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  1. I just heard of his passing on the broadcast. Sadden to hear this. Prayers to the family.
  2. Couple takeaways - Sterling is 83!!!??? And Rickie Ricardo - got some explaining to do!
  3. How can they collapse when there was nothing to collapse from?
  4. Don't the Orioles consult an orthopedic doctor? That's two players in the last 30 years with huge contracts that have degenerative hip conditions.
  5. Wendelken? Sounds like the doctor in the Great Gatsby that looked over the Valley of Ashes.
  6. I have liked this move from the jump. There's no need why the O's should trot out an infield of Martin, Urias, Mateo, and Mountcastle for the remainder of the season.
  7. Yoshii Tsutsugo, Marwin Gonzalez, and Jordan Lyles sounds about right.
  8. Shocked? I'm not nor am I upset.
  9. No class from Alonso... couldn't have stopped at 21 like Olson let up? /sarcasm
  10. All I gotta say is that the voters are stupid. Trout? Do people even pay attention?
  11. Cinco de Mayo: El dia que murio el pitcheo by John Means
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