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  1. 8 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

    Frobby, my approach of assessing prospects, especially Orioles prospects, is that they're all going to fail, and fail miserably. 

    Until they don't. 

    That's not humility, that's treating everyone equally.

    I can’t blame you for taking that approach. Back in the day, one of my nicknames for Nick Markakis was The Boy Who Lived, because he was the one success in a sea of developmental failures in his era.   

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  2. 1 minute ago, Eric-OH said:

    I’m curious to a large degree about the DSL group coming over this year and focusing on age is just one aspect.  This is really just the first part of a multi-year push for international talent so I’m not stuck on 2020.  It will serve as a better template for the future, but I cannot get over how much they won when I expected them to win.  There was maybe one instance where I just thought ‘they didn’t execute’ or ‘they were caught off guard’. That’s what I’ll remember about the group and yes, I’m even more curious to see who gets the full season opportunity.  We’ll be able to know and not guess in a few weeks.

    That speaks well of Alan Mills and his staff.  

    I’m guessing we’ll have a few more younger DSL graduates on this year’s GCL squad, but we are still probably 2 years away from having the typical flow that most teams have.    The players coming this year are the ones Duquette signed in his last year or that Elias and Pérez were able to sign late in the cycle.    There hopefully are a few nuggets there, but not a full complement.    I’m interested to see who is sent over.  

  3. There has been a thread on this topic for about two weeks that was moved to the MLB forum.     It’s interesting to skim through it and see the changing attitudes over the last two weeks as the virus has spread.    At this point I think it’s likely MLB will either delay the start of the season, or play without fans in the stands.   


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  4. 9 hours ago, Moose Milligan said:

    Semantics.  IMO, filler is a quad A guy that gets shuttled back and forth.  And when you have a team as crappy as ours, they might stick around for a season or two in the bigs for lack of a better option.

    Glad you're not really excited about Akin.

    I think it’s best to adopt an approach of humility when assessing how a prospect might fare in the long run.    We’ve seen highly touted guys fail miserably and unheralded guys carve out good careers at times.    We have a lot of decent pitching prospects at the upper levels of the minors right now and it’s anybody’s guess which ones will become decent or better major league pitchers.   But I do have hopes that the group of Akin, Zimmermann, Kremer, Lowther, Wells and Baumann will yield some successful pitchers.    It’s the best group we’ve had in a decade or so even if no one guy stands out.    

  5. 9 hours ago, Eric-OH said:

    Good perspective.  Also appropriate that they won in such dominating fashion.  This year the ages will be more in line with the other teams.  We’ll see how they perform for Alan Mills and company.  

    Previous two years:

    2017:  Batters 20.6 (19.5), Pitchers 21.1 (20.4)

    2018: Batters 20.7 (19.8), Pitchers 20.6 (20.4).  

    The GCL O’s have tended to skew older due to lack of flow from the DSL.    Last year was more extreme because Elias only drafted 8 players out of high school, of whom only two (Henderson and Hernaiz) signed.     We’ll see who he drafts this year, but I think the team will skew at least somewhat old because our DSL flow still will be below average and there aren’t likely to be any high schoolers repeating the GCL, as a few guys (Jake Zebron, Andrew Jayne, Yeancarlos Lleras) did last year.    

    I do think there was some decent talent on last year’s GCL team, but the age difference was a big factor in the team’s success.    I’ll be interested to see which players from the GCL team make the jump to full season ball this spring.    


  6. 4 minutes ago, weams said:

    I am glad we won the GCL, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that we had the oldest team in the league by a wide margin.   Our hitters were the second oldest, averaging 20.9 compared to league average 19.5.    Our pitchers were the oldest, 22.1 compared to league average 20.3, and 0.6 years older than the second oldest group of pitchers.    

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  7. 43 minutes ago, SteveA said:

    Wonder if Zimmerman could legitimately be in the mix?   He's getting the start tomorrow, albeit only because of Cobb's blister.

    Would be a bit unprecedented for Elias to promote someone who has only 38 innings above AA, I realize.

    I think if he has an excellent outing he may well be in the mix.   

    Therefore, he will have a terrible outing.   

  8. Dylan Bundy threw 4 innings yesterday, allowing 3 hits including a 2-run homer, while striking out 5.    He’s struck out 16 in 11.1 innings, tied for the lead in strikeouts this spring.   

  9. 1 minute ago, Camden_yardbird said:

    All one needs to do is look 4 posts up and see that I am hesitant on Esch.  That said, I am always wary of the ST game where there a gagillion HRs and the report is Wind 5 mph out to CF.  Anyone there can say if that 5 mph is accurate. 

    Tho looking at the pitch placement he left the first two HRs middle middle.

    I hear you.    The homers seem a bit one-sided, though (6-2 at the moment).    

  10. 46 minutes ago, Philip said:

     Find me someone, anyone, who is happy with how he is hitting right now and would be happy if he continues to hit like that. That’s what I mean. His career offense is poor: .203 avg, 85 WRC, negative -.02 fWAR, 33+% K rate.

    Everyone is hoping he will improve. That’s my point: my point is also that he hasn’t improved meaningfully enough for his offense to compensate for his defense, Even at catcher, where the offensive bar is low, especially for a back up catcher.

    Offensively, he did improve.   .557 OPS in 2018,  .729 in 2019.    That’s very meaningful if you ask me.     But I’m hoping for continued improvement.    

  11. 3 minutes ago, webbrick2010 said:

    He was bad in AAA last year and horrible in ST. I'm not sure it is a given that he ever pitches in ML outside of a cup of coffee, 

    He was not bad in AAA last year.     He just wasn’t exceptional.   4.73 ERA in a league where the average was 4.90.    I think it’s highly likely he’ll pitch in the majors.    Whether he’ll have any success remains to be seen.    It really boils down to whether command of his offspeed stuff improves.   

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  12. 30 minutes ago, DrungoHazewood said:

    Isn't "we think he will grow into a productive major leaguer based on his current skill set and potential" deserving?

    Philip doesn’t like Sisco.    I don’t mean personally, he just doesn’t like his skill set. I’ve advocated patience with Sisco, but if Holaday clearly beats him out, so be it.   I expect that decision to be made at the very end of spring training.    

  13. 7 minutes ago, hgb128 said:

    Very well said, I don't care what anyone says about the current front office but this up and down to the minors hurts players 


    I don’t see how this comment applies to Akin.    He has never pitched in the majors and this was his first time in major league camp.   He hasn’t been up and down.   

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  14. Akin did not bowl me over this spring.   13 hits, 2 walks, 3 homers allowed in 9.2 innings.     It won’t hurt him to sharpen things up in the minors before he’s called up.     I still think he’ll be recalled within 2 months, but he’ll have to earn it.    

  15. 20 minutes ago, BRobinsonfan said:

    Keith Moreland had some good years with the Cubbies before coming to Baltimore at age 35 in 1989.  

    In 33 games for the O's, in what would be his last year, he "slashed" .215/.243/.280/.524 


    And he had played decently up until his trade to Baltimore that year.    If he had played decently for us, maybe we would have made the playoffs that year. 

    Not sure if he belongs in this thread or not, as he never played the field with the O’s.   

  16. 7 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

    Fair enough.  For some reason I thought Eddie was better than he was in the 2nd time here.

    I think he had some real key moments.   

    8/14 - homered to break 5-5 tie in the bottom of the 8th

    9/6 - homered to tie the game in the bottom of the 7th

    9/11 - sac fly to win the game in the bottom of the 10th

    9/21 - grand slam to break tie in the bottom of the 6th

    And, he injected a lot of life into the crowd.   It was great hearing the Eddie chant after all those years.    Got me riled up.   


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  17. Just now, Can_of_corn said:
    Frobby, why you gotta wet blanket everything all the time?  Why you gotta be so extra?  He's merely playing by the loosely defined rules that were defined in the OP and here you come in acting all serious about something that's a fun topic. 

    Nobody disses Eddie when I’m around!   Not even Moose, who deserves a lot of slack.   


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  18. 35 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

    Also at first base, '96 Eddie Murray.  Felt good to have him hit his 500th homer here (a year to the day Ripken broke the Streak) but it wasn't great.  

    Whaaaaat?????    Yeah, Eddie wasn’t great for us, but he did manage a .766 OPS with 10 homers and 34 RBI in 64 games.   The team was 50-46 when Eddie arrived but went 38-26 in those 64 games and made the wild card.    To me he was a good contributor down the stretch.    He also had a .967 OPS in the ALDS and .820 in the ALCS.    I was really happy with Eddie’s return engagement.    Fortunately the team didn’t renew him for 1997, when he was truly spent and retired when that season ended.   

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