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  1. orioles119

    Travis Shaw?

    Travis Shaw is his own thing....
  2. orioles119

    Travis Shaw?

    I'd give him 1/4 with an option and incentives and roll with him at 2B for the duration.
  3. Mark Teixiera? Jeffrey Maier? Tony Fernandez? Zach Britton non-use in Toronto? Casey Kotchman? Bueller?
  4. Austin Hays could be our George Springer, albeit not as dynamic. John Means could equate to Dallas Keuchel as well, considering Keuchel was 26 in 2014 and Means was 26 last year.
  5. I don't know... it kind of looks like a baseball.
  6. Why should Delmarva get sacrificed? After all, they were the Minor League Team of the Year and has a modern stadium in Salisbury. Screw convenience... it's nice to have professional baseball come through the Eastern Shore since 1996 and I don't see why that should be tampered with. An increase in affiliation could lead to the team putting more seats down the left and right side of the diamond to encourage more revenue to accommodate their increased affiliation.
  7. How about Givens to the Padres for Ty France and Logan Allen?
  8. 5.5 games up on the Royals for the # 1 pick in 2020 as well! #toosoon
  9. So he doesn't have the stones to pitch for the Orioles?
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