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  1. 3 hours ago, Philip said:

    Well, if I may continue my musician comparison, I’ve had many students come to me with problems that the previous teacher had not solved. And I have solve those problems. So the question is why did not the previous teacher solve those problems? Again, it’s all water under the bridge, and there’s not really any reason to rehash It, but I stand by what I said, and I’m not the only person who thinks that way.

    I guess my question is, do other teachers sometimes solve a student problem you were not able to solve?   With baseball coaches, some players mesh with them and thrive, others don’t.   Classic example was Leo Mazzone when he was here.  Erik Bedard and Jeremy Guthrie both thrived under Mazzone, while Rodrigo Lopez and Bruce Chen regressed badly.   A coach can fix one guy and break another.    I do think some are better than others, of course.    But nobody’s right for everyone.   

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  2. Tony, I think your points about the players Elias has brought in off waivers not producing much Is stronger than the point about Yaz. It’s not like they had a lot of time to evaluate Yaz.    Basically, a few weeks in the spring when he showed very little, to go with his mediocre track record.    

  3. 44 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

    That's fine.  Its proven that the organization was a disaster before Elias (its not a lot better now because we are still owned by the same family but they are better nonetheless).

    But Phillip is using the words "he should have been given a chance".  I see zero evidence that they SHOULD have done anything besides what they actually did.  I also think there needs to be some accountability on the part of Yaz himself.  Maybe the Os wanted him to do things differently but he had plenty of time to show them what he could do and he failed.

    I agree with you there.    I don’t see any reason why you give a chance to someone who hasn’t really shown anything much in 6-7 years in your organization.   He did get a spring training invite last in 2019 under Elias, which is more than he ever got under Duquette.   Put up a .599 OPS in 18 at bats.   Can’t really blame Elias here.  

  4. I found the Appellate Division decision.   To say they gave MASN’s arguments short shrift would be an understatement.   You can read the opinion here, and it takes about 60 seconds to read: 


    I agree with spiritof66 that the NY Court of Appeals will not hear a further appeal.    I don’t know how long MASN gets to petition that Court or how long it usually takes for the Court to indicate whether it will grant a hearing, but I’m guessing this will all be over in a couple more months.    

    As a reminder, even though the total amount awarded in the second arbitration was close to the amount awarded the first time, the methodology was somewhat different and possibly more favorable towards MASN/the Orioles as applied to later periods.

  5. 21 hours ago, luismatos4prez said:

    I think a case could be made for Adam Hall being in the 10-12 range. I'm interested to read why he's fallen so far in your rankings.

    I don’t think Hall has really fallen in Tony’s rankings, at least, so far.   The only guy who was on last year’s list and jumped Hall was Hernaiz, and Tony explained that it’s because Hernaiz showed up a lot stronger in camp this year.   So it’s more a case of moving Hernaiz up than moving Hall down.    

    So far this year we have the following new players placed ahead of Hall: Kjerstad, Westburg, Vavra, Haskin, Mayo, Baumler.  My guess is that a couple of those guys might be below Hall next year, once we’ve actually seen them play professionally.     Until then, Tony’s going on upside.   

  6. 27 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

    Still waiting on a reason why Yaz SHOULD have had a chance.

    To me, using the word should implies that he earned it.  It implies that he proved to the organization that he was a MLer and they overlooked him and didn’t give him that chance.

    Is that what people believe?

    I think the issue here isn’t whether Yaz should have gotten a major league shot based on his MiL performance, but whether the Orioles’ development team hindered his performance by trying to force him into a box regarding his approach at the plate.   That’s what Yaz has said.    I can’t really blame Elias’ crew for failing to pick that up in the few weeks they had to look at Yaz before he was traded.    It’s on the old regime if Yaz was poorly coached.  

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  7. 14 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

    Severino has lapses in concentration and can get lazy behind the plate, but he's not a very bad defensive catcher. He was worth .4 WAR defensively and threw out 31% of base stealers when the leg avg was 26%. 

    Now do I think Severino is not replaceable, no. But he's a decent stop gap until Rutschamn is aready and should be that expensive even in arbitration.

    Really, the passed balls are the problem with him.   His arm is good.   

  8. 9 minutes ago, spiritof66 said:

    MASN and the Orioles do not have a right to appeal this decision to the Court of Appeals, NY's highest court. They have to ask the Court of Appeals to grant an appeal. It's hard to see any reason why the Court of Appeals would choose to get involved at this point.

    Thanks.   Thought that was the case, but I wasn’t sure how it goes in NY state court.   

  9. I would have been shocked if MASN had won its appeal.   The law is very heavily stacked to not overturn arbitration awards.   The prior decision that overturned the first award was a very rare exception.   MASN has one more level of appeal it can take, but it will almost certainly lose again.   

    My recollection is that although MASN owes the Nats $100 mm in rights fees, about $30 mm of that is offset by a reduction in the Nats’ share of MASN’s profits.   (Higher rights fees —> lower profits for MASN so the Nats’ share of profits go down.)

    Of course, by now we’re 4 years into the 5-year second “reset” period, and that one hasn’t even been the subject of an arbitration award yet.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, interloper said:

    I sorta feel like if we didn't see Zimmermann struggle in his callup this year, more people would be voting Zimmermann/Bradish. So that's how I voted. Although I admit to kind of liking Bradish/Smith a little more haha. But again, that's because they're new guys that I'm excited about. 

    Zimmermann had a bad debut (3 IP 5 ER) but a good second outing (4 IP 1 ER).   So, I certainly didn’t get a negative impression of him.   I look forward to seeing what he can contribute next year.   

  11. I kind of like the fact that the signing date has been pushed back to Jan. 15, maybe permanently.    It’s something interesting to look forward to in the dead of winter now.    One thing that isn’t clear is whether the age cutoff is changing (i.e., the date by which the player must turn 16 in order to be signed).    I’m assuming it hasn’t changed because otherwise this year there would be seven months worth of players that teams would have no money to sign, having already committed their money to the guys turning 16 before J2.

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  12. 1 hour ago, wildcard said:

    Martin is probably faster than Hays.  I think he is close to Mullins.  He broke his wrist in ST 2.0. So I don't know if he counts or not.

    He doesn’t count per the rules of the OP.    But I agree he’s faster than Hays.  

  13. Koby Perez, from Roch:

    “I was just talking to our group about the kids we’re going to sign and being that we jumped in the game late, we think that we got some pretty good players. Maybe two dozen guys,” Perez said.

    “It will be a lot smaller than our 2019 class where we signed 40-plus, but we went a little higher end as far as signing bonuses just because in 2019 when we came in, we were only able to focus on late bloomers and anybody who got a little bit better. But here in 2020, it gave us enough time to be able to get a couple of those hopefully impact-type guys.”


    Also, lots of talk about the international players who are at Fall Instructional League.   Good article.   

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  14. Hanifee and Hernaiz were the next two on last year’s list, and there’s no reason Hall or Hernaiz would have jumped Hanifee, as none of them played this year.   So that leaves Hanifee-Smith or Smith-Bradish.  I voted too quickly for the former before realizing Smith-Bradish was an option.   Based on the glowing things Matt Blood and others said about Bradish at the alternate training site, as well as the generally good reviews on Smith when we acquired him, I’m guessing these two both jump Hanifee.   So Smith-Bradish is my choice despite my premature vote for Hanifee-Smith. 

  15. Can’t complain about sticking with Wells-Rom.    I voted for Rom-Smith before knowing that the main reason Wells didn’t pitch at the alternate site was the logistical problems with bringing him back from Australia.   

    I’ve always been a big Wells fan and was really happy with his performance at Bowie in 2019.   Hopefully 2021 will be a year in which he proves his stuff plays in AAA and earns a call-up to the majors.    I’ve always thought of him as a LH Zach Davies, and Davies has shown that a crafty pitcher can still succeed even if his FB averages 88-89 mph.   

  16. I realize the OP stated the criterion that the player had to have played on the team in 2020.   But it saddens me not to see Trey Mancini listed.    Hopefully next year he’ll be back near the top on the hit tool/power tool lists.   

  17. On 10/20/2020 at 7:20 PM, ChuckS said:

    I’ll add best hit tool:


    3. Jose Iglesias


    20 hours ago, scOtt said:

    Is that really his M.O.? Or is it just 2 good years in a row? Cuz when he was in the lineup he was a BEAST this year. Even in the original Spring Training.


    26 minutes ago, Matt Bennett said:

    I think fans will be in for a rude awakening if they put 2020 expectations on 2021 Jose Iglesias. Still a decent player by all means but we have pretty overwhelming evidence that he is a below average hitter in the league and just a 39 game sample size of a transformed line drive machine. BABIP was an .407. Career .308. His line drive % was 40% while the leader in LD% in 2019 was 28.5%. 

    I think we need to define what we mean by best hit tool.   Iglesias makes contact more than any other hitter on the team.    His 2020 K rate was 11.3% and his career rate is 12.1%.   Nobody else only the team was below 13%.    So if hit tool means making contact with the ball, you could argue Iglesias is no. 1.

    Iglesias also has a career BA of .278.    Only Mountcastle has a higher career BA than that, and that’s in a very limited sample.   Alberto is also at .278, while Hays is at .272.    

    So, if you are treating power as a separate tool, there’s a real good case to be made for Iglesias’ hit tool, without having to rely on his 2020 outlier performance.  

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  18. 22 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

    It's Calvin Coolidge right?  Good old Silent Cal is a ripe target for satire.

    There’s a good line in this book about The Villages.   You live near there, right?

    A guy turns down the job of Police Chief in The Villages because “I don’t want to ride around in a golf cart with a siren on it.”

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