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  1. Glad you liked it. They’re both pretty witty people, in addition to having good musical abilities. I’m hoping they do some more stuff with all this down time. My son in law was just starting a 3-month run of Guys and Dolls at Ford’s Theater when they got shut down. My daughter was between gigs but would have started her next show by now. It’s going to be a tough year for them.
  2. Yes. My son-in-law is a music director and regularly plays/directs at musicals around DC at theaters like Ford’s Theater, Arena Stage and Signature Theater. He’s also a fantastic pianist and played all the music in this. My daughter is a stage manager, and they both majored in music composition at the Carnegie Mellon School of Music, where they met. The music itself comes from a musical called Urinetown that was on Broadway about 20 years ago.
  3. I’ve been amazed at how little my work efficiency has been disrupted. At the office, my “normal” day is leave home at 7:30, start work 8:00, half hour lunch break at 1:00, leave office 6:30, home 7:00. I’ve saved an hour of commuting, so now I’m starting work 8:00, break at 1 pm for lunch and a walk with my wife and dog, back at my desk at 2:15, stop work at 7:00. Things are pretty busy at my law firm, as we’ve been advising clients on all the new legislation, helping them with the loan programs, etc. We brought my son home from California on Monday and he’ll be quarantined in his room for two weeks. At lunch he joins us on our walk, with all three of us wearing masks and him trailing 6+ feet behind us. I hope some of you will enjoy the attached video, “Quarantown - The Musical” done by my daughter and son-in-law:
  4. A fair number of people won’t be able to afford discretionary things like baseball games for a while. The whole live entertainment industry is going to be hurting for a long time. I’ve got a daughter who works in theater and that industry is really in for a hard time.
  5. The O’s had a guy named Tony Muser in the mid-70’s who fit that description. In ‘75 he played 62 games for us at 1B, only 14 as a starter. In ‘77 he played 77 games at 1B, 11 as a starter.
  6. The latter. Forget what the pitcher, catcher or manager thinks. Let the computer decide!
  7. And here I thought maybe they were going to use it to call pitches.
  8. Both my wife and I have read a few Bosch books. Does the series replay the plots of the books, or does it just use the characters? And is the format one crime per episode, or one crime per season? (Or something else.)
  9. We have better, more sophisticated stats now. Back before there were things like ERA+, W-L told you things that ERA and K’s did not. I also think W-L has become less meaningful as IP per start has shrunk.
  10. Or maybe he’ll be one of those rare guys who figures something out while he’s overseas and returns to the US a better pitcher. I always thought Wilson had a really good head on his shoulders and a good mentality on the mound and off. He just didn’t have the elite level of command necessary for a guy with mediocre stuff. His command was decent but not top shelf. I think Lowther is generally more promising than Wilson. In the minors: 3.22 ERA to 3.85, 1.12 WHIP to 1.21, 10.2 K/9 to 7.4. He’s also progressed through the system faster. While neither had premium velocity, Lowther has much more deception.
  11. The longer the time horizon, the better it is. Nobody’s going to argue it’s the best stat over any time frame, but career W-L is much better than a one season W-L. It tells you something about both effectiveness and durability. Luck is less of a factor over that span. It tends to filter out park effects because winning 5-4 at OPACY is just as good as winning 3-2 at Tropicana. Obviously the strength of the team behind you still matters a lot, but overall that’s less likely to be as big a factor over a career than over a season.
  12. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/04/elias-on-importance-of-draft-preparation-while-unsure-of-length.html https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/04/elias-on-mancini-draft-preparations-and-more.html On the important subject of Mancini’s health (from the second article): “He’s doing well,” Elias said. “He had a major procedure and a major life event and the recovery is a long one and it’s a serious one, but his health status personally, the way that the operation went and the demographics age-wise and health-wise that he resides in going into this puts him in a really good spot to make a 100 percent recovery both from a general health standpoint, but also a baseball sense. But it is going to take some time. He’s going to be out for months rather than weeks.”
  13. It’s not a Netflix original, but I’ve been watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix and really enjoying it. In the real world the show just had its last season, but I’m in season 3. Liking it a lot and everyone says it gets better as it goes along.
  14. Have we ever signed a young Latin prospect for more than $500 k? $1.5 mm would be quite a leap. They must be very high on the kid. Still, I wouldn’t want to make my living guessing which 15-year olds will be successful major league players. And no, Henry Urrutia and Daniel Alvarez don’t count as young Latin prospects.
  15. I’d be much more excited if he was out there pitching games. Will these guys even remember which hand they throw with when this is over?
  16. This list won’t be complete because BB-ref only lists retirements up through 2015: - Grady Sizemore (ret. 2015) was worth 27.7 rWAR in 10 seasons and made $30.9 mm. - Orlando Hudson (ret. 2012) was worth 30.9 rWAR in 11 seasons and made $31.3 mm. - Adam Kennedy (ret. 2012) was worth 20.9 rWAR in 14 seasons and made $21.0 mm. - Craig Counsell (ret. 2011) was worth 22.0 rWAR in 16 seasons and made $21.0 mm. Lesson: playing 2B does not pay.
  17. By Total Zone Runs: 1. Brooks 293 2. Beltre 168 (sorry, Andre...) 3. Bell 167 ... 31. Machado 55 32. Brett 54 Bell is also 3rd all-time in dWAR of all 3B, not just those not in the Hall. There are some very good 3B not in the Hall: Rolen 70.1 rWAR Nettles 68.3 Bell 66.0 Still, hard to say that Bell would be in the Hall if he’d been a Yankee, when you have Nettles not in the Hall after playing 11 seasons in New York.
  18. Bell: 6 Gold Gloves Brett: 1 Gold Glove I don’t think anyone was under any illusions that Brett was as good as Bell defensively.
  19. You’d have to specify the era, since there has been so much salary inflation over the years. Reggie Jackson was the highest paid player in baseball at one point, and he made under $10 mm in his career. Eddie Murray signed the biggest contract in baseball history at a later point and he made $30.3 mm in his career. A $30 mm benchmark is probably only useful if you are limiting this to guys who retired in 2010 or later. I don’t have time to research this right now, but Ronnie Belliard retired in 2010 with 20.8 rWAR over 13 years and yet only made $15.5 mm in his career. Lots of guys retired in 2010 with lower rWAR than him who made more than $30 mm.
  20. But their save rate wasn’t bad. 88% for Jones (22 of 25), 66% for the team (29 of 44) which was league average. Reliever ERA was about average, as was percentage of inherited runners who scored. What’s pretty striking to me is that they only had 44 save opportunities, second lowest in the AL (53 was average).
  21. That team outscored its opponents by 64 runs and somehow finished 71-73. Pythagorean record was 78-66. Definitely an underachieving team.
  22. Yeah, it’s pure guesswork as to when, where and under what exact conditions baseball will return. I know this: I’ll be very happy when it’s back, in any form. I could really use the distraction.
  23. This is kind of cool. My cousin, who is an emergency room doctor at Ohio State Medical Center, got a mild case of coronavirus and has now recovered. A blood test showed the presence of antibodies in his blood, and on Monday he donated plasma for use with other patients. The local news ran a story about it: https://www.10tv.com/article/plasma-transfusion-recovered-covid-19-patient-performed-ohio-state-wexner-medical-center
  24. Frobby

    Jim Frey

    Didn’t Frey usually assume the managerial duties when Earl Weaver got ejected? RIP to a good baseball man.
  25. For what it’s worth, Monday was Pearce’s 37th birthday. So, happy retirement and happy birthday to him! He was a huge part of our success in 2014.
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