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  1. Also, Manny hit one into the second deck in 2017, and Mark Reynolds did it in 2011. Rex Hudler (!) was the only other player to do it in a game, in 1995. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1995-06-12-sp-12258-story.html%3f_amp=true https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2011/08/for-reynolds-second-deck-was-in-the-cards.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.camdenchat.com/platform/amp/2017/6/2/15733500/orioles-highlights-video-manny-machado-home-run
  2. Fascinating. Of course, the two articles are talking past each other. The first is positing that major league teams could develop players just as well or better without having so many layers of minor league teams and so many “supporting” players who will never play Major League Baseball. The second is not really disputing that point; it’s arguing that minor league baseball is enjoyed by fans who like going to relatively high level baseball games regardless of whether that set-up is the most efficient way to develop major league players. So both articles can be right, and probably are. I’ll say this: there’s no one size fits all for player development. Some players need very little time and benefit from constantly being challenged. Others take longer and need time and space to develop their skills. A team probably could cut 50% of its farm system and personnel and still yield 80% of the major league talent that’s yielded today, but the 20% would never get discovered.
  3. This is kind of a weird bump, but here’s a great article written last week about Radison. He’s an old friend of Elias and Sig’s, and basically agreed to be the hitting coach at Delmarva for three months as a favor to them after Matt Trate changed his mind about joining the O’s organization. Now that the season’s done, he’s retiring. Good stuff in the article about some of the methods the O’s are using to analyze swings and teach hitting. https://www.masnsports.com/orioles-buzz/2019/09/veteran-hitting-coach-radison-energizes-shorebirds---and-vice-versa.html
  4. So long as he doesn’t pitch in any MASN commercials over the winter.
  5. Yeah, I know, in hindsight he really couldn’t have pitched any worse after that game than he did the rest of the way.
  6. You know, the thread title and OP don’t seem nearly as improbable as they did on April 18.
  7. Hyde on whether 47 wins is important:“It’s not important to me. For me that’s last year, this is this year. We want to get better every year. I don’t think 47 wins is anything to celebrate. We’ll celebrate when we get 95.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/09/means-offers-quality-and-villar-breaks-tie-in-7-3-win.html Amen to that.
  8. Villar’s homer broke the MLB record for most total homers in a year by all of MLB combined. Historic, and fitting that the record was broken on a 450-footer by a second baseman!
  9. Shame he didn’t get credited with the win. Yeah, I know, meaningless stat, for precisely this reason. Still would’ve been nice. At least the team got one.
  10. Juan Gonzalez in the HR Derby.
  11. Braves manager Brian Snitker said it looked as if Markakis (fractured left wrist) "hadn't missed a beat" after the outfielder took live batting practice prior to Wednesday's game against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Markakis, who has been sidelined since July 27, will go through a similar routine Thursday, though the training staff also wants to see the outfielder run the bases and slide before he's forced to do so in a game situation. Assuming all goes well again on Thursday, the club will re-evaluate Markakis' status and could activate him as soon as Friday's series opener against the Nationals in Washington. https://www.mlb.com/news/baseball-injury-updates
  12. Why does the Orioles.com page say “Means cruises until the 6th in finale?” Finale of what?
  13. Let’s not forget, he had 8 outs to go and already had thrown 82 pitches to get 19 outs. On pace for 117 pitches, in game 4 of the season pitching on 3 days rest after a 2 inning relief stint on opening day.
  14. Bicep soreness, per Roch. “The soreness has cropped up on occasion for at least the past month and Harvey alerted pitching coach Doug Brocail.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/09/updating-harvey-wojciechowski-lowther-and-more.html That seems to rule out the 33-pitch inning as the cause.
  15. Shoulder soreness, per Roch.
  16. I wonder how many of the 38 dropped pop ups were by the Orioles. Happily, none are mentioned in the article. I seem to remember our catchers missing a couple, though some of the ones I’m thinking of may have been last year.
  17. Palmer three times exceeded 90, each time in extra innings. His highest was a 93, in a 12 inning 4 hit shutout in 1974. In regulation 9 innings, he twice reached 90, in 1975 (2-hit shutout, 8 K’s) and 1982 (1-hit shutout, 7 K’s). He never reached really astronomical scores because he never had a ton of strikeouts.
  18. The definition has changed in that the number of innings required to be an “innings eater” is constantly dropping. Guys like Reynaldo Lopez and Jakob Junis fit the bill well by today’s standards.
  19. I agree with you here. As a fan, I’d much rather watch a 70-win team than a 50-win team. Because I enjoy every win. And generally, the more wins, the fewer times you watch your team and feel they aren’t even playing major league quality baseball. And I do think the worse the team is, the worse attendance will be. With all that said, Elias may still feel that in the long run, the better move is to keep payroll as low as possible for one more year, use that money elsewhere or later, and accept that a worse team will get a better draft position. And I’m okay if he goes that route, so long as there are some results down the road.
  20. Oh F! Hopefully it’s just a little fatigue from a long season. He certainly closed on a high note.
  21. It used to mean a pitcher who was only about average or even a little below, but who pitched an above average number of innings and thus spared the bullpen some work. In his early years, Sidney Ponson fit that bill. (Insert obvious joke about eating here.) Edit — I just saw Tony’s post explaining that he was talking about an innings eater out of the bullpen, capable of going 3-5 innings if needed.
  22. I know there are a couple of ways of doing game score, but per BB-ref, Moose’s 8/1/00 start (9 IP, 1 H, 15 K’s) got at 98 (tied with Bedard) and his 5/31/97 start (9 IP, 1 H, 10 K’s) got a 95 (tied with Bundy).
  23. I’ll be interested to see if Elias feels the same way. I think the key issue is, we should have a fair amount of pitching talent at Norfolk. Do we (1) find some decent 1-year starters to protect from needing to call guys up out of desperation, (2) just let the Blachs of the world take their lumps, or (3) push a couple of these Norfolk guys (especially Akin but maybe 1-2 others) into Baltimore fairly early on in the season. Based on Elias this year, I doubt it’s option 3.
  24. Wow, that’s an ugly story. Not really clear if she was murdered at the incinerator facility or killed somewhere else, dumped in the trash and then discovered at the facility. https://www.google.com/amp/www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-county/dundalk/bs-md-co-womans-body-found-20150421-story,amp.html
  25. What is “that area?” And what were the circumstances? I’ve walked from Camden Yards to the lot at Penn and Pratt Streets many times after games and never felt the slightest bit unsafe, because there were plenty of other people out on the streets then. Not sure I’d want to make that same walk at 2 a.m. or in the middle of the offseason when fewer people are around. (And I’m not saying I wouldn’t, just that the calculus would be different.) I don’t know if there are issues with that route to the bus station after games.
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