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  1. I thought that law didn’t apply to terrible baseball players.
  2. I just read that the Giants have a position called “Coordinator of Pitching Sciences.” Maybe we need a position like that.
  3. Not in public. But do you think that privately players don’t discuss it if they think a coach isn’t very good?
  4. Cot’s has its own projections, which I’ve added above after the MLBTR projections. I eliminated Severino and Valaika.
  5. Interesting Berrios fact: he had an 8.02 ERA in 14 starts his rookie year. Goes to show, sometimes you’ve got to be patient.
  6. The Angels deal makes little sense to me. $21 mm for a guy who basically hasn’t pitched in two years, plus they give up a draft pick to have Syndergaard for one season. Even if he’s pretty good, that seems shortsighted to me. I like the Berrios deal pretty well. He’s young enough (28 next season) where a 7-year commitment doesn’t seem too outrageous, and he’s been both good and durable. The last year or two might be a stretch but they’ll get his best remaining years at a very reasonable cost.
  7. Here’s a podcast interview with the new hire, Matt Borgschulte, while he was with the Twins organization. https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/ahead-of-the-curve-with-jonath-541011/episodes/matt-borgschulte-milb-hitting-53798840
  8. I doubt the rest of the team will care much. If he said the opposite (privately), they might care. Otherwise, they’ll work with the guy and form their own opinions.
  9. Last year, the O’s allowed 956 runs, worst in the AL by 122 runs. If we want to see a dramatic improvement in the team’s W-L record, there’s the low hanging fruit. In 2020, the team allowed only 4.90 runs per game, a 794-run pace over 162 games. I think that should be the goal for 2022 — under 800 runs allowed. A good bit of that needs to come from internal improvement. Guys who I hope can do way better include Akin, Kremer, Wells, Lowther, Baumann, Lopez, Fry and Scott. Together, that group allowed 334 runs in 454 innings. To me, in a successful 2022 they should be ab
  10. I think Holt deserves another year to show what he can do, but to me the burden of proof is on him at this point. Last year’s pitching was abysmal and it’s not like it got better as the year went along. As to Fuller, I don’t think he was preaching anything different from what Don Long was preaching. But he had a club full of players who had been drafted by Elias, who weighs good plate discipline heavily when he’s deciding who to draft. I see guys like Mountcastle and Hays who are striving mightily to develop more plate discipline, but it’s just not in their nature to be very disci
  11. Sources of players so far: 2017 draft 3 (Hall, Lowther, Baumann) 2018 draft 2 (Rodriguez, Rom) 2019 draft 4 (Rutschman, Henderson, Stowers, Ortiz) 2020 draft 4 (Mayo, Westburg, Kjerstad, Baumler 2020 undrafted 1 (Young) 2021 draft 4 (Cowser, Norby, Rhodes, Willems) International FA 3 (Basallo, Hernandez, Bautista Trades 3 (Pinto, Bradish, Vavra) Pretty evenly spread out. Some top picks we haven’t seen yet: A. Hall 2nd round 2017 Cadyn Grenier 1st round supp. 2018 Blaine Knight 3rd round 2018 Zach Watson 3rd round 2019
  12. Pretty cool to see an undrafted guy who only got $20 k to sign on the list. Of course, that couid be a sign that the talent is thinning out at this point.
  13. The first year Williams managed the Senators, their offense improved by 170 runs. And he was spending all his time working with the hitters. Admittedly, they got worse from there.
  14. Frobby

    It figures

    So why does it mostly work for the opposition?
  15. To me it’s a matter of when, not if, we should spend to acquire a frontline starter. The Tigers have a fair number of decent home grown rotation pieces, including the former 1:1 Mize (ranked as high as 13 overall by BA as a minor leaguer), Skubal (ranked 20th going into this year) and Matt Manning (ranked as high as 17th). Three guys BA has ranked in the top 20 in the last couple of years, two of whom (Mize and Skubal) pitched very well this year. Yet, they’re going out and getting EdRod. You can’t expect to fill a championship rotation with home grown guys, especially when you’ve been
  16. Just a matter of whether one is the head hitting coach and the other is the assistant, or you have co-coaches. Do you want a line of authority or not.
  17. I think there’s a bit of a trend here. I think I saw some other team named co-hitting coaches.
  18. I think most people are ready to see at least some modest spending on upgrades. Not necessarily a 5/$75 mm deal, but signing players who are more reliable than the types you get on MiL deals or for $1-2 mm. Question is, can we find these guys and convince them to sign here?
  19. The league has to approve any move, something they’ve rarely done. They only did it with the Expos because they’d taken ownership of the franchise so its financial condition was their problem. Before the Expos (2005), I think you have to go back to the Senators’ move in 1971.
  20. We took Flaherty with the 4th pick in the 2011 Rule 5 draft. I don’t recall much buzz about him ahead of time. The best pick in that draft turned out to be Marwin Gonzalez, chosen 10th by the Red Sox and traded immediately to Houston (so I suspect it was really Houston that selected him). Flaherty turned out a little differently than advertised: a better defender and not as good a hitter as expected. He certainly had his moments for us.
  21. My guess is no. Detroit is closer to being a contending club and they play in a much easier division. EdRod has a pretty decent chance to have two good years and then decide whether to opt out or stay. It’s tougher to rack up good numbers in Baltimore that would put him in that position, and it’s more likely he’d be playing for a loser.
  22. Baltimore Orioles Primary: Most Everything Secondary: Bargains There aren’t many positions where the Orioles couldn’t use an upgrade. Center field and catcher look set for years to come, but everywhere else features either a short-term option or not much of an option at all. Ryan Mountcastle looks like a keeper, as does John Means, but Mountcastle can play in any of several spots and teams need more than one starting pitcher. To be clear, I don’t think the Orioles should actually try to upgrade every slot. They aren’t trying to make the playoffs in 2022, or even
  23. Have we heard how the $77 mm is structured? In these deals with opt outs, it matters a lot whether the contract is frontloaded, backloaded, or evenly spread out. Edit: “Rodríguez is guaranteed $28MM over the first two seasons of his contract, reports MLBTR’s Tim Dierkes (Twitter link). He can earn an additional $2MM over the first two years in incentives based on innings totals. Rodríguez’s deal will have $49MM in remaining guarantees from 2023-25, at which point he’ll have to decide whether to trigger his opt-out provision.” https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/11/tigers-nearing
  24. Or, they can wait until the improvement starts to show, which is what the Tigers have done, with some minor exceptions as outlined above.
  25. I’d need to study more what the Tigers did in 2020-21 to go from 47-115 to 77-85. It seems logical to me for the Tigers to start spending when they’ve improved by 30 games in two years and have Torkelson and Greene on the way. We are further away, having gone backwards from 2020 to 2021 (though I think 2020 was a bit of a SSS mirage). Edit: I don’t see that the Tigers have done anything splashy the last two years. Their big offensive acquisitions were Robbie Grossman and Jonathan Schoop. Their big pitching acquisition was Jose Urena. Mostly it’s just been a matter of their yo
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