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  1. Yes. Works okay on my laptop if you right click on the box score icon to open it in another tab. But don’t know how to do it on my phone. Stowers 2 for 5 with a double, a walk, one run scored and an RBI. Diaz 1 for 3 with a double, three walks, one run scored and one RBI. Rodriguez 2 for 5, two runs scored. As mentioned above, Vespi threw 1.2 IP, no baserunners, 2 K’s. He entered the game with the bases loaded and one out and allowed a sac fly that scored a run, but a runner tried to advance to 3B on the play and was thrown out to end the inning.
  2. He was above average in K/9 for his time. Topped out at 4.7 K/9 in 1916, when 3.7 was league average. He was 3rd in the league In K’s that year behind Walter Johnson and Elmer Meyers.
  3. Yes, I know that’s what you meant, and I agree 100%. I do think that when it’s a very close call as to who is BPA, it’s reasonable to factor in need in making a choice. It’s pretty obvious the O’s really liked Cowser, because OF was far from their greatest area of need.
  4. I was just looking at some 2008 mock drafts. Everyone had the O’s picking Matusz.
  5. It’s still very interesting to me to read about how lesser pitchers experiment with their pitches trying to find the formulation that will make them successful. And, I think David Laurila (who did the interview) is a treasure.
  6. I assume Willems will be gunning to make Delmarva.
  7. It’s a dilemma. Severino is worth something, but he’s not going to be worth to the Orioles what he gets paid in arbitration, because he’s not going to be our starter for most of the year. So, I think he’ll either be traded to a team that will get him more reps than we would, or he’ll be nontendered if we don’t find a trade partner.
  8. I always thought it was good that Britton, O’Day, Brach and Givens brought four very different styles and arm angles to the back end of our bullpen.
  9. Posted the same article just now and then realized SG had done it already, so I deleted mine. The whole thing was interesting but especially the discussion of his one-seamer and this part at the end: “Rapsodo doesn’t pick up my fastball very well. I don’t know if you’re familiar with seam-shifted wake, but my fastball has that and Rapsodo doesn’t pick it up. I need TrackMan to pick up my sinker. Rapsodo will tell me that I’m throwing my sinker at 1:45, or 1:30, but in reality it’s spinning and then, as it’s getting to the plate, changing its axis. From what someone told me, the se
  10. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2021/10/prospect-check-in-robert-neustrom-on-his-big-2021-season.html
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-david-hess-chest-tumor-20211014-icyy7wadojhfpfnkkpkphx7tda-story.html%3foutputType=amp David Hess announced he’s undergoing chemotherapy for a cancerous growth in his chest. Best wishes for a full recovery for the young man.
  12. That is not a good day.
  13. If Jones does not turn into anything useful, I’d call this a minor loser for the Orioles. They only saved $5 mm in the trade (they agreed to pay $10 mm of Cobb’s 2021 salary), and Cobb pitched well in 93 innings of work. So, I’d say we lost some value, but all that value would have gotten us is a few more wins in 2021. So, no biggie. I haven’t written Jones off yet based on his limited stint with the Orioles this year, but I’ll be surprised if he amounts to much as a big leaguer.
  14. I would have said that the most likely thing is that he wouldn’t have been prepared to begin the season because he hadn’t had adequate time to work himself into shape. But that didn’t seem to be the case. Anyway, I’m done debating whether Mancini’s cancer and rehab were definitely the cause of his second half decline, vs. them merely being a likely cause. Nobody is dismissing the idea or saying it’s unlikely.
  15. It is absolutely not that obvious. Players who don’t have cancer and don’t have their seasons disrupted have subpar second halves all the time. And we know Mancini was dealing with oblique tightness late in the year, and have no reason to think that was related to his pre-season preparation. So, I’m sticking to my guns. It is possible, maybe even likely, that Trey’s unique situation contributed to his second half downturn. But it is far from certain that it did.
  16. All three settled, as 90% of all Arb-eligible players do. Mancini and Villar reached their agreements without ever getting to the point of formally submitting a figure to the arbitrator. Gausman submitted a figure that was substantially less than the MLBTR estimate, and then settled for significantly under his arbitration demand.
  17. Frobby

    Paul Fry

    He had a brief implosion around the time of spider-tack, but then reeled off 8 excellent performances over three weeks before going off the rails a second time. Pretty hard to dissect. Games 1-26: 1.78 ERA Games 27-34: 11.74 ERA Games 35-42: 0.00 ERA Games 43-52: 27.00 ERA
  18. Frobby

    Paul Fry

    Personally, I don’t think so. In his last 5.2 innings for the O’s, he walked 15 batters. That’s not because he was tipping pitches. He also allowed 11 hits in that stretch, but to me, when you’re walking that many guys, you’re also not locating your pitches that are in the strike zone, or you are grooving pitches because you’re behind in the count and can’t afford another walk. That’s a more likely explanation to me than tipping pitches.
  19. Frobby

    Paul Fry

    Paul Fry tries to dissect his troubles. Says it alternated between mental and mechanics issues. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/10/fry-on-struggles-confidence-why-rays-had-his-number-and-more.html
  20. Overall he was 1.060 vs. LHP, .825 vs. RHP. At Norfolk, .870 vs. LHP, .915 vs. RHP. He’s going to hit fine from both sides of the plate.
  21. Why do I look at this beautiful photo and envision someone giving the middle finger?
  22. I reject the HR derby explanation. He hit 1.085 OPS in the 11 games following the all star break. Otherwise, I do think it’s likely that he got a little more fatigued than he would have if the 2020 season and 2020-21 offseason had been “normal” for him. We simply don’t know for sure that this is the reason he didn’t hit as well in the second half.
  23. Season starts today! The O’s players (Bishop, Gillaspie, Loeprich, Vespi, Rodriguez, Cullen, Diaz and Stowers), are on the Mesa Solar Sox, who face off against the Surprise Saugaros today at 12:35 pm local time, which is 3:35 pm EDT. Set your alarms! Incidentally, most of Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time all year. So, when we set our clocks back an hour on Nov. 7, the time difference with Arizona will be two hours, not three as it is right now. Important for GameDay followers to know!
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