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  1. The main reason WAR exists is to balance offense and defense in a scientific way rather than just making broad statements that one is more important than the other. But your point is correct. Even a bad major league fielder makes almost all the routine plays, so the run impact of a good fielder vs. a bad one is not as big as the impact of a good hitter vs. a bad one. There are only about 5-6 plays a game where the skill of the fielder really comes into play, but the skill of the batter matters in every at bat.
  2. I agree that the inaccuracy doesn’t affect your argument that hitting is hard. I just couldn’t let it stand though. I couldn’t let Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Nap Lajoie, George Sisler and Shoeless Joe Jackson roll over in their graves, among others. Even Ted himself wouldn’t like to get credit that wasn’t due. I think your views on what needs to be fixed are somewhat chauvinistic. E.g., you don’t mind watching a baseball game that takes 3.5 hours to play, so to you that’s not something that needs to be fixed. Well, there are literally millions of people who don’t watch because
  3. Oh, it’s going to bite them big time I think. And maybe sooner than you think. However, they have a young team with a low payroll and negligible long term commitments before these two deals.
  4. I think the batters are equally to blame, maybe more so. Everyone’s Mike Hargrove now, stepping out after every pitch, fiddling with their batting gloves, etc. I once proposed having them wear shock collars that go off if they step outside the box during an at bat, but the union didn’t like my idea.
  5. Well, I want those things too. But I also want fewer strikeouts. It’s very hard to accomplish that though. I don’t see a solution other than moving the mound back, which I can’t say I like either.
  6. There’s so much I could say in response to your long post, but I couldn’t let this misstatement of baseball history get buried. Ted Williams was the last .400 hitter, but his .406 was not the highest in baseball history. Depending on who you are including (e.g., Negro Leagues) and when you are starting (pre- or post-1900), there are any number of players who hit higher than .406. BB-ref now ranks Williams at 42nd on the all time list, and even if you stripped out the Negro Leagues and pre-1900 players, you’d have at least 7 seasons where someone outhit .406. https://www.baseba
  7. They show replays of about half the pitches these days, even those that don’t result in an out or a hit. I don’t find those less boring than watching a home run replay. What I’d like is for there to be an insufficient amount of time between pitches to even consider showing a replay. And sure, a great defensive play is more inherently interesting to watch than a home run. The more strikeouts there are, the less opportunity there is to see a great defensive play, or a bad one.
  8. I thought you were over it already. 😎 I think the impending contract dispute is really accelerating the moves for a lot of teams. I can’t ever remember this many significant deals happening before the winter meetings. Seems like a lot of teams want their key pieces in place before the music stops. And heavy emphasis on the pitchers. As to Gausman vs. Ray, I’d probably go with the latter because of what he was able to do in the AL East.
  9. Well, the article wasn’t really about command, it was about Bautista and Gillaspie. But issues about how to address Bautista’s command did come up. It’s ludicrous for anyone to think that any professional baseball team does not have programs in place to work on command. Of course they do.
  10. Oh, I can think of a few dozen things more boring. Looking at sideline shots of a football coach talking on his headset. Teams that are hopelessly behind in a basketball game committing fouls in the hope the other team will miss their foul shots. Watching football referees watch a replay. I could go on. Given that the average baseball game only has 2-3 home runs total between the two teams, I can tolerate the replays of those while we’re awaiting the next batter. I’d just like to see fewer strikeouts. The increase is driven by higher velocity/frequent pitching changes
  11. You might be able to buy an NL East division title right now. Looks like he intends to find out.
  12. Federal estate taxes (paid by the estate) apply in all 50 states. Currently only apply to estates over $11.7 mm. Only 6 states have an inheritance tax (paid by the recipient), while 12 states plus DC have an estate tax (paid from the estate). Only Maryland has both. The Maryland estate tax applies to estates of more than $5 mm. The inheritance tax only applies to certain recipients, and excludes spouses, children, parents, siblings and grandparents/grandchildren, plus charities. So, it’s not much of a factor for most people.
  13. Nobody said it had to do with velocity. SG was saying maybe they should have a program addressing command, not just a program dealing with velocity. So, I was pointing out that Holt already had answered some questions about command training. Two articles, both stemming from the same interview.
  14. Why would the O’s get MLB’s support for the MASN dispute?
  15. Wow, Steve Cohen isn’t fooling around.
  16. I care about both. I want shorter game times and more action during that time. I don’t know that I’d describe it as “quality of play” exactly. That suggests the players aren’t as good, or aren’t as well trained. That’s far from true.
  17. I felt pretty good about the MiL developmental staff at the end of the 2019 season. This year, not so much. Of course, not drafting any pitchers in the early rounds hasn’t helped. Holt’s first year as major league pitching coach also didn’t go well, especially the transition of the younger pitchers, but we’ll hope for improvement in 2022.
  18. That subject had already been covered to a degree in a prior article relating to the same interview. “For a lot of guys, it’s delivery efficiency, and for some guys, it’s body control. There is the physical component and sometimes there is a mental component to it also,” Holt explained. “The willingness and the capability, if you want to call it that, to attack the zone, to attack your best quality locations. So when it comes to developing command, identifying what defines command for this pitcher is the first step. For pitchers that throw four-seam fastballs and vertical breaking balls,
  19. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2021/11/can-pitchers-improve-velocity-and-do-os-support-such-efforts.html The shorthand version of this interview is yes it’s a good thing to do but you need to have a well-planned program and not just throw a bunch of weighted baseballs around.
  20. Well, 2021 attendance was down about 33% from 2019. It’s unclear whether other sources of revenue were sufficient to make up that deficit. My guess is, in the short run, probably not. There are some new TV deals but I don’t know if they’ve kicked in yet or how quickly they ramp up.
  21. Did you read my thread on payroll ups and downs? Overall, payrolls are down about $15 mm in the last five years. That’s what they have to complain about.
  22. Of course they could have. But should they have?
  23. Well, he’s an older guy, but an Elias hire. Not a Blood hire though.
  24. I doubt Mayo is in the majors in 2023. But I do think Rom will be up sometime that year, for sure. 90 win team without additions? I doubt it. These players need time to mature. They’re not all going to be at their best by 2023.
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