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  1. Play the whole damn season. No reason not too.
  2. Well, we have been appreciating the beauty of Camden for a long time, haven't we?
  3. So Monday's game between the Pirates and Cardinals now postponed. This is getting beyond absurd. There's careful and there's overkill.
  4. What exactly is the purpose of this comment? Seriously - bad form.
  5. They didn't have enough time to bring up players from the Cardinals' alternate camp? Wasn't this the purpose of the 60 man player pool? Or are they being punished for going to a casino?
  6. So use the taxi squad and move on... the only reason this game was postponed because it was scheduled for 2:10 pm EDT.
  7. Yeah and Juan Soto may have been a false positive. Slap the word asymptomatic on it and no one can do anything. Very convenient. Where's atomic? I'm sure he wants to say "I told you so."
  8. So the Marlins screw up the Orioles and the Yankees/Phillies will probably get to do two back to back doubleheaders.
  9. They did build in contingencies to move to other cities in the event of an outbreak.
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