike and the other mods have done an admirable job of getting people to try to respect that line, and I thank them for it.
  14. I haven’t done the quiz myself, but just skimming it over, it’s pretty hard. Lots of obscure combinations of stats. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/07/22/george-will-2020-mlb-opening-day-quiz/
  15. I’m so good at this....12/$365 mm, apparently https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29517069/sources-mookie-betts-dodgers-long-term-contract
  16. From atomic: The last paragraph is from me. Can't get the quote function to work properly.
  17. I don’t think he meant it as a personal attack on you. He’s just pointing out that Maryland has had its own serious problems with the virus in the past, and may be on track to have serious problems again, so we (as a state) shouldn’t look down our noses at Florida just because the problem is bigger there right now. I agree with that — the cases here have increased the weeks in a row, and the rate of growth also has increased. I hope things head the other direction but I’m worried it won’t.
  18. First, I don’t think the comparison with Tillman is apt. His secondary stuff was way better than Hess’s and he was a much more highly regarded prospect (ranked no. 22 prospect by BA and 16 by BP). It just took him some time to figure out how to pitch in the majors. But second, I don’t think Hess is any less of a prospect than many of the pitchers the Orioles are carrying right now. He probably won’t start this season in the majors, but we’ll see who performs decently over the next 2.5 months. There’s a lot of cannon fodder to sort through. Hess was looking pretty good in spring training and I’m not going to write off the chance that he made offseason improvements just because he had a rough outing in his first game action in four months.
  19. The lack of indifference? I think you just mean indifference.
  20. Deaths in Florida last 3 weeks: 312, 511, 740. New cases still increasing over that period (59k to 70k to 80k), so I’d expect deaths there to go over 1000/wk, maybe significantly more, during the next 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, Maryland’s cases have shown a significant increase 3 weeks in a row, going from 2471 to 2855 to 3477 to 5756. We aren’t out of the woods locally by any stretch. Deaths are very low here right now (63 last week) but will probably reverse course soon.
  21. We’ve been blessed with a lot of great announcers. For my money, Jon Miller was the best. But for a TV color guy, Palmer is top-notch. He’s perfectly suited for that role.
  22. Palmer confirms that he’s only working remotely this year. No hints from him about the future. https://mobile.twitter.com/Jim22Palmer/status/1284571920248082432
  23. Right on time. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/07/means-scratched-from-sunday-exhibition-with-arm-fatigue.html
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