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  1. That’s not the point of the thread. The point is, they haven’t drafted very well over the last 10 drafts. Now, a few things have to be said about that: 1. They’ve been drafting near the bottom of the first round for most of that time. 2. It’s.too early to judge their drafts over the last 4-5 years or so. For example, we think Orioles have drafted pretty well in that time (Hall, Rodriguez, Rutschman, Henderson, Westburg and others) but almost none of their high profile picks have reached the majors yet
  2. He’s need to produce 7.5 rWAR over four years to earn the $60 mm he’ll get at prevailing FA prices. In the last four years he’s produced 1.7 rWAR total. That’s not likely to get better with age. So yeah, it’s a big loser of a contract.
  3. You're doing AFL game summaries now? You really are the Energizer bunny!
  4. Which league are the numbers in bold? The problem with range factor is that it is hugely impacted by factors beyond the fielder’s control: K rate and GB/FB rate of the pitchers, the handedness of the pitchers (which affects whether teams stack their lineups with RH vs. LH batters) and the dimensions of the ballpark (both foul territory and OF distance). Just on a real quick look, the K/9 rate in the Mexican league is only 7.1 per game, compared to 8.9 in the majors. So, that’s basically 2 more outs per game being made by the fielders. Figure about 20% of all fielding plays are by t
  5. Everyone is labeling him as injury prone, because he is. Of course he cares. But I don’t think he believes that he’s going to change that label by blaming one particular injury on the training staff (which he didn’t do). He’ll either stay healthier or he won’t. The only way to change the perception is by staying on the field.
  6. Just for the fun of it, here’s the top of the SS market: Correa, 26, 34.1 rWAR in 752 games, 7.2 rWAR in 2021 Seager, 27, 21.3 rWAR in 636 games, 3.7 rWAR in 2021 Story, 28, 26.8 rWAR in 745 games, 4.2 rWAR in 2021 Baez, 28, 23.4 rWAR in 832 games, 4.5 rWAR in 2021 Semien, 30, 28.6 rWAR in 1052 games, 7.1 rWAR in 2021 Crawford, 34, 30.1 rWAR in 1443 games, 6.1 rWAR in 2021 That is an impressive array of talent, and they all pretty much sang for their supper in their walk year. Andrelton Simmons (37.1 rWAR) is also available, but no longer at the top of his
  7. They gave Josh Reddick 4/$52 mm. That turned into 4/$43.8 mm due to the pandemic, and they got 7.1 rWAR out of him, so a modest win for them but nothing spectacular. He had an excellent year the year they won the title.
  8. The guy barely has a year of service time. By the time he’s a free agent, nobody’s going to care why he had an oblique injury in 2021. He’ll either continue to have constant injury problems, or he won’t — if he’s even in MLB by then.
  9. I agree, he’ll get a lot more than that. I was more referring to what the Astros would pay to keep him. I don’t think they’ll be in the finalists of the bidding for Correa because of his injury history with them. As to what some other team pays him, I’m guessing he falls short of Lindor, who was overpaid by a new owner wanting to flex his financial muscles.
  10. If Correa had a better track record on health, he’d probably get a lot more than that. Those three straight years missing significant time with injuries hurt his stock considerably. Still, 34.1.rWAR through his age 26 season in 752 games is pretty impressive. A few comps through age 26: Manny 37.0 rWAR in 1082 games Harper 32.3 rWAR in 1084 games Lindor 28.0 rWAR in 777 games. On a WAR/162 basis, Correa beats all three rather easily. But, he has played 110 games or less in three different 152-game seasons.
  11. Diaz 2 for 4, a homer, a walk, 2 runs and 2 RBI. Cullen 0 for 3 with a walk
  12. Wow, that is Machiavellian thinking. He’s not going to earn one more cent if people think he got an oblique injury from doing some ill-advised exercise, as opposed to some other reason.
  13. I didn’t even know this position existed, though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. https://www.masnsports.com/videos/2021/10/os-minor-league-mental-skills-coordinator-kathryn-rowe-joins-masn-all-access.html In the interview, it’s mentioned that Gunnar Henderson gave her a shout out when he was interviewed about the adjustments he had to make at Aberdeen. Here’s what Henderson said: “Now, looking back on it, I was trying to change things every day, and it just all turned when I was talking to Kathryn Rowe (the Orioles’ mental skills coordinator). She helped me with all that and
  14. I dunno. You’re talking about a 26-year old who’s being asked to explain how he got each of his three injuries. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  15. Sorry, I don’t see it that way. It’s not unusual for someone to have a gym-related injury from doing an entirely appropriate exercise. No need to reply, because I’m sure you aren’t going to change your minds. We just have different ways of looking at the world.
  16. Fun presentation. I hadn’t realized he’d had such a good year in 2021. Always liked him. The guy we got for Bleier, Isaac DeLeon, had a pretty good year in the FCL: .276/.367/.372. He’s a 19 year old infielder.
  17. To be clear, he didn’t. He said he thought the oblique injury might have come from a new exercise he tried. He never blamed anyone, never said a word about anyone on the staff. Never said anyone did anything wrong. The thread title is a little misleading, because Harvey didn’t make any comments about the strength and conditioning staff.
  18. Nice report, @bobmc. Looking forward to seeing Baumler on the mound next year.
  19. I’d say that even if Harvey is correct that his injury related to the core exercise he did in the weight room, it doesn’t mean that the exercise was inappropriate. Not enough info to really assess it.
  20. Yeah, Tony posted his thread while I was in the middle of writing mine so I didn’t see his until after I’d posted mine. They both refer to the same article, but Tony was making a specific point about one of the injuries where mine was a broader discussion of how all the injuries arose, so I decided to leave mine separate. Happy to have them merged if Tony prefers.
  21. Yeah, terrible call. But Fangraphs said the Dodgers’ win probability was 90% before the AB started and higher than that when it got to 1-2. So it probably didn’t change the eventual outcome — but we’ll never know for sure. It really is a shame to see a tight, crucial game end like that.
  22. For that matter, Hobgood was a very good hitter in HS.
  23. Excepts from Roch’s interview: The left oblique strain in spring training happened on one pitch to his first batter and cost him three months, with his season debut coming June 4. The lat strain happened on his final warmup toss in the bullpen in Houston. The triceps strain kept him off the mound after his fourth game with Norfolk on Sept. 1 and away from the Orioles since June 28. *** The oblique:“The spring training thing, I’m about positive it had to do with a weight room thing. We tried a new core exercise, and then two days later, I blew my oblique out. So, it happened to be s
  24. “Who’s this Trout guy they picked instead of Strasburg? Cheapskates!”
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