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  1. “Care about winning” is an ambiguous phrase. I want the team to be a contender as soon as possible without jeopardizing its ability to contend over the long term. It’s pretty unrealistic to think the O’s can contend in 2022, so the question is, will spending a lot of money on high quality free agents this year be a good long term investment because those players will still be here when the team is ready to contend, or are we just wasting money that is better deployed at a later time? Some people avoid that hard question by denying that money not spent this year can be spent at a l
  2. Melewski: They’re in: pitchers DL Hall and Kyle Bradish Almost certainly in: pitcher Kevin Smith and infielder Terrin Vavra I would do it, but will the club?: Robert Neustromand Bautista If there turn out to be only four or six protected from this group, that leaves a lot of players who no doubt will get strong consideration even if not added. That partial list would include Adam Hall, Patrick Dorrian, Brett Cumberland, Cadyn Grenier, Blaine Knight, Cody Sedlock, Ofelky Peralta and Brennan Hanifee, to name just a few. There are pitchers they like that seem real longshots, li
  3. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2021/11/will-a-100-mph-fastball-get-this-pitcher-on-the-40-man.html
  4. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/11/how-will-fuller-and-borgschulte-mesh-on-orioles-coaching-staff.html
  5. If no Orioles played in the game, why did the team even bother to play?
  6. You are citing fWAR for the entire season. rWAR had him at -0.1, but +0.8 as an Oriole. He was +1 Rdrs, +2 Rtot, +5 OAA as an Oriole. Nobody’s saying he’s Brooks or Manny, but he’s very solid over there. I understand we are talking SSS here, both offensively and defensively. That’s why when I was stating my realistic hope for his offense, I was going off his MiL track record, not some sample from a few weeks in September. Anyway, it’s not worth too much more ink.
  7. Well other than that, it’s perfect. OK, maybe not. But I do kind of like the idea of a system that looks at how many games a team won and then allocates the credit. (And yes, I realize there are flaws in that idea, too.)
  8. Tony, I’m curious how you come up with a ceiling for a guy like this. He’s 18 and I assume you haven’t had the chance to scout him personally. It’s always a bit of a guess what a player’s ceiling is, but it seems almost impossible to know with a guy like Deson.
  9. Compared to last year, I’d take it. Nobody’s claiming he’s a long term solution.
  10. Depends how he hits. In the minors he’s been a .741 OPS hitter. So, despite his .663 OPS this year for us and .615 overall in 386 career PA, it’s not outlandish to think he could be a .700ish guy going forward. If he did that, he’d probably be a 1.0 - 1.5 WAR guy due to his above average defense. I’m not saying I’d like that to be Plan A, just saying it wouldn’t be a shocking outcome from my perspective. I’d be happy if they come up with a better alternative.
  11. For me an interesting story the next 1-2 years will be how Basallo and Willems progress and where they are placed. Certainly the former will be at least in the FCL - does that push Willems to Delmarva? Do they share the work behind the dish in the FCL? Or does Basallo leapfrog Willems and be the one who goes to Delmarva? He has 26 pro starts behind the plate compared to Willems’ 5, but he’s 14 months younger. I can see these two battling it out over the next couple of years.
  12. If Gutierrez plays regularly, our 3B defense will be way better than last year. Of course, our offense may suffer unless that spurt he had towards the end of the year was a sign of actual improvement rather than just a 2-3 week hot streak. Another big factor is whether Santander is at full speed. He was hampered with injuries all year and went from being a Gold Glove nominee to being a subpar defender. Then, of course, there’s the upgrade we are hoping for from Rutschman. I think 2B/SS will continue to be shaky but maybe with more continuity there we can be more co
  13. Fangraphs’ defensive measures did not jibe with other advanced metrics: Rtot -46 (28th of 30) Rdrs -30 (24th of 30) OAA -34 (don’t know where this ranks, but obviously far below average) We actually did well in unearned runs, but that doesn’t tell you anything much since it doesn’t account for range, turning DP’s, etc.
  14. In the last 6 ASG’s, 5 have been in NL cities, and next year’s is in Dodger stadium. So, I guess the alternating leagues thing is out the window. I’m not saying Baltimore didn’t have a case to hold the 2016 ASG, but I wouldn’t say it was “blatantly stolen.” There’s never been a strict rotation. And even if I buy Philip’s explanation that Tampa and Oakland don’t get their turn due to having lousy facilities, what about Toronto, which hasn’t hosted since 1991?
  15. There is no rotation. There are 30 teams in MLB. If there was a rotation, it would be Baltimore’s turn in 2024 (keep in mind there was no game in 2020). Tampa has never hosted an all star game. The following teams have never had an AS game since the last time Baltimore had one: Toronto, Oakland, and the Cubs. Also the Dodgers, who host next year, haven’t had one in 42 years. So while it may be true that MLB is avoiding holding an All Star game in Baltimore to punish the owner, it’s simply not the case that any specific All Star game was “stolen” from Baltimore.
  16. Not sure where you got the idea that the All Star game was stolen from Baltimore. We were never awarded the All Star game (even momentarily) since we last had it in 1993. So what are you referring to?
  17. Peterson was our pitching coordinator exactly while the team was good (2012-16). So, that shouldn’t have killed his career. Bordick is out of the booth already, thank goodness.
  18. I thought that law didn’t apply to terrible baseball players.
  19. I just read that the Giants have a position called “Coordinator of Pitching Sciences.” Maybe we need a position like that.
  20. Not in public. But do you think that privately players don’t discuss it if they think a coach isn’t very good?
  21. Cot’s has its own projections, which I’ve added above after the MLBTR projections. I eliminated Severino and Valaika.
  22. Interesting Berrios fact: he had an 8.02 ERA in 14 starts his rookie year. Goes to show, sometimes you’ve got to be patient.
  23. The Angels deal makes little sense to me. $21 mm for a guy who basically hasn’t pitched in two years, plus they give up a draft pick to have Syndergaard for one season. Even if he’s pretty good, that seems shortsighted to me. I like the Berrios deal pretty well. He’s young enough (28 next season) where a 7-year commitment doesn’t seem too outrageous, and he’s been both good and durable. The last year or two might be a stretch but they’ll get his best remaining years at a very reasonable cost.
  24. Here’s a podcast interview with the new hire, Matt Borgschulte, while he was with the Twins organization. https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/ahead-of-the-curve-with-jonath-541011/episodes/matt-borgschulte-milb-hitting-53798840
  25. I doubt the rest of the team will care much. If he said the opposite (privately), they might care. Otherwise, they’ll work with the guy and form their own opinions.
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