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  1. Thought I would update this with the more recent data point. After all, the CDC can't decide anymore what to do with this virus anymore than all of us sitting here at our keyboards.
  2. Certainly first world problems, aren't they? As for spitting, Gaylord Perry wasn't available for comment.
  3. If Blake Snell's comments are any indication, I'm leaning now towards no season. After all, we wouldn't want the players to "get theirs" as he said. 🙄
  4. You keep saying schools closed... but you do realize that they are referring to the 2019-2020 academic year? There's literally just 4 weeks left of school. I know there are rumors about next year, but don't act like it's for the rest of 2020.
  5. In my OOTP sim for the Orioles, I took Torkelson.
  6. Maybe certain posters should have their own threads to themselves so we know which ones to ignore.
  7. This will probably double as a temperature check too.
  8. There were 96 deaths yesterday... down to 70 today. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  9. it doesn't help that hospitals get an added kickback on Medicare just by classifying them COVID without a positive case. So perhaps the numbers are inflated.
  10. So, yeah - I got the flu shot. I work in a school. I still got sick for about a week in January - vaccines aren't 100%.
  11. So you're telling me that herd immunity is real now?
  12. Not sure it's political when this is exactly what he said. He gets paid either way so he doesn't have to experience this inconvenience.
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